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Lords Mobile emulator gameloop windows

Lords Mobile on PC: Discover magical lands Game

Lords Mobile is a real-time strategy game. It is a combination of building an empire and fighting your own way to victory. Your mission in the game is to fight against everyone who stands in your way, along with dominate and control the world. Aside from that, the beautiful HD graphics in the game are also one of the factors that make the game succeed.

About the strategy game of IGG

Lords Mobile is developed by IGG. It is a great combination of open-space RPG, real-time strategy and world-building mechanics. The game features the role-playing game genre with multiplayer strategy in real time, taking part in battles with millions of other players around the world. Apart from fighting the opponent, players also have another mission which is to destroy monsters on the world map to find treasures.Lords Mobile pc gameloop

Lords Mobile is a leadership game that offers a variety of tasks to the players such as building upgrades, technological research, military training. Also, they need to try their best to build and adjust for a top-notch empire. Besides, you have to spy on your opponent to plan your perfect attack.


Playing Lords Mobile means you are exploring an epic world in beautiful HD graphics. Lords Mobile is rated as a super real-time strategy game with an extremely innovative gameplay and a more advanced graphics platform compared to other similar games.


Lords Mobile features over 45 characters called Heroes and types: Intelligent, Strong, Agile. All Heroes with their different designs, skills, attributes, and backgrounds are very unique and special.


Players need to improve these characters. When you complete Hero Stages, the game’s launch Heroes are all available for you. You can also add more Heroes through in-game purchase bundles.

Start exploring the interesting game

It’s time for you to shine! Joining Lords Mobile on PC as it is a famous real-time strategy game on mobile, comparable to the legendary Clash of Clans.


Lords Mobile on the computer throws all players into a chaotic world and gives them the fair opportunity to reach the top position. Let’s start building your own empire from an early age, training your soldiers into the best army as possible. In the end, they will be the key factors that contribute to your victory.Lords Mobile for pc

In addition to that, players can travel around the world to search for talent, recruit them and make a team so you all can fight for your goal. You can either join a team of like-minded gamers or create your own team and do everything you want in your own way.


The Lords Mobile world depends on the strategic mind of the player. However, only those brave and powerful gamers will be able to dominate it.


In the game, attacks and defenses require developed tactical and strategic thinking. 


One thing players need to keep in mind when playing Lords Mobile is that if the hero in the team is unfortunately captured, the player must conduct negotiations to redeem them.


Therefore, you need to be careful when making decisions in this tactical game. Ideally, players should change their flexible fighting style to maximize hero power, take advantage of the new battlefield to quickly dominate the world of Lords Mobile on PC.


Players can join or create guilds to collaborate with other players. Guildmates can assist their allies with build time and research time.

Highlight features of the strategy game Lords MobileLords Mobile emulator

  1. Stunning 3D graphics, with outstanding bright color
  2. Humorous character design, each one has its own characteristics
  3. A harmonious combination between role-playing and tactics
  4. The system of heroes and soldiers is plentiful enough for players to explore for months or even years.
  5. Diverse front with a series of fascinating battles
  6. The system of occupation and expansion of the territory was elaborately built
  7. Manage resources, build cities, upgrade and buy more soldiers
  8. Forming alliances with over 100 players around the world
  9. Interesting gameplay where generals are captured and held to ransom
  10. Mission system is highly challenging
  11. Build and dominate your own empire
  12. Interface languages: English, Vietnamese

Review Lords Mobile on PC
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Lords Mobile on PC. Download & install famous strategy game from IGG on Windows for free with Gameloop. Create a kingdom, a strong army and go to battle

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

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