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Best settings for Brawl Stars on PC

Brawl Stars PC: Unlock and upgrade Warriors

Brawl Stars PC is a fun and free 3v3 shooting game from Supercell-the father of Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Clash Royale. Although the company only develops games on mobile platforms, you can completely play Brawl Stars on your computer through the Game Loop emulator.

Fight in real teams with Brawl Stars on Windows

Supercell has created a new fight-in-teams game that you have never seen anywhere else. Play Brawl Stars PC to team up with real gamers, toss yourself in fun and exciting 3v3 matches.Download Brawl Stars Emulator for PC

You can choose from many different game modes to find your favorite style, then beat all opponents to make money. Each battlefield has countless rewards for the winner. Play the Brawl Stars game on your computer with Game Loop to take control of the world and get worthy rewards!


In the Brawl Stars game, players are ranked by level and the total number of trophies that they won. Collect Brawler and choose one of them for each game. Brawler is divided into 6 categories with different rarity levels: League Rewards, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic and Legendary.


There are currently a total of 22 Brawlers in the game, including 8 League Reward Brawlers, three Rare Brawlers, 3 Super Rare Brawlers, 3 Epic Brawlers, 2 Mythic Brawlers and 3 Legendary Brawlers.

Unique game mode with Gameloop

You can fight with friends or play solo through many different game modes. Each match lasts no more than 3 minutes. Unlock and upgrade countless Brawlers with super powers. Buy and collect unique skins to “show off” to opponents on the arena. Or you can join the team to share tactics and win together.Brawl Stars for PC Download 2020

There are four types of combinations, spread across many different maps. Bounty has two teams of 3 against each other to collect stars from the map and destroy other players. The team with the most stars at the end of 3 minutes will win.


Another game mode is Smash and Grab – here two teams of three gems gather in the center of a mine. The first team that has 10 gems and can hold them for about 20 seconds will win. The same rule as Bounty is applied- if you die, you drop your gems and other players will get them.


In Heist, you can choose to be on the defending or attacking team to play in 2.5 minutes matches.


Finally, there is Showdown – a battle royale of 10 players on a constantly narrowed map with a gas that kills those who are outside of the ring. You will become the only one to win when the game is over, collect more supplies to equip your battle.

Game events

You can find a series of game events under the Brawl tab at the bottom of your screen where the game modes are accessible.Download Brawl Stars Emulator for PC

Keep in mind that these game events will only be available for a certain amount of time. Once a game event is expired, another one will take its place and you can play this new event. This could happen with different game modes or the same one on a different map.


If you are a new player of Brawl Stars, you will only be able to access one game event slot. If you want more, you will have to unlock the other ones. To do it, you need to collect new brawlers. Having access to three brawlers, you will be able to unlock the second slot. Having access to five brawlers, you will unlock the third slot, and to unlock the fourth slot, you need eight brawlers.

Rewards and skins

Your rewards through rounds will be earning coins to spend on brawl boxes or you can buy real gems to buy them through the available in-game store. The type of unit that is used to trade is diamond.


In addition, there are skins to buy for each hero, and you earn new heroes from the boxes. If you receive a copy, they will turn into Chips, and will be used to completely buy new heroes that you may be missing.Download Brawl Stars on PC

Each hero has its own strengths and weaknesses, super powers, etc. There are already over 20 heroes right now, and more heroes will be released regularly. Each brawl box costs 100 coins or 10 diamonds and there are many other attractive features from the publisher.

Brawl Boxes on PC

Brawl Boxes are the treasure chests of this game. You will need 100 coins or 10 gems to open one of them. You will earn more coins if you win matches, collect trophies, and level up. However, you will not be rewarded with gems as are a premium currency and you have to pay for them through an in-app purchase.


Each Brawl Box has its own content. For example, you can unlock new brawlers by opening one of them. Or if you open a Brawl Box and find purple potions called Elixir, you can upgrade your existing brawlers and strengthen them.

Brawl Stars is a free-to-play game on mobile platforms, but during the game, if you want to buy some items, you may have to pay real money. Wiki Fandom

According to the number of player installs on Googe Play, the game currently has more than 100 million, and on the Appstore, more than 40 million installs

You can play this game on a Laptop or Windows PC with Tencent’s Gameloop emulator, but if you want to play on MAC OS, you need to use other emulators.

The currency used to buy gladiators in the game is very valuable, so you need to save the most. Brawl Stars allows you to receive 7 characters for free by reaching certain milestones in the game. In other words, use the money to buy characters that the game does not give for free.

You can see the list of free characters on the achievement screen. To save you time, here’s a list: Nita, Colt, Bull, Jessie, Brock, Dynamike, and Bo.

You can buy the item box of Brawl Stars in the most valuable currency: pearl. If you’re going to play for free, the amount of gems earned will be very small. In other words, don’t shop around wildly. The in-game store sells 2 types of item boxes: Big box and Super Big box. If you have to choose, check the Big box because the drop rate of rare items is the same as the Super Big box.

The Super Large Box has the same drop rate as the Big box, the only difference is that you can receive more items. But if you do not receive more genuine items, the chances of winning will not increase. So check the Big box.

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