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Free Fire for PC: Best survival game 2020 by Garena

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You can register for FF max version at the official page:


Steps to download Free fire games for Windows

When it comes to survival game, one of the most exciting and dramatic games is Garena Free Fire. 


This game was published by Garena-one of the biggest digital services company founded in Singapore. In the game, you will be dropped on a desert island with 49 different people.


All of you will have to look for your own equipment to survive and fight with other opponents. Aside from that, Garena Free Fire PC also has a diverse system of characters, maps and weapons for you to choose according to your wish.

How to Exchange & Get Free Fire Redeem Codes (FF)

The Free Fire (FF) redeem code has often been shared by Garena to pamper the gamers and then exchanged by the players for rewards in items. 


Many prizes are quite attractive in the form of Bundle items, Magic Cube, or the latest weapon skins useful to support the game for free. As we already know, weapon skins can increase weapons’ effectiveness; besides that, you can also look different compared to your friends who play without skin.


This time Gameloop will not share the ML or Free Fire (FF) redeem code, but Gameloop will provide a tutorial to get the redeem code and exchange the redeem code.


However, if you already get the latest Free Fire to redeem code, you should quickly exchange it for free diamonds in the FF game, so you don’t run out of rewards because it usually only applies to a certain number of redeeming numbers.

How to Get the FF Redeem Code

Garena Free Fire (FF) can share redeem codes quite often through their various events. Like the event that took place in early August 2019, namely the magic cube event.


This event itself was held at the end of August 2019 by logging in at the specified time to get the magic cube to redeem code. Those who get the magic cube can exchange it for item items and also attractive weapon skins.


Garena also holds other events, whose information can be obtained through the official Free Fire (FF) channel on many social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.


Their last event besides the magic cube is the 9.9 Super Shopping Day event, which you can get information about through Garena Indonesia’s official Free Fire social media, be it Instagram or Facebook.

How to Redeem Free Fire Redeem Codes

How to change this redeem code is not difficult, because you can do it directly on the Garena web https://reward.ff.garena.com. But before exchanging the Free Fire (FF) redeem code, pay close attention to these terms and conditions first:

1.The redeem code consists of 12 characters, a combination of capital letters and numbers.

2. The redeem code only applies to the Indonesian region, cannot be used outside the Indonesian region, and vice versa.

3. The redeem code can only be used once for 1 account; if used, it cannot be used for another account.

4. Redeem codes cannot be traded or exchanged for money

5. The redeem code has an expiration date and is valid for a certain period.

6. The redeem code cannot be exchanged using a guest account; in order to use it, you must first create your account with Facebook or VK.

## After understanding the terms and conditions, now you can redeem the redeem code. The method is as follows:

1. Vouchers can be exchanged at https://reward.ff.garena.com.

2. Log in to your bind Free Fire account using Facebook or VK.

3. Enter the redeem code in the ‘Redeem Your Code’ column then select confirm.

4. Gift items will be sent directly via [In-game Mail]

That’s how to get and exchange the Free Fire (FF) redeem code. This game, with the battle royale genre, is increasingly gaining popularity from day to day. If you have problems exchanging the FF redeem code for claiming the reward, you can contact customer service.


Don’t forget also to read other recommendations regarding the Free Fire diamond top-up service provider sites! Stay tuned for the latest news about esports and free fire only at Gameloop.

1. Introducing Garena Free Fire (ff) PC – Survival game

Garena Free Fire ( FF Battlegrounds or just Free Fire) is an interesting survival battle game which is free for any gamers.

In this game, 50 players will be gathered on an uninhabited island and as soon as they are brought together, they have to start fighting to kill each other. Each player has only one mission which is to become the last survivor.tencent gaming buddy free fire download

Survival games have attracted a lot of players in the gaming industry for a long time. And these games doesn’t seem to lose their heats. While the games like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends are the 3 highest-earning names in the category of Battle Royale, Garena Free Fire comes 4th. 


In Garena Free Fire, the duration of each match will be 10 minutes and it will take you to a desert island where you fight against 49 other players. All players have the same unique goal: to grab the only chance to survive.


  • Survival game that you can play in a team


The nature of Free Fire is similar to other Battle Royale games. Players are allowed to choose the location where they want to do the skydiving, explore the island to find the weapons and items needed before the safety zone becomes narrower. 


That’s when players have to move immediately and urgently.

Things get more exciting when the safety zone becomes narrower as players are forced to face off and fight instead of hiding and waiting. You can move around the island with one of the 4 vehicles.


You can choose one among them, including a low-speed but durable vehicle called Jeep, a truck, a small tricycle called Tuk Tuk, and even a vehicle that can run both on land and under the water.


