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Gangstar Vegas: Game Crime City

Steps to download Gangstar Vegas for Windows

If you are a fan of action games, Gangstar Vegas Mobile is a game you should never dismiss. This third-person shooter game produced by Gameloft is so fascinating and charismatic.

Gamers may be familiar with Gameloft. It is a French video game publisher which was founded in 1999.

Until now, there are 19 studios of this company are operating worldwide, publishing games with a focus on the mobile games market. It is this brand who created amazing shooter games like Sin-Guns, Blitz Brigade and especially, the Modern Combat series.

The background is taken place in Las Vegas, the city which is internationally known for gambling, shopping, entertainment and nightlife. You can go from rat to rich in the gambling table or go bankrupt or being killed in just a few minutes.

In this Gangstar Vegas game, the gamer will be an MMA Champion who is being hunted by mafias as they want to force him to arrange the scores of the matches.

Can I play Gangstar Vegas on PC?

This aimed at illegally deceit other’s money. You, as an MMA Champion, cannot let them success with this illegal act. You have no choice but getting the gun and protect yourself and get rid of these crimes. Therefore, your city of Las Vegas could be safer.

Is this GTA game interesting?

When playing the game, you will find that it is not simply a shooter game. Playing as an MMA Champion, you will experience the best beautiful attacks as well as the risky chases in Las Vegas streets.

Another reason why it is more than just a game is that it helps to improve several skills, including psychological analysis skill. Because in this game, you need to analyze their behavior and actions so to know their plans and take action to cancel these criminal plots.

If you are seeking a shooter game that is much more than just shooting, Gangstar Vegas shooter game will be your perfect choice. It will bring you the most fascinating and adventurous experiences.

Especially, the promotion package of Google Play is still in its effect and you have got a chance to download this amazing game with just $0.5. What are you waiting for but not download it immediately? The promotion of Google Play does not last for long and does not wait for you.

What are the stunning features of Gangstar Vegas?

Explore the city of gambles, entertainment and nightlife – Las Vegas:

  • The gamers will be an MMA Champion in the game and join in a blockbuster film called “Gangstar Vegas”
  • The game plot is amazing and uniques with up to 80 missions. To fulfil these missions and become the winner, the gamer has to develop the shooting skill, as well as the chasing criminals skills and, of course, join in the fierce fights like you are in a real MMA Competition.
  • Once you are strong enough, you can organize your gangster team in order to smash the dominance of the current mafia organization in Vegas.

Many game modes are available

  • To become the best gunman in Las Vegas, you can either choose the Carnage mode or the Heist mode
  • Join in any challenge in the game and you will be amazed by how amazing they are, from airline chases to street chases.
  • Have your name written on the list of the best gangster in the city of Las Vegas. Besides, join in the gambling tables to test your luck in the gambling paradise.How do you download Gangstar Vegas on PC?

An amazing armoury

  • There are many types of weapons available for users so to better complete their tasks, including petrol bombs and flamethrower.
  • Move around the Las Vegas city with bunkers like a heavy truck, a military jet or even a legendary “muscle” car,…
  • Gamers also can change all the characters’ appearance to make it as unique as possible. The weapons can be upgraded to better versions so to bring the most incredible experiences to users.
  • Outstanding graphics and sound: In this Gangstar Vegas will throw themselves in compelling action scenes. An amazing thing is that, in comparison to the last version, the Las Vegas city is 9 times larger than the previous one, promising to make any gamers excited. Add to that, the dynamic effects used in Gangstar Vegas make every scene authentic and thrilled.
  • The remarkable sound effects, which are powered by dubstep, EDM, Skrillex, Kavinsky, Chromatics,…will make every scene exciting and impressive.

Discover new systems of the Crime World

1. Carry out criminal missions

Travel everywhere in the dream city of vegas, do all the things you like and do crime missions to make the gameplay more intense, suspenseful and exciting than all you need to do. What experience. You can use to shoot people, rob or watch what you want, even destroy the city.

You are allowed to use weapons to attack, oppose to survive or cause offense. In addition, players must also be careful with other Gypsy who always wants to destroy you, but also must rebuild the Mafia clan that has been ravaged by traitors. Attractive, engaging and dramatic content will conquer you right from the try here.

2. Game mode in the game

Two basic game modes for you to choose from: Carnage or Heist. In particular, you can also participate in many other activities such as street racing, mini casino games, betting, shooting, etc. and many other things you can do.

3. Character system

The system of characters is very diverse, with enough classes and people to create a diverse vegas city. For example: You (the infamous Mafia boss), singer, salesman, resident, military, police, banker, kids, pets (animals) or guys Bad Boys, etc. and more.

4. Weapons

Weapon system includes many types for you to choose such as guns, knives, sticks, grenades, etc. … Including 6 barrels, flamethrowers, light guns, lazers, cannons, artillery guns, guns usually, sniper rifle, green, etc … These items can be purchased in the store, if you use the MOD version, it has been unlocked for free.

Some names are paying attention to the following for you to choose.

  • Grenades: Zap Charge, frag grenade, game point grenade, etc.
  • Guns: Quadlauncher, FlameThrower, Light Machine, Sniper Rifle, Syringe Slinger, Exterminator, DE-45, Open Fire, etc …
  • Pistols: Dyna-Shoot, Beamer, Ray Gun,

Costume and Armor

The costume system as well as the armor in the game are elaborately designed, beautiful and trendy for the character to wear up to look very cool. The equipment to equip you with pants, shirts, hats, shoes, glasses and other accessories. Items include: Mecha Claus, OSteo-X Medium, Happy Dolidaze, etc.


Full range of vehicles and vehicles for you to use such as motorcycles, cars, airplanes and tanks.

  • Motorcycles: Harley-Davidson, Ducati 1299 Panigale S, MW HP4, D1 Super Sport.
  • Cars: Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina, Aston Martin Valkyrie, W Motors Lykan Hypersport, Bugatti Chiron Sport, etc.
  • Tanks: Mc4-Firestorm, Jackalope, K2 Black Panther, M1A2 SEP.
  • Aircraft: F-22, Mig-31, Su-35, F / A-18 Hornet, etc.Download Gangstar Vegas for PC

Map – Areas of the game

Divided into many areas for you to experience such as city center, suburbs, coast, commercial centers, tourist resorts, etc. All of which are displayed on a mini map to help you get to write your current position. You can bookmark destinations for more convenient navigation with on-screen child maps.

The interface and graphics of Gangstar Vegas

The highest rating of Gangstar Vegas for Android/ IOS is its interface and graphics system. Designed all on the 3D platform, everything else is realistic and vivid, giving players the most intuitive experience.

In the original version, the game required a very high configuration machine because of its pretty terrible graphics, but with the MOD APK version, you can play it on the device without lag or shock.

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