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Noti: 7/7/2020 – PUBG mobile update 0.19.9 new map “LIVIK”: New firearms, 40 players, 4 locations and more

[Update 07/07/20]

Gameloop update is live. Improvements & Bug Fixes done on this update. Please make sure your using latest version as mentioned below :

Market : 3.11.377.100 ( Can vary )
Emulator : 3.21.1019.100
Rootfs :

Note : The chance of getting banned is possible if you do not update to the latest version.



Note: All free. If there is an error during the installation or playing of the game, please remove / uninstall and download the new version.


Chú ý: Tất cả đều miễn phí. Nếu trong quá trình cài đặt hoặc chơi game mà bị lỗi, vui lòng xoá/ gỡ cài đặt và tải phiên bản mới

Gameloop/ Tencent Gaming Buddy, an emulation software developed by Chinese Tencent Games to bring gamers around the globe to play PUBG Mobile games on PC easily, as well as help the company to help players experience. All features, as well as in the game, are best without errors or other problems, which other emulators cannot do.


TGB emulator software is a better option than any other emulator. This simulator gives better FPS, more stability, better control and better support. It provides a perfect gaming experience and in-game controls are much more convenient.


When you open up, just press the Play button the game will be opened and just wait for a bit that everyone can play the game. However, when the game starts, it will prompt the player that the official emulator has been detected, so it will only search for players who also use the official emulator to avoid unfair situations.
gameloop tencent
As for the quality of the images, the original PUBG PC version is more detailed, which indicates that the PC version requires a relatively high system to give the version’s high quality, lighting and shadow effects. PC is more like landscape with nature.


im play but. im play cod mobile , start match when start download somthing in gameloop .. i cant fine what is that,

Gameloop for me is the best emulator to play COD mobile and PUBG. but I encountered a problem in updating to the latest version of COD Mobile. Whenever i try to confirm to install the latest update, it keeps on showing me that this message=” the app isnt compatible with this device anymore.”
Now I cannot proceed to play CODM with its latest update. Such a disappointment. I m contemplating to switch to other emulator but I do hope something is done to fix this problem urgently.

Uninstall everything, download again everything, the problem will fix, that’s how it goes for me had a same problem.

i cant change the language to English there is no other option than some Chinese. had to do some regedit to fix it but war robots is still in Chinese. help

почему игра call of duty очень сильно тормозит.. и иногда нет возможности подключиться в КБ или в сетевую битву…. очень долгое ожидание в игре…. Микрофон в голосовом чате иногда вовсе отказывает работать.. у меня ноутбук новый все отлично в нем. а вот в кол оф дути не могу говорить в чате и немогу слышать голоса тимейтовююю звук чата исчезает…. и лагает очень много раз

Standard engine problem showing Tlnst.exe error Msvcp140 is missing from your computer and i cant install any thing without standard engine..plz help.

Standard engine installition problem showing Tinst.exe error Msvcp140 is missing from your computer and i cant install anything without standard engine.plz help.

COD Mobile on gameloop, not able to talk with friends. always fail. Sometime work, sometimes not. Very frustrating. Using the latest 1.0.12 version of COD mobile. Please look into the bug and solve it. This is an emulator issue. As it works fine on mobile…

cannot start my CoD anymore, it is always telling me to make sure to be on a stable network and that google play ain’t working but ive installed google play

i have a very difficult problem with the latest update, the ctrl button is not working at all and i can not move with my keyboard

Can u pls add this game named “Epic Seven” at your game list. It always disabled because of the root installed in the emulator..

suddenly in my pc voice are disappeared how i can fix this i was uninstall all data of game loop and reinstall bad result zero

Dear GLoop Team,
Wanted to know if you guys have thought of perhaps putting Godus in your collection of games as well?

But over all, you guys have done a great job!
Keep up the good Work!

I can not open game loops software. they want reinstall. But it’s 3 day now … still that 0.0%… I also can not uninstalling that… What should I do now…

i have uninstalled it but while reinstalling it the turbo AWO engine installation is stuck at 1%. its almost two days and i m not able to install the gameloop.
what should i do…

When i play Pubg.

i cant kill anyone this will stuck, Please fix this Bug,
i check my ping this is not my pig issue.

hola no se porque pero en gameloop fun se me crahea el juego o la pc pero no se si usted es de la misma compañia o es otro programa parecido al gamellop.fun ?

cant download cod it takes all ny data available and it never finishes downloading wtf is TenioDl.exe its using all the data availble

when i start free fire in gameloop then come Error please make sure your device date and time.. i check my date and time was correct but the error is still coming please fix this

My pc is very very low end pc
i can’t play PUBG Mobile properly
so please I want to play pubg mobile lite
please do pubg mobile lite

chơi CỜ LIÊN QUÂN không có bản tiếng việt !
nếu có, v ui lòng hướng dẫn.
note : tôi đã download bản mới nhất 3.1, và đã vào phần ngôn ngữ để đổi nhưng không thấy tiếng việt !

why gameloop keep crashing?. I cant even install the latest version (download failed, please retry(component id:0, errorcode:31))

Why I can’t play or install pubg mobile or pubg mobile lite in gameloop? its saying no longer supported in your device.

I am receiving Download Failed, Please retry! (Component ID:0, ErrorCode:31)

I have format my windows completely and restored. Still receiving the same error.

I’m from India, Chennai. I have tried for almost 15 times clearing my junk files, reseting (netsh winsock reset) in CMD still getting the same error.

Please help to fix the issue.

i have tried multiple times to install the emulator but it is stuck on installation.. it started from directly 25% and stuck on that for half an hour, then i even tried to do it again but same issue. please help me

I’m trying to reinstall, when i tried to open the program, its not workings even though i have disable the antivirus. Please help..

The turbo AOW Engine takes to long to install.I need a fix for this as I can’t find any other emulator like Gameloop

when i check update this message is open ” failed to send the network request to check update ”
plz help me to fix

when i check update this message is open ” failed to send the network request to check update ”
plz help me to fix

I downloaded gameloop now tried to run ” GLP_Installer_900207229_market.exe ” but nothing happens. No window/interface nothing

Downloaded the installer. It showed “Installing Turbo AOW Engine” but the install not started. It is showing 0Kbps speed for 1 hour. my internet connection is good. Is there any error ?

keyboard is not working in this new update.Have to navigate with mouse.Please fix this issue and gave new update.

Pubg is lagging all time since the new update. i did everything, even i reinstalled the windows and i still have the same problem.

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