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The Sims Mobile ON PC


Steps to play The Sims on Windows

The Sims Mobile is the mobile phone version of The Sims on PC. This game has been a legend in the gaming industry. Its publisher EA has a great understanding of the hustle and bustle of life today. That’s why they have released the Sims Mobile as a gift to players so they can enjoy it even while on the road. The game can be played on both Android and iOs devices.


Similar to the PC version, with The Sims Mobile, players can customize the character’s hobbies, learn new skills and party all day. You can also build a dream home with your husband/wife that you can only have in your dreams. In addition, any player can connect with other players online and invite them to visit their homes in real time. 


One interesting thing about The Sims Mobile is that it  allows players to shape the histories of whole families. Then players also gain special keepsakes when a character achieves their goals and retires. 


You can use them to unlock new interests and careers for next generations. For example, when having a father as a retired lawyer, the daughter might want to become a judge. Or an aunt who was a cook can inspire her nephew to be a star of a culinary TV show.

Players can start creating everything

When players start The Sims Mobile, they are allowed to create a role model in the game. From the eyes, cheeks, lips to the hair, pants, shirts or anything you can imagine about your character, the Sims Mobile can help you with the creation. As soon as you finish creating your ideal character, The Sims Mobile will let you build your own virtual life.download game The Sims Mobile for windows

Your goals in The Sims Mobile are not very different from the real world where you will have to “find yourself something to do, someone to love and something to hope”. Therefore, the game will offer you simple options such as a normal job and a few options in relationships. In addition, with the money you earn, you can start to build a home, purchase some furniture and decorate it.


Joining The Sims Mobile, players will still have the freedom to create their own character. In particular, it provides a variety of options to change the character’s appearance such as eyes, nose, face, hairstyle … At the same time, the game offers a diverse fashion store with countless items including clothes, accessories … 


Players can mix, match these items with each other according to their “taste”, making each character unique and different from the community.

The most unique feature of the game is the building and decoration system which are full of vibrant, cute and very attractive colors.

Diverse and attractive game mode

Besides the single player mode, The Sims Mobile also integrates players for online games. This game mode allows you to freely interact, communicate and make friends with other gamers all over the world. For example, you can organize a small party and invite friends (Sims) to attend, or simply start a romantic relationship.how to play The Sims Mobile on pc emulator

The main features of The game Simulation

  • Create unique Sims

Players can customize the appearance, hairstyle, outfit, makeup and accessories of each Sim. From the nose to the toes, there are countless possibilities. 

  • Build the perfect house

You need to design a home for your Sims, where they can experience everything in life. You can personalize the design and structure of the home by choosing from various items, household goods, and decorations. Afterwards, take them outside to explore many great and fun places like fashion studios, restaurants or nightclubs.

  • Shaping the lifestyle of your Sims

Players can create and control the life story of their Sims, from career and hobby to relationships and family. You can choose from many interesting jobs like fashion designer, doctor and different hobbies like cooking, playing guitar.

  • Play together

Players are able to host and join many parties with other Sims. These parties are where you can exchange and receive rewards. Show off your wonderful home, develop romantic relationships and even decide to move in with other Sims. In addition, it is also fun to attend daily events like Speed Dating in a park or a music festival. You can even vote for the most famous Sim when they are on the path to fame.


With The Sims Mobile, you can express your endless creativity when you customize the distinct appearances and unique personalities of your Sims, and when you give them traits and have fun with their fashion and hairstyles. The important key is to learn how to create a Sim, how to build a house and how to choose the right job. Then you can quickly level up, gain energy and expand your Sim’s family.

The Sims Mobile PC: Download game Perfect home building
The Sims Mobile: BUILD THE PERFECT HOME 1 the sims mobile on pc 1

The Sims Mobile for PC. How to download & play This game has been a legend in the gaming industry on Windows. Perfect home building, Make money and grow strong

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Operating System: Windows

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