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Mini World on PC: The battle between the cubes

Mini World is a 3D sandbox game where players can build an open world. This game is similar to MineCraft, but it also has some differences.

Although in Mini World Block Art, the graphics are cuter but the game is still all about exploration, creativity, and starting an epic adventure. Playing this game, you will have great experience with friends and enjoy every minute of relaxation.

Introduction of Mini World Block Art

As a player of Mini World Block Art, you will be offered a lot of tools to change the open world in the game as you wish.

Mini World: Block Art on pc gameloop

Whether you are playing as a single-player or multiplayer, you will feel comfortable and relaxed as comfort is one of the main factors that the game offers for its gamers when they play.

That is also what makes the game special. Everything in Mini World Block Art can be destroyed to retrieve materials and rebuild. Most of the time, you will explore new lands or build new structures.

In Mini World Block Art, you can build a house, an apartment, a castle or even a huge city. You can also explore the world in dungeons, challenge Dark-Dragon or your friends.

Apart from the survival mode, gamers can also try the fascinating mini-games contributed by the Mini World Block Art community. These games include Parkour, Puzzle, FPS or many other strategy games. Of course, these mini games are also fun to play with your friends.

You won’t regret when you download Mini World Block Art because it is a great platform with hundreds of blocks to choose from. Not to mention, it has more than 1000 ingame items for you to play with. You can comfortably build it your own way and throw yourself in this extremely large world.

In addition to that, although the game has graphics built from square blocks, Mini World Block Art seems to bring a softer feeling than Minecraft. So the design of all characters in the game is cute and bright.

Mini World Block Art PC game is strongly affected by MineCraft. It is one of the open world building games with unique graphics, in which, the player must do everything by themselves to survive and explore the new land.

MWBA is a fun simulation of Minecraft

Minecraft has been considered as a phenomenon thanks to its unique graphic design and compelling, interesting gameplay. Since then, there have been many games coming out following this blockbuster, but very few of them have been successful.How to download Mini World on PC for free

Mini World Block download is one of the rare cases when it meets the basic requirements with graphic design. It is easy for you to be confused between these two games. Also, Mini World Block Art offers many game modes for gamers to choose. All game modes have their own appeal in the same open space, however, they are built on beautiful 3D graphics and are much more impressive compared to other games of the same genre.

Mini World Block Art is designed with beautiful 3D graphics from square blocks. Although it looks a bit like Minecraft, this game brings a softer feeling and it is also more eye-catching. That’s why it has attracted a lot of gamers in the gaming industry.

Besides, the characters are also cute and have a brighter design. Another interesting feature in Mini World that gamers especially love is that the game has a multiplayer mode that allows you to connect via PC and phone to enjoy the game anywhere and at any time.

Mini World Block Art is all about adventure, exploration and creativity in the vast 3D world. There are no levels, no limits or restrictions, but only the freedom of your creation. All players need to do is to create and destroy.

In this game, you can build a house, an apartment, a castle, even a city. You can also explore the underworld and challenge the Black Dragon with your friends.

Enjoy this discovery game now!

As this is one of those games that encourages creativity, Mini World Block Art offers players a lot of tools for you to change the game world as you wish. You can use your own creation to create a world that you want.

For example, the survival mode of the game completely depends on your imagination as well as patience, without any factor affecting your gameplay. Everything can be destroyed so that you can obtain new materials and rebuild. Players will spend most of the time to explore the lands or construct new buildings from farms, houses and magnificent castles.

Game modes in the Mini World


In the survival mode, Mini World players need to collect necessary resources, build shelter, tools and fight for survival. After collecting enough resources, you can start exploring the wildlife with your friends.

When it comes to exploration, you will be able to explore vast caves, raise pandas in bamboo forest, or fight with Black Dragon in the underworld. This easy-to-play mode is a great way to learn about the game and immerse yourself in the vast open world of adventure. What an amazing game mode to play!


As we mentioned above, this game offers unlimited creativity. In this mode, players are provided most resources they need from the beginning to build anything they want.Download Mini World: Block Art on windows

With those available resources, you can create a giant city, a glittery resort in a mountain full of bamboo, a giant castle in the air, or experience a lot of fun in a farm with a bunch of interesting fantasy creatures in the Mini World game on PC.

Multi player

You can choose to play with or against your friends. Share your game with other players from all over the world, or join them in their games.


Players can interact with other members in the game Mini World PC. You can also download a map or share your own artwork to the world.

How to save and share maps in Mini World

Quick start Guide

Start > cog icon > Share map > Name title , introduction > Select Sharing type > Share map.

Detailed instructions

  • Step 1: First you on the main screen , click Start.
  • Step 2: Next, click on the cog icon.
  • Step 3: Then you choose to Share map.
  • Step 4: In this step, please name the title and introduction , then select the Public type (If you choose the Private type , only you can see it). Finally click Share map.
  • Step 5: Click Confirm share to finish sharing the map.
  • Step 6: Now you will see that the map you have shared has saved , meaning that you saved this map and shared this map.
  • Step 7: To view the shared map, click on your character icon in the upper left corner of the main screen.
  • Step 8: Choose the map.
  • Step 9: Under T evil my work you can see the map that you have shared.

Good tips: to die without losing items

Quick start Guide

Select dev mode > Start > Press ” ~ ” key > Letter icon > Other modes > Save items > Switch play mode

Detailed instructions

  • Step 1: When entering the mode selection in the game, you select the dev mode .
  • Step 2: Next, click on Start .
  • Step 3: When entering the game, please press the ” ~ ” button . You should now see a message Prompt: ESC or ~ return to standard mode. Then click on the letter icon . For the mobile version , you click the letter icon directly .
  • Step 4: Now you choose to go to the Other settings , next select Save items and finally click Switch game mode to make changes.
  • Step 5: Press the ” ~ ” key again to return to the standard mind .

So now you are not afraid of losing items when you die.

In this way, you are free to hunt for rare materials and not be afraid of losing precious manufactured goods.

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