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Download Hay Day for PC/Computer with gameloop

Hay Day – an amazing game worth to try

How to downloading Hay day game for PC with the emulator

Hay Day is currently considered one of the most astonishing farm games available in Google Play and iOS. With incredible features as well as unique graphics, this game has placed its dominance in this field. 


From the introduction of Hay Day, there have been many online farm games launched but of all them, Hay Day is still outstanding, getting millions of downloads. If you are interested in farming works, why not becoming a farmer in this fascinating game?


For the first time playing, each gamer will receive a particular amount of food and animals. However, the provided food and animals just come in small quantities and it is your responsibility to grow the trees and raise the animals so to have more property.

Hay Day 1.45.111 - Download for PC Free

If you have not done farm works before or you have not seen the farm works before, don’t worry. All the tasks can be directly manipulated on the screen with a smooth interaction. For instance, if you want to move a particular land lot, you just have to touch it on the screen and move.

Feel like a real farmer

With Hay Day, you will become a real farmer and do all the farming works. And it is not simply a game as you have to consider things in order to maximize your property. 


For instance, most new gamers choose short-term crops so that they can harvest farming products quickly. Then, sell them to buy animals, seeds and even expand the farming area. After a period of time when your finance has been strong, it is time to plant long-term trees to receive yearly crops.


In addition, players also can design and build warehouse, barns or bread factories and sugar manufacturing factories,…Of course, the construction materials are not available but you have to work and buy them. Hay Day is not only about farming works but also about business.


The agricultural products collected will be traded in exchange for money or you can give them to your neighbors (of course, the neighbors in Hay Day). These products could be milk, bread, vegetables, fruits,…You also can decorate your farm and your house in the way you like to attract tourists to come and visit.


If you play Hay Day PC version, you can enjoy a special service which is only available on this amazing game. Players can sell their farming products or other products to different players through advertisements in magazines. This system is similar to a small market where trading occurs. Other players will buy your farm produce. 


You, by selling the redundant farming products, will get the money needed to buy things or build a house in this game. There are even virtual merchants who participate in some trade fairs.


Playing Hay Day, you need to remember to update the leaderboards so that to determine your level, thus you can easily design a farming and finance plan to be rich. Sometimes, visit your kind neighbors and maybe you will receive some special gifts from them.


What makes players addicted to this Hay Day game is its incredible graphic design. You can hardly find in any other game the attractive graphic like in Hay Day. All the landscapes and characters in this game are designed in the animation style, which is funny and attractive. 


The sound system in the game is beautiful, along with the perfect graphics and wonderful game content, bringing the best experiences to players. When playing Hay Day, players not only experience new things which cannot be found in any other games but also feel like they are in a wonderful land.

What about the graphics of Hay Day farm game?

If we need to describe the graphics of Hay Day, one word is enough: amazing. With bright and funny 3D graphics, this game brings relaxation to users.

How to Download and Install Hay Day on PC

When playing this farm game, you can be relaxed with the screen of a fresh atmosphere, warm sunshine and funny and friendly neighbors. Besides, manufacturers have been working hard to develop new versions so to best fulfil players’ demand for new and unique features. With all these efforts, manufacturers hope to attract players, making it one of the most-downloaded farm games.

What Hay Day has over other games?

The reason why many players are addicted to this farm game is that it brings them to a completely new world, which is special and cannot find anywhere. There is no need to have a farm to become a great farmer because this game allows you to do so. 


Crops develop everywhere and every time, funny farmers and cute animals promise to bring happy experience to you after a hard-working day.

This game is also upgraded all the times so to best fulfil the demand of players, providing friendly, consistent and fun gaming experiences.


Besides, the new features are constantly updated, aiming at the wonderful experiences to gamers. Pay attention to section News as well as the game’s social site to get the latest news. Chat and meet other gamers to share the experiences and meet new friends.

Good features in Hayday Mobile

1. Growing rice

Just like in real life, growing rice to get the main ingredient of the meal is extremely necessary, as well as the food stored in the warehouse must always be adequate. 


Growing rice very quickly for us to harvest, just planting full of rice is 50 trees you can easily buy us an additional item (ax, saw or shovel), especially the rice Very little time, only takes about 2

Download Hayday for Windows PC minutes to plant

2. Growing corn

Growing corn is also very simple, it only takes you 5 minutes to harvest it, after harvest, sell it in the Roadside Shop for about 40 gold to 60 gold.


If you work hard to grow corn a day, you can also get from 20,000 to 30,000 gold.

Open the treasure chest

3. Shopping

To buy anything for the farm, from poultry such as chickens, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, bees, watchdogs, cats, horses, rabbits, donkeys … to cattle sheds, fences , trees, constructions, decorations … you can access Hay Day’s online store in the lower left corner of the game screen. The items are sold in gold and are limited in number for each level. 


Others will be unlocked at higher levels, so don’t be impatient if they’re not ready for you to buy.

The lower right corner of the screen is a person icon, including helpers, friends and followers. Please connect to your Facebook account to find more friends playing Hay Day.

Visit someone else’s farm
If you connect Hay Day to your Facebook account, you will connect with other Facebook friends who are also playing Hay Day. Don’t miss the chance to visit their farm by clicking the humanoid icon in the lower right corner of the screen. 


If you don’t want to connect with Facebook friends, you can choose to visit the player’s farm randomly by finding them in daily notifications.

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