  • Unique system of character

What distinguishes Garena Free Fire from other games of the same type is its unique character system. The game has 15 different characters. Each character has a unique style of playing. Players can gradually unlock all characters during the game.


Garena Free Fire is a survival mobile game with a thrilling, dramatic story that is captivated by many gamers. This is a solo game where gamers are given the task of finding a way to survive on the island. Especially, the latest version of Garena Free Fire is added a new game mode called Death Track.


This mode allows 40 people to divide into 20 Duo teams to participate in racing and shooting battles in cars. Another interesting feature of this new version is that it adds fungi as a new item. 


Fungi has the function of giving players energy to heal over time, by helping them to rebuild the amount of blood. There are 3 types of fungi which help you recover 50 – 75 – 100 percent of blood.

  • Attractive and dramatic plot

free fire tencent gaming buddy

Garena Free Fire also adds a buff system in the power pack to help players upgrade their weapons, helmets as well as “toys” for their cars. In addition to that, you can also enjoy a new features system such as a window climbing system, new weapons, new characters, windsurfing missions, new costumes, new cars, etc ...


With Garena Free Fire, players will be given the survival experience that are extremely dramatic. Players will parachute from the transport aircraft to the designated island. From here, their survival fight begins. You will have to fight for your life unless you want to be dead.


Which means there is only one rule: fighting for life or dying. The key is to quickly find the necessary weapons and supplies that are scattered around the island to survive and eliminate opponents from the battle.


The interesting thing about downloading Garena Free Fire and playing it is that it doesn’t take too much time for the players to fight in the battle. You will have 40 seconds to prepare to enter the battle of survival. Each battle lasts only more than 10 minutes at a very fast pace.


Moreover, the map in the game is not too large and the time span for the safety area is very short. In addition to that, you can choose the location to skydive, land, collect items to fight other players. The ultimate goal is to stay within the safety circle for as long as possible.

2. The outstanding advantages

  • Diverse game modes in Garena Free Fire


When you download Free Fire (ff) and play, you will be given 3 main game modes: Solo (play alone), Duo (play in a team of 2) and Squad (play in a team of 4). Also, the game allows you to customize the appearance of characters such as clothes, shoes to increase strength. The map is divided into many different areas such as warehouses, barracks, chemical areas, airports, etc …


In Garena Free Fire, it will not take too much time to find and destroy opponents. Because in every 10 minutes, you can fight with 49 other players, all for the sake of survival until the end. Players can optionally choose the location to parachute, land, collect weapons to fight against other players.


In addition to that, the game also offers a lot of tactics for players to choose from. They include driving to explore the map and avoid fighting, hiding, even becoming invisible by hiding in the grass. You can also wait for prey and ambush, or be a sniper.


  • Massive weapon system in Garena Free Fire


In Garena Free Fire, players can use up to 7 weapons such as Dagger, AK-47, M4, UMP, Shot gun, AWM, and 14 different types of components. Besides, you can customize the appearance of your character such as clothes, shoes to increase the power of the character.


The difference and uniqueness of Free Fire is that players can play at a very fast pace while it is still easy to control. Aside from that, the game has smooth graphics, it is also optimized for all devices. So there is no surprise that Garena Free Fire is one of the best mobile survival games at the moment for gamers.


In addition to the huge amount of weapons, Garena Free Fire also features the weapon customization with a variety of colors, improved upgrades and damage capabilities. Especially, there are plenty of upgrades for smoother skydiving motions, tall grass for ensured hidden spots. All of these things add to the attraction of this survival game.


  • Garena Free Fire features a large map and complex terrain that attract players


The terrain in Garena Free Fire is also quite complex. There are lots of hills, forests, nooks and crannies. Players will feel overwhelmed with the scenery in the game. However, this contributes to the attraction and excitement of the game.


You will have to quickly pick up weapons, equipment such as hats, armor, bandages … for the fight. Also, you need to drive your vehicles like cars, motorcycles or helicopters across many different terrains.Download Garena Free Fire for PC

A particularly attractive feature which makes the majority of gamers hunting for Garena Free Fire is that the game has many innovations compared to other survival games. 


Players can easily experience the skills of moving, turning and it also has a very good support system for aiming. Besides, graphic elements with shadows and lighting images make the game more and more realistic.


3. Outstanding and diverse game modes

Besides, ranking is also a feature that a lot of players loves in Garena Free Fire. This feature allows you to climb from Bronze to Legendary. From here, players will need to be more careful if they do not want to become an outsider at the end of the season when rewards are awarded. Each season of Garena Free Fire lasts a month and the top ranking players will receive many special gifts.


