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how to fix all error on gameloop

Quick fix Lag: The best way to fix errors

You are using GameLoop, but there is lag, Loading 98%, Audio Flicker, CPU Usage 100%, Failed To Start The Emulator And Engine, Without Google Installer, Here is how to fix the error for you.

GameLoop is a simulation software that many people choose to play on the computer emulator, and will generate errors, invite you to follow how to fix in the following article.

1. How To Fix The Lag

  • Step 1; On the Desktop interface, gameloop icon, right-click, then select Properties> continue to click Open File Location.
  • Step 2: On the list, find the App Market.exe file> and then right-click continue select Properties> click the Compatibility tab> check this program in this mode> select the operating system running on the computer> then click OKThe game cannot be started without standard Engine
  • Step 3: Then open the GameLoop application> make a 3-dot icon (on the right> click some settings> continue to select Engine> OpenGL + and set Anti-aliasing in Close => click Save.Failed to launch Gameloop

2. Fix Loading Error 98%

When playing Gameloop and experiencing a 98% Loading error, this is a software error, you need to remove the software and select the latest version to reinstall, disable the anti virus system on the computer.

Then you make changes to the graphical configuration of GameLoop, to make you go to Settings> click Engine switch to DirectX and OpenGL or vice versa.

3. Sound Is Flickering, Not Listening

When playing PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, Free fire, you need to exchange and chat to make the task easier, but on GameLoop there is a sound or glitch, sometimes not heard, to fix you. Perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Right-click the speaker icon (located in the right corner on the menu bar) and then click Sound Settings .
  • Step 2: In the Advanced sound options section, select App volume and device preferences and then turn on GameLoop sound.

4. How to fix CPU Usage 100% error

  • Step 1; Open the emulator, on the main screen, select the My Games tab and start the faulty game Failed to Start the Emulator and Engine.
  • Step 2; At this time on the screen when loading will receive an error message, please click OK, and quickly click on the Multi-window icon (located in the menu on the right side of the screen> then select OK).

5. GameLoop Not working

When you install Gameloop, but can’t open the game, the software does not run, reset the device and then open the software again. If that fails, uninstall GameLoop, and download the latest version to reinstall it.

6. No Google Installer

  • Step 1: Open the game, continue to the icon 3 tiles to enter the settings
  • Step 2: Now in the settings panel> select Basics: uncheck Hide Adanced Watermark and select Google Installer => then click Save.
  • Step 3: Exit the gameloop, and also turn off all applications running in the background, then restart, now you will see Google Installer appear.

7. Failed to start emulator failed to start the engine error code 1

erro code on Emulator Tencent

  • Tips 1: Uninstall > reinstall in gameloop.mobi
  • Tips 2: Go to C:\Program Files > Find folder TxGameAssistant > Select all the files and delete them > Reset PC

8. Tinst exe system error

Uninstall > search google key “visual c++” and download > Open visual c++ and click on vc_redist.x64.exe > click next > open visual c++ > click repair > Download Gameloop in Gameloop.mobi > install for PC and play

9. Blue Screen Error FIX Gameloop/Tencent Gaming Buddy (Video)

10. Error updating graphics card driver

  • Download and install (for example, Driver Booster, SlimDrivers …)
  • Play software, allow it to scan the entire system
  • After the results appear, select the necessary driver (or the whole) to update and then restart the computer
  • Restart the game again

Keyboard not working

  • Starting the game is experiencing an error Click on the emulator’s virtual keyboard settings icon: Control and select Customize.
  • Click Reset and select Save to save In the main interface of the GameLoop emulator, select KeyMapping Settings Select Reset and Save.

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Hi, i have a key mapping problem. I’ve done the given tip it did’nt work,can you suggest me any other please

You have banned my game account that I played without using any 3rd party
cheat tools. We want to play in a fair game. I was banned unfairly.if I
lost my account for 2 months how can I complete my RP missions how will I
purchase season 14 rp why I am saying this is I never ever done anything
wrong I just playing in my PC in gameloop .I want more detailed information
about the ban reason. please be kind to me . I request that you reactivate
my account as soon as possible

my Name: saarunkrishnan g s
E-mail: [email protected]
Country: india
PUBG Mobile Account Informations
Account ID: 5156419052
Account – pubg Name : AR爱Saarun
Account – lvl: 70
Account – Evo lvl: 50
Account – Royale Pass lvl: 29
Account – Achievement Points: 4505

Hello gameloop team, I just wanted to plzzz fix the glitch of grenade or any throwable
when ever i going use to it ,There a sudden freeze and can’t play further .
Even when i am spectating any other teammate or opponent when they use grenade my game screen freeze plzz it check it out .

Even i have gaming laptop
and play game medium resolution

Laptop specs-8 gb ddr4 ram
4gb amd graphic card
and amd ryzen 5 proccesser

hi ther,

i have sucessfully installed the gameloop and installed PUBG mobile in it and logged in successfully but while loading it hangs whats should i do????? (Image cant be loaded and text showing like exchange silver for various items in the shop under redeem) white screen

Hello, Unfortunately my gameloop important folder have been deleted. And now I can’t run android emulator how to fix this?

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