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The parameters of modern communication have been radically changed by applications such as Whatsapp. But there are limitations to this app. 

That’s what mods like YoWhatsapp (or YoWa) came. With several exclusive functions, stickers, and different themes, this new 2020 version has many potentials to unlock your routine. Let’s show you how safe it is to download this apk! Just follow our guide at the bottom of the page to download the latest YoWhatsapp update!

The Official Whatsapp Version Restrictions

Whatsapp arrived in the Brazilian market in 2009 and since then has only risen in searches. Nowadays, it is the most popular application of Brazilians, being almost ubiquitous on our devices. 


No numbers are needed to convince readers: you certainly have the app on your smartphone, and, most likely, Whatsapp was the first app you installed when you bought your phone.

The limitations of Whatsapp that we all know

Despite everything, there is no lack of scenarios in which the official version left users wanting, right? Some do not know the application’s restrictions and who do not dream of eliminating them.

The chances are enormous that you have already had to send several files directly through a private conversation or to a group. 

yowhatsapp yowa APK anti ban

At that time, you had to go through the inconvenience of separating all that shipment into packages of 30 files. And you still had to select each one manually! Remember how boring it was and how it wasted your time?

Many users also find it uncomfortable that the application shows the last hour it was online. For some, sharing this information with their contacts means being “watched”. There is not much privacy if you check your messages every time that information is recorded for your contacts. If you use WhatsApp professionally, it can also be a nuisance if you check your messages but cannot immediately respond to your boss or customers.

Before solving this problem, we have to mention the monotony of the official Whatsapp theme. The original version does not give many openings for the user to customize its interface. Aside from changing the background image and switching between light and dark mode, there are not many popular Whatsapp personalization features.

The Success of Whatsapp in Brazil, Indo, Espanol, Arabic

Not surprisingly, Global users are too attached to Whatsapp. Not just for personal purposes, but the most diverse. Of course, much of WhatsApp’s fame is due to the groups’ resource: this function makes it very easy to organize your life differently. 

It helps in keeping in touch with the family, organizing events, maintaining study groups, keeping up with important information about your condominium, your neighborhood, building, among many others.

Since 2013, Whatsapp has applied end-to-end encryption in its messages. 

This change made conversations, in addition to practical, safer. The application has, therefore, received the trust of users from all over the world. Brazil, Indonesia, is at the top of the list of Whatsapp users in the world. We are only behind India in this regard.

However, the application’s success is not only in the facilities it brings to your personal life. More and more world turn to the messenger application for professional reasons. This is also shown by a survey by Opinion Box and Mobile Time in March 2020, which shows how the rates of users who used the application to communicate with companies or seek technical support continue to increase.

Whatsapp features to make working life very easy. This is especially true if you are a freelancer, small, or medium entrepreneur, responsible for marketing, sales professional, or customer relationship. Every user on Whatsapp is a possible consumer. And you don’t want to miss the chance to convert them.

YoWhatsapp 12.11.2, APK and the Mod

Experience and Everything

We can agree that the user experience on Whatsapp is not perfect. And it is not about whim. The APK developed by third parties was designed for everyday challenges. They had practical problems in mind that the official app fails to deliver.

That is why they have become prevalent over time. There are several apk competing for your download online, but YoWhatsapp certainly deserves your attention. Read to the end, and you will know why!

In its latest version of 2020, Yo Whatsapp is one of the personalization champions among WhatsApp-based apk. The YoThemes store’s function attracts many users interested in an excellent personalization experience, like never before seen on Whatsapp.

What are the mod versions?

“Mod” is the short name for modifications to official applications. They are produced by experienced developers who, non-profit or malicious, are willing to edit the official versions’ source code to offer better experiences to users. YoWhatsapp is one such example, as is WhatsappGB, which you can also download from our website.

The author of this apk was Youssef al-Basha, who, unfortunately, has already closed the project. If you want to know more, visit the official website of YoWhatsapp, which is in English.

Development was resumed by Fouad Mokdad, another very competent developer, responsible for the also famous FMWhatsapp. Some users are already calling the Mod Fouad YoWa or even FMYoWa. 

Thanks to him, there will be no shortage of updates for YoWhatsapp shortly. You can also check out the official Fouad website, but it is only available in English or Arabic.

Is Safe

We guarantee that the download of the apk is safe, free of malware, and other malicious programs. You can download the Mod directly on your smartphone without any problems!

Anti-Ban Feature

Users may have doubts about whether using YoWhatsapp is an infringement. The answer is simple: no, downloading and installing the apk does not break the law. After all, the official Whatsapp is free software, and the apk is available non-profit.

What in previous versions caused problems was the banning of the account of the original app. The ban could be temporary or permanent. As a closed source app, Whatsapp can penalize users of YoWhatsapp and other mods like Whatsapp GB. The reason is in the terms we agreed to when creating our account in the green app.

