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Granny: Chapter Two – Haunted house

Steps to download Granny for Windows

If you are seeking an attractive horror with a lot of puzzles, Granny is an ideal one for you. This scary mobile game brings extremely scary experiences to gamers. In this scary game of Granny, you are in a murderous house, tempting to escape it because there is a ghostly Granny who is targeting you.

The context of Granny game is quite simple. However, in some ways, gamers are attracted considerably to it. To summary, you are locked in a dark and ghostly house. Together with you, there is a zombie, of course, is not your companion, is hunting for you.

This scary house is completely strange to you and you do not have any idea of the rooms or the corridor or the stairs. Besides, there is a ghostly zombie Granny who is hunting you. At the same time, you have to seek ways to escape the scary house and run away from the frightening granny.

She could hear every noise, even the slightest one. If you, by an accident, drop something on the floor, this old and scary granny can hear them all. She will immediately determine your location and run to you.

The unique plot of Granny horror game

There is one thing that makes more and more gamers interested in this horror game: its one and only plot. Surely you have not seen a similar plot anywhere else. The Granny and Grandpa (scary and ghostly) lock you in their bizarre house for their hunting game. If you want to survive, you have no choice but trying to escape this dark house.

This is the normal Escape Room style that you might meet somewhere.

To safely escape this house with the ghostly killers, you must remember two things. The first one, be extremely careful by paying your complete attention. The second thing, no sound should be made. Keeping absolute silence can save your life.

Grandpa is hard to hear and he owns a deadly knock that can take down any prey. His companion, the Granny, on the other hand, can hear any sound, even the slightest. They, together, can determine your location with Granny’s hearing ability and kill you with Grandpa’s knock.

The only way you can secure your life is in the basement.

This is actually an old garage with a car for you to escape. Of course, with the condition of your ability to go to the basement safely. Around the house and on the floor, there will be some weapons, pick some and defend yourself. Please note that these weapons do not stop the Granny and Grandpa completely but just in a few minutes. You should take advantage of the short period to escape the house.

The only door helping you to escape this haunted house and the ghostly couple is locked with multiple layers of protection. So, in your ways, you need to find the key as well as use some tools like pliers, hammers or code cards,…for assistance. This could help you escape the dark house.

How to play the Granny game?

If you want to escape the ghostly house, you have to seek different items in all cabinets and drawers in the house. These items will facilitate you in opening the main door and escape, including pliers (to cut wires), hammers (to break the doors), code cards or the plate (to make a bridge if there is a hole, for instance),…

You are equipped with a useful weapon: an anaesthetic arrow. Hitting the zombies with this arrow and they will be anaesthetized in a short time. Dragon Cliff is an adventure role-playing game with the Town Management style. In the game, players will enrol teammates, form a team to kill the monsters, hunt for treasure, make armour and protect residents.

Granny for PC is played with the first-person view. The pictures, the scene, as well as the characters, are scary and ghostly, together with the horror sound effects, bringing dramatics to the game.


Granny game focuses mainly on gameplay so you may notice that the graphics are simple. The house, with its mysterious black, makes chase between the ghostly Granny and Grandpa and the player more thrilling and frightening. The piano sound in the game promises to bring a haunting effect to the gamer.

Granny 2 has 5 difficulty levels, including Extreme, Hard, Normal, Easy and Practice. For a newbie, starting with Practice level which has no Granny and Grandpa. Once you get more skills and experiences, get a higher level. You have 5 days to escape the house. And see what will happen if you fail in Granny game!

As for the graphics, although not appreciated for the simplicity of sketching the details, but the father of Granny – Dennis Vukanovic knows how to emphasize the horror element in the game. The brightness of the screen is very low, along with the objects in the house are dark colors, creating a gloomy, scary scene for the player.

Not to mention the sound section with piano notes full of horror, creating an extremely unforgettable feeling for players. Perhaps only those brave dare to turn on the max volume and play this game alone at night.

How to play the horror game Granny 2 for newbies

  • 1. Spend more time playing practice mode
  • 2. Remember the location of the required item
  • 3. Don’t be too scared
  • 4. Silence is the best way to win
  • 5. Use security cameras
  • 6. Be patient, don’t rush
  • 7. Setting up a stockpile

Granny: Chapter Two PC - Play game Kill Grandpa on Windows
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Granny 2 for PC. How to download and play thrilling horror games on your computer, and have Grandpa's grandpa, learn how to escape the house, crack the code, the lock to escape

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Granny is Fun to Play but i got a bad Result in School thats why i cant play on mobile=(

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