Join Garena Free Fire, players will be able to choose 1 of 3 game modes including Solo, Duo, and Squad. You can choose to play alone or invite more friends to make a team. With a huge map and many dangers lurking, this is not a fair fight for single person. You only have 2 options between life and death, which is the attraction of today’s survival games.


Garena Free Fire is a survival game for mobile that is creating a fever in the gaming industry thanks to its attractive tactics and realistic graphics. Joining Free Fire, you will be able to experience every level of emotions with a real survival game, from joy, excitement to suspense and suffocation.

Free Fire for PC: Best survival game 2020 by Garena
Free Fire for PC: Best survival game 2020 by Garena 1 free fire on pc 2

All of you will have to look for your own equipment to survive and fight with other opponents. Aside from that, Garena Free Fire PC also has a diverse system of characters, maps and weapons for you to choose according to your wish.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Game

Editor's Rating:

Free fire is a Battle Royale survival shooter developed by Garena’s Studio, which was released for testing on Android and soon after it was released on iOS and currently FF game has more than 200 million players. Follow (Wikipedia)

Web Official: http://ff.garena.com/

Currently the game is only officially released on Android and iOS. However, with the help of some emulation software such as Gameloop, you can install and play well on Windows computers

  1. Open GameLoop
  2. Click on MyGames
  3. Select Free fire
  4. Click Update to update to the new version

Free Fire Advance Server is a beta test server cluster in Indonesia, this version is designed to help players and developers check all bugs and bugs of the game before official release.

  1. + There are 5 types of rifles: M14, M4A1, AK, SCAR, GROZA, strong damage advantages, good long range, eccentric recoil disadvantages
  2. + Submachine gun: UMP, MP5, VSS, near easy drying headshot, medium damage, very high command
  3. + Sniper rifle: AWM, SKS, VSS, high damage, long range advantage, slow bullet speed
  4. + Melee weapons: knives, pans,
  5. + Pistol: EAGLE, G18, USP, high accuracy, medium rate of fire, long range, weak damage
  6. + High precision shotgun with strong damage, long range, low bullet speed

Before starting to play Free Fire, you must register an account. Can register via facebook account, then your facebok account will be associated with the game and select the character registration.

Sign up for a guest account, just click on the person icon to register a character and play. You can also register for a VK account of your choice and register as a model to play.

Game interface

At the game interface, you are familiar with the menus:

+ At your avatar click to select to see the overall gaming situation and your ID like

+ Gift Box: (Newbie) you should visit every day to receive gifts log in each day.

+ Instructions: This section will guide in detail the functions when participating in a match of moves, picking up, using weapons …

+ Legion: where you can form your own army, or apply to the army you want to make friends

+ Rank: where you know how many games you have won, the number of skills you have, and your ranking points

+ Shop: where you can buy yourself the most beautiful costumes, and open the treasure chest

+ Furniture Cabinet: a place for you to know what items you own

+ Events: is the place for you to update but the hottest event news in the game .

Garena Free Fire Max is currently released for Android mobile devices, but it is still in beta. This game always presents important updates that make users of this game comfortable when playing.

The latest FF game version is known to be an update for mobile games with HD versions of quality graphics, because with a visual appearance, the picture quality is good and the game will be very exciting to be played with a real time atmosphere like real.

The development of this game is Garena, and the game name is called Free Fire Max, maybe for those of you who are still confused about what’s the latest update for the FF Max game.

Free Fire Max is a FF game that has been updated by the developer develover. However, there is an additional form of graphic menu to be Super HD, so that the picture quality in the game looks good and clear when playing like real.

Not all players can play this game because the Garena developer only chooses a number of player accounts that can play with Free Fire Max.

To find out, we can play the latest version of the Beta Fire game for free by looking at the game’s email notifications. If there is no notice, you are not among those who have received an invitation from Garena.

Well, for those of you who don’t accept the invitation but want to try playing Garena Free Fire Max, you can download it from the download link below.

Features in version OB21

  1. Has Ultra HD graphics
  2. Can be played on all Android & iOS mobile devices
  3. Latest version update
  4. Easy game control system
  5. Bug fixes
  • New character named Evelyn is joining the game
  • OB23 will also bring a new pet, a cute penguin
  • AUG is a gun that is very familiar to many PUBG mobile gamers and now it will be in FF.
Free Fire for PC: Best survival game 2020 by Garena
Free Fire for PC: Best survival game 2020 by Garena 1 free fire on pc 2

All of you will have to look for your own equipment to survive and fight with other opponents. Aside from that, Garena Free Fire PC also has a diverse system of characters, maps and weapons for you to choose according to your wish.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Game

Editor's Rating:

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