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Noti: 09/11/2020 – PUBG mobile update 1.0.

[Update 09/07/20]

Gameloop update version Beta 7.1. Improvements & Bug Fixes done on this update. Please make sure your using latest version as mentioned below.


dear sir I have problem in installing gameloop whenever i am trying to instsall gameloop its showing component error code 31 please solve my problem
I am waiting

Is there any offline installer for turbo AOW engine, without having to turn of antivirus? Please suggest.

Hello Sir !
Firstly I am having a problem in moving Keys WASD in Mobile Legends.
when i press W button to move Up it moves down also but just for little time for a proper W key i have to hold it for a while then it works
Basically problem is with the WASD circle size it doesn’t matches resolution or like that.
I hope you will fix it in upcoming updates.
Secondly the most annoying thing is that the Resourcess of MLBB are getting downloaded at some random path so everytime a update comes from Gameloop side my data resources data gets deleted and i have to redownload it again and again even the is not visible anywhere is settings app game doesn’t shows any resources data installed while i remember in past it was ok, but now it occured

guys everone who is having problem with error 31 or something
in your pc/laptop go to wed store in google chrome and download touch vpn
open the touch vpn click connect then install try downloading gameloop it should work
thank you

COD is not getting installed neither is google play games. its downloading partially and then giving error.

im getting keymapping problem cant move when i right click my mouse button cursor came and CANTWORK ESC KEY ITS SO ANNYOYING IT HAPPENING ON 7.1 BETA VERSION GAMELOOP

Please why can’t we just get the update from the gameloop software rather we have to uninstall it and lose all the data there and then install the latest version which costs more. And also you need to tell us if it is safe to use it and not get banned.

Hi, is gameloop 7.1 safe? Will I get ban for using gameloop 7.1 because many users says they got banned for using gameloop 7.1. ND please tell me what does the Chinese sentence says in emulator settings.

Why can’t we just update the software to 7.1 beta? Because we have to uninstall and lose all the data on the software and reinstall the new version. And also you have to fix the ban issue we have spent a lot of time on these games.
Please can you also tell us if this is the final update or just a prototype update.

i have gameloop beta version but i cant download pubg mobile. Error(0, 10008, 533). Until 2 days ago I could play in beta. First the keyboard did not work. I wanted to delete and reinstall but when I try to reinstall I get this error

HTTP DOWNLOAD error:please check your internet connection. error code:20
i have a stable 20mbps connection please fix

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