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11th May, 2020

How to Use. Guide setting the best

[toc]Known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, this platform is a collaboration with Gameloop to bring their flagship mobile games to be played on a computer or laptop for those who feel uncomfortable playing on a smartphone.   The advantage of using Gameloop over emulators in general like Bluestack is much better...

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4th May, 2020

How to turn on VT / Virtualization Technology, speed up

What is Virtualization Technology (VT)? The Virtualization Technology on computers is simply the process of creating multiple independent virtual machines from a single physical machine. These virtual machines use the same resources from the physical machine (CPU, RAM, ROM, ..)   And each of them operate independently as a real...

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30th April, 2020

Quick fix Lag: The best way to fix errors

You are using GameLoop, but there is lag, Loading 98%, Audio Flicker, CPU Usage 100%, Failed To Start The Emulator And Engine, Without Google Installer, Here is how to fix the error for you. GameLoop is a simulation software that many people choose to play on the computer emulator, and...

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