This problem is no longer a cause for concern. For some time now, developers have become aware of the risk of banning. They have included anti-ban features, and the 2020 version of that feature is very advanced. The updated YoWhatsapp has this functionality.

yo whatsapp apk download

Remember that the community is there to offer you all the support you need! If necessary, do not hesitate to leave your comment and evaluation below!

The Functions the best version Latest

Of course, if we don’t list the Mod’s extra functions, you won’t be convinced to download it. Below we will show you precisely the advantages you will gain by downloading the APK MOD of YoWhatsapp in the latest version of 2020.

  • Access a much more user-friendly interface: the YoWhatsapp interface features many more functional buttons, giving you more efficiency and practicality daily. Besides, the interface is designed to add much more aesthetic satisfaction to the user.
  • Send larger files: instead of being limited to 50MB files, you can upload files up to 700MB! This means that you will not need to cut videos in half and that your images will arrive at their destination with the original resolution.
  • Send more files at once: no longer worry about sending in small shipments of 30 files. With the updated YoWhatsapp, you will no longer have this limitation.
  • Broadcast messages also to groups. If you work in sales or marketing, or if you love to update your contacts with any information, you will have many benefits with this feature. Instead of transmitting messages only to personal contacts, you can take your news to groups too!
  • Post longer statuses! Don’t stick to the 130 characters of the official version. The latest version of YoWhatsapp allows you to publish statuses of up to 250 characters!
  • Use unique stickers and different emojis, like the ones on the iPhone! By installing the apk, you will be able to define your emojis among several other models. The only downside is that they must also have installed Yo Whatsapp for your contact to see personalized emojis. This is a reason for you to share our post with your most frequent contacts!
  • Have full control of your interface: choose from various styles, colors, fonts, and background images at YoThemes. You will have numerous customization options with YoWhatsapp. Your interface will be like nobodies!
  • Freeze online status: prevent your contacts from watching your activities. With this feature, no colleague, family member, or customer will know when you last read your messages.
  • Hide the status by “typing” or “recording audio”. Have more comfort to answer your messages in the time you want.
  • Hide the ticks in the message balloons: YoWhatsapp will not share the status of sending and reading your messages with your contacts.
  • Block calls from specific contacts without blocking the text conversation. Prevent individual contacts from calling you by video or voice.
  • Lock the YoWhatsapp with a pin or a pattern.
  • Activate the quick bubbles option, inspired by FB Messenger! You will have a varied experience of the two most famous messaging apps. Not to mention that you’ll be able to switch between conversations and other apps much faster!

How to Installs the YW 2020

Now that you know all the advantages of installing the YoWhatsapp apk follow our step by step below to download the updated version! It is effortless and safe. We give our guarantee that the apk available for download below has passed the antivirus tests.

To download YoWhatsapp, you only need to use Android in a newer version than 4.0, have internet access, and an active phone number. You do not need to uninstall the original Whatsapp to use YoWhatsapp.

In the words of the developer himself, you can install both versions on your smartphone. Then take the opportunity to use both and separate your profiles and your contacts.

Let’s go to the guide!


The APK file of YoWhatsapp is enormous: it is around 50MB. So, it is good to check if your device has this space available before starting the download. Having no space, it may be that the installation, later on, is unsuccessful.

Go to Settings and then Device Support. There, you can see in Storage how much space your device has available.


Whenever you install an apk mod version of Whatsapp, it is recommended to backup conversations. Just go to Settings in the app and then Conversations. Find the Conversation Backup option and click on the Backup button that will be highlighted.

Wait for the backup to finish and proceed to the next step.

Install unknown apps

Since YoWhatsapp will be downloaded as an apk straight from the internet (since it and other mods are not available on the Play Store), you need to give special permission for other apps to install the apk on your Android.

The process is straightforward, with two options. You can go to Applications and click on Special access on the menu in the upper right corner. Once there, go to the option. Install unknown apps.

The second option is, after going back to Settings, go to Biometrics and security. Find the Install unknown apps option; it will take you to the same window.

Once in this option, you will have access to a list of all your installed applications. Depending on which app you are installing the YoWhatsapp apk from, you must permit by clicking and changing the button to Allowed.

If you download the apk directly on your smartphone, you must permit your browser. It will probably be Chrome or Samsung’s browser.

If you download it to your computer and then transfer it to your cell phone, you should instead grant permission to the explorer. In the case of Android, it’s My Files.

Backup Login and Loading

After installation, open YoWhatsapp APK. You will recognize the login interface, which is the same as the official app. Log in generally with your account and download the conversation back up. Ready! You are already using YoWhatsapp! Try the extra features of the updated 2020 version.

Well, now you know everything you need to know about apk and YoWhatsapp Anti Ban 2020! How about telling a friend so you can enjoy all these functions together? Share our post and, if you want, leave your comment about the download below!

YoWhatsapp APK - Download YoWa v12.6 Anti Ban on Android

Download YoWhatsapp MOD APK Our step by step Anti-Ban below to Installs an updated version on Android! It is easy and safe. You only need to use Android 4.0, have internet access and an active phone number

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