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The ZArchiver application is one of the most important applications specialized in the fields of files. Their organization, where through you can manage your files and protect them from loss and organize them through the application where through the application, you can manage all your files safely, and comfortably since after you organize your files.

You can find all Your files easily and conveniently, and the main idea of ​​the application and the task is to organize all your files. If you are one of those who carry some zip files and can not dismantle them, then you can unzip through the application ZArchiver. 

What is ZArchiver?

ZArchiver APK is a file manager for Android that comes filled with tools. The program allows you to explore your device’s folders and files as if you were operating a real computer.


Here you can travel through all system directories, view images, copy, cut, and move all the files and documents you want. Besides, handy features are also available.

how to use ZArchiver for android

ZArchiver allows you to decompress files directly within Android, for example. If you want, you can also compress folders and files in the same way, including using several customizations, such as choosing the compression system or adding a personalized password.

File manager and open features

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ZArchiver is a file management program that allows you to explore all the folders and files recorded on your gadget. The software works very well and is packed with tools, which makes it one of the best programs of its kind ever tested by our team.

All zip files that you cannot decode or open through the ZArchiver application, and if you have to transfer the zip files to your device or to your computer, then you can open them through your laptop or device. 

You cannot open them through the phone, and the application also allows you to create Zip files. All you have to use the application with ease is to go to the Google Play Store and then perform the search in the Google Play search menu and then write the name of the application in English ZArchiver as previously. Then you will see several results through the search engine, and you can enter The application site and see the interface.

All zip files that you cannot decode or open through the ZArchiver application, and if you have to transfer the zip files to your device or to your computer, then you can open them through your laptop or device. 

Find and control all files

When you enter the application for the first time, several lists will appear for you through which you can install any files or access the files organized automatically through the application, as when you enter for the application and opening it for the first time. 

You will see several different menus, which are in order as follows: the Alarms list and everything related to the alarm from the alarms dates that you have set and control them through the settings and control the wake-up dates and even you can install a fixed repetition in which you wake up and also another menu appears, followed by Android and from During that list.

Convenient menu

Movies menu: You can see all the movies you have downloaded to your phone or transferred to your smartphone through the computer or computer. You can hear any video clips and films on your smartphone, followed by the Music menu. 

how to use ZArchiver unlocked premium

Through that menu, you can see many of the songs that exist On your phone or that you downloaded to the phone, followed by a list of notifications called Notification, followed by a list of Pictures. 

Through that list, there are many pictures on your phone, and enjoy the experience of organizing and protecting your phone through the ZArchiver MOD APK application.

Various functions

The software interface follows the traditional line of this type of manager, showing everything in lists and allowing you to browse freely, entering and leaving folders and subdirectories whenever you want. At this point, ZArchiver’s only flaw is due to the lack of an option to search for filenames.

In contrast, the application’s usage environment can be changed, as there are options for individual customization in this regard, such as changing the background and font and folder size, something that may please those looking for alternatives with this type of option.

ZArchiver APK has very intuitive usability. There are no extensive menus, and most features appear when you press on a folder or file and keep it pressed. All tools are easily accessible and meet your needs well. Files can be opened, processed (such as APKs, for example), or shared by email or on social networks.

High compatibility

The program allows you to compress or unzip files directly on the Android interface, something very useful in some cases, such as those who use personalization packages on rooted devices or those who use the gadget’s memory to “transport” files from a place to another.

Application compatibility is very high. ZArchiver is capable of opening files with the extensions 7z (7zip), ZIP, RAR, BZIP2, XZ, GZIP, THIS, TAR, ARJ, CAB, LZH, LHA, LZMA, XAR, TGZ, TBZ, Z, DEB, RPM, ZIPX, and MTZ, in addition to creating compressed files, in 7z, ZIP, BZ2, GZIP, XZ, and TAR.

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