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Mobile Legends adventure: Upgrade the strongest hero

Mobile Legends adventure game for Android, is a role-playing game. This game has been copyrighted based on Bang Bang – a MOBA Mobile Legends game. This game can be perceived as the next part of this famous cult strategy game. 

Now, let’s start your journey on the Dawn Continent.

Mobile Legends is a unique idle RPG game with a large-scale world map, exclusive stories about heroes and with full of actions. The special thing is that you still can receive a weapon in the game even when you are offline.

A general introduction of this strategy game from Moonton

The PC version of Mobile Legends: adventure game still has similar characters like in the mobile version. Gamers will play their favourite warriors in the form of cute chibi graphics like in some different popular idle game. mobile legends adventure gameloop

Just like the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, in the game Mobile Legends: Adventure, your missions are to seek for, to establish a mighty army, to arrange the battle squads with the maximum of 5 heroes.

All of these heroes have all necessary skills and take the role of supporting, exploring the jungle and shooting like in a normal war so that to optimize the strength and ability of the characters.

Add to that, gamers also need to take part in different missions and compete with other gamers in order to practise their skills and gain their strength. This aims at preparing for the war with powerful bosses or other tough opponents so that they can rank first in the online rankings.

Outstanding features of Mobile Legends: Adventure

 This means that even when the player is not online, the hero still works as usual and the player still gains the resources needed for development.

Or confront epic bosses to earn yourself rare equipment. Thereby helping to improve the combat power of the squad to be ready to face more difficult challenges.

Relaxing and comfortable gameplay

Even there is no internet and you are offline, you still can fight and receive rewards. Upgrading becomes easier as you can do it freely. And after arrange the team, your heroes will fight on your behalf.

Every day you just need to spend 10 minutes and completely take part in the exciting adventure of Mobile Legends: Adventure.

A variety of strategy and tactics to choose from

The game Mobile Legends: Adventure provides gamers with dozens of heroes with 6 different power systems. Therefore, you can take advantage of this and show them your strong army and unique tactics.mobile legends adventure on pc gameloop

Collecting and upgrading equipment, as well as enhancing the power of the hero have never been easy like in this game. Just with a few touches on the device screen, you can experience this idle action game.

No limit on the number of matches

Campaigns, mazes, Babel towers, … are among the most amazing challenges facing players. So it is the time for you to explore each of challenge in Mobile Legends: Adventure version Android.

Collecting soldiers, organizing squads and fighting! You can upgrade and build the strength of the heroes so to take in the war with bosses.

You can challenge gamers from anywhere

Enter the arena and challenge other players. Now let’s form a team with your bros and challenge the Guild Boss!

Become a legend

You can begin your exciting adventure on the Dawn continent with Layla and reveal hard-to-believe facts as well as witnessing the fierce battle between the Light and the Dark.

Mobile Legends: Adventure version Android promises to bring a brand new experience to players.

The game has the copyright from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Adventure can be considered the next official part of the famous MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In this new version, all the heroes are designed in a more careful way, promising to bring the lovers of the original version a brand new experience.

Review game MBA

download mobile legends adventure for windowsIn the match there will be a maximum of 5 characters starting in the battle squad, each character will have different roles such as support, tanker, jungler, gunner, mage entering the battle and have 10 minutes to defeat knock the opponent down.

Gameplay of Mobile Legends Adventure is built in a relaxed and comfortable style. While offline, you can still fight for rewards. Freedom to upgrade and arrange the team, the heroes will fight on your behalf. Also just spend 10 minutes a day and you absolutely can participate in the exciting adventure of the game.

Mobile legends: Adventure PC – Download & play Hero game

Mobile Legends adventure game for Android, is a role-playing game. This game has been copyrighted based on Bang Bang – a MOBA Mobile Legends game. This game

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10

Application Category: Game

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