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Sims FreePlay for pc tencent emulator

The Sims FreePlay: Sim-Ulating Possiblities

The Sims FreePlay is a life simulation game released by Electronic Arts. You can play the game on Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile platforms. In this game, players will create their own Sim community which is very unique. You will also build a dream home, customize the characters and let the characters interact with each other.

About the Sims FreePlay Mobile

Once you step into the world of the Sims FreePlay, you will be immersed in a world that is very similar to real life. You will also notice that it is quite similar to the Sims game that many people have played.

However, it has an interesting point that is different to the Sims Mobile. Players will be able to create their own Sim community, customize the characters with plenty of different costumes available. Also, you can let the characters interact with each other by chatting, loving each other, getting married and having children. They can also make friends or make enemies.

Sims FreePlay on pc download

In addition, the Sims FreePlay allows you to build your dream home. You can choose from a wide collection of items to decorate the house and surrounding landscape. Play the Sims FreePlay game, players will have the opportunity to experience every memorable moment from childhood to adulthood.

You can creatively write a story about your own Sim community and play the game the way you want.

There are two game modes that the Sims FreePlay offers: single player mode and multiplayer mode. You can either play by yourself or interact with other players, becoming a character in a very fun and colorful life in SimCity.

Especially for iOS users, they can activate the new AR mode (Augmented Reality). This feature lets players see their home in a physical space and view the dollhouse model from various angles. Furthermore, they can invite friends to help build the house.

Players can start by activating AR mode via the green button on the home screen. After scanning for a space to anchor the home and placing the virtual structure, you can set the location by tapping “Save AR Space”. Then you can customize the home with any items in Build Mode. You can invite any Sims or pets into the house.

The main features of the Game

  1. – It is a life simulation game for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile platforms
  2. – Players will create a unique Sim community for their own
  3. – Customize the characters with many different costumes
  4. – Let the characters interact with each other: chat, love, get married and have children.
  5. – Build the dream home with plenty of items to decorate
  6. – Create your own Sim community and play the game the way you want

This game helps players to create a virtual world in which they need to perform or complete certain basic tasks in order to receive valuable points (Life Points) and money (Simoleons).

How to play for beginner

When you play the Sims FreePlay on PC, your tasks are to build a house, control virtual characters called Sims to satisfy their needs and desires. You also need to help them perform various tasks to earn Simoleon, LifeStyle Point, Social Point. These are the 3 main currencies in the game, also the XP experience points.Sims FreePlay on pc with emulator gameloop

Unlike previous versions of The Sims series, The Sims FreePlay is the game that you can play in real time and take live action. All actions will be directed by the player. There are 55 levels in total for players to conquer and unlock content.

They can create up to 34 Sims. In the game, only married Sims can give birth and the number of couples is limited according to the number of town members you create.

However, if players buy items from the online store, they will become VIPs and once they are a VIP, they can increase the number of Sims in each town. There are many main missions and some side quests in the game that you have to explore by yourself. Complete quests to build and grow your own Sims world!

Many features, actions in this simulation game

This game helps create a dream world that you’ve always wished for. In this game, players will have the opportunity to create up to 32 customized Sims characters from head to toe. Sims citizens should be married, have children and follow their development, from an infant to a teenager. In addition, you are also challenged to take care of pets, gardening, or even making cakes.Sims FreePlay how to download

Furthermore, you should allow the Sims citizens in the city to have a job and receive a currency called Simoleon for their lives. When you complete the tasks and get a lifestyle score, you can then use them to buy more items. You should live with your Sims characters in real time! Turn your town into a vibrant, funny world with pet shops and lots of other gadgets.

Basic tips for gamer

  • Baking will make a lot of money
  • Use the LP appropriately
  • Choice of hobbies for virtual characters
  • Town building
  • Earn more XP and Simoleons
The Sims FreePlay for PC: Create your own life on Windows
The Sims FreePlay: Sim-Ulating Possiblities 1 the sims freeplay 1

The sims freeplay on computers How to download and play games that simulate your real life on PC You will be able to participate in all activities, as well as decide your game

Price Currency: VND

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Game

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