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Marvel Super War – Game Superhero Battle

Steps to download Marvel Super War for Windows

Are you a fan of MARVEL? MARVEL Super war is a perfect game for you. MARVEL Super War is a unique MOBA game, featuring the characters from MARVEL World. the Inhumans and other superheroes in this universe are in this game, ready to bring the best experiences to gamers, whether they love the MARVEL universe or not. 


How we play the MARVEL Super War game is quite similar to other MOBA games available in the market. In which, you will enter 5vs5 matches with the enemy.


With MARVEL Super War, gamers will go into fierce battles, where they can show off their professional skills with the unique moves and amazing characters.

Familiar but interesting gameplay

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Attractive is how you can describe the game style. How to play the MARVEL Super War is similar to that of other mobile MOBA games which are available in the market, such as Arena of Valor Mobile or Vainglory. You will enter the 5vs5 match with your teammates and fight against your enemy.


About the control button, the game is the same with other games, in which the left buttons are for moving and the right buttons are for exercising skills. In the MARVEL Super War, a particular superhero, in general, will have about 3 to 4 active skills. However, if your characters are in a special class, they can use the changing skills which are up to 6 skills.


And to the bottom of the screen, there are two add-in buttons which are selected previously. Add to that, there are many random icon buff buttons that you can collect during your journey or when killing the monsters. In general, if you have played the MOBA game series before, you will find this game familiar. The interface, the designs and the buttons are the standards of the mobile MOBA game series.

The superhero characters

When it comes to the effects of MARVEL Super War game, we can describe it with one word: awesome. This game features a lot of superheroes and their incredible skills, which are based mainly on the comic version. The movie version of characters and their skills are not available yet but they will be introduced soon in the future.How to Play Marvel Super War on PC

All the famous and popular characters coming from the MARVEL Universe are available here for you to choose. The characters like Deadpool, Thor, Ironman, Spiderman, Hulk,…will be divided into 5 character classes, including Fighter, Energy, Maskman, Tank and Support. When playing, you will feel that MARVEL Super War is similar to the other MOBA games so that you can play without any difficulties.


Recently, there are three game modes available, which are Ranking, Arena and PVE with the machine. However, the producers have been working hard and putting their extra efforts so that in the future, there will be different game modes and additional characters, bringing exciting moments to gamers.

What are the outstanding features of MSW?

There is a feature that makes MARVEL Super War more attractive and fairer than other MOBA games. The PC version focuses on fair battles and the balanced gameplay. Also, in this game, the add-in skills, which are often seen in MOBA games, are dismissed. 


The reason is that the add-in skill system is more likely to cause the imbalances between the current gamers and the newbie. Thus, the producers of MARVEL Super War decided to completely replace this add-in system with the free buff system.MARVEL Super War PC Download

Another highlight of the game is the use of a variety of power of different MARVEL superheroes. It is obvious that each MARVEL superhero has their unique skill. And it is what the producers apply in the MARVEL Super War: each character has their particular power and skills and is able to make powerful combo moves, adding more excitement to the game.


Similar to the MARVEL Universe, the teamwork in the game is considered one of the most important factors to fight against the enemy. In the game MARVEL Super War, each gamer is able to enter any battle in anytime and at anywhere by selecting their favourite superheroes. 


Their superheroes, in combination with other characters, will form a unique army. Be free to choose your teammates. You can make up a team with Vision, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Black Panther, Cyclops, Magneto,…All of them can be your teammates in the game, forming a diverse battlefield of MARVEL Super War.


In general, if you are familiar with the traditional MOBA games, you will find this MARVEL Super War is easy to play. Your goal through the game is to destroy the base of the enemy. To achieve this goal, you might have to destroy some towers along your road. Besides, while doing to, remember to protect your base from the enemy.

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Are you a fan of MARVEL? MARVEL Super war is a perfect game for you. MARVEL Super War is a unique MOBA game, featuring the characters from MARVEL World. the

Price Currency: VND

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Game

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