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One of YouTube’s biggest criticisms is that the app contains many advertisements, from the home screen to the videos’ length. However, the purpose of YouTube Vanced APK is precisely to change this structure.

With the app, ads cease to exist entirely, giving the peace of mind that people have always wanted. Despite being excellent in theory, does the proposal work in practice? We tested YouTube Vanced and brought all of our impressions here!

What is Youtube Vanced?

With YouTube Vanced APK Watching videos after today will be easy and uncomplicated as in the past, it has excellent and super capabilities that allow you to block all the annoying ads that the official version contains. This is boring for some and consumes a lot of time and Internet resources, and all these things can be provided by using this excellent and distinctive application.

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With high capabilities and capabilities and accuracy in play and stop, there are new and exclusive features: the repeat feature, where the clip can be played continuously without switching or switching between the following clips so that you will listen to your favorite songs and clips very quickly. 

Also, it does not require you to register or enter your account. As before, Google goes in and uses the easy search tools and writes the content you want. Millions of videos will appear in the category you want to take full advantage of. A calendar by watching explanatory videos, tutorials, and other clips, you today will review control by selecting the desired quality with selecting the display method, and there are HD features.

How YTB Vanced works

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First, it is recommended to sign in to Google accounts so that the YouTube homepage is set up according to your tastes, showing the channels you are subscribed to.

That done, you can watch videos usually, with the exception that ads will be automatically blocked! You do not need to configure anything in this step, as YouTube Vanced Pro applies the tool as soon as the application is installed correctly.

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An additional feature that can be activated in the app is also to remove the ads that YouTube usually shows on the home screen. To do this, go to “ad settings” and leave the option that says “ads on the home screen” checked. Ready! With this, it is possible to avoid all the nasty advertisements that YouTube usually shows.

Besides, much remains to be explored. By entering the Vanced settings, it is possible to activate useful options such as YouTube’s resolution check, both for Wi-Fi and mobile data, and even the preferred speed for videos. The user can also enable automatic captions on YouTube Vanced, all through the app settings.

The YouTube Vanced interface can also be changed, and the original YouTube application allows the user to use it in light and dark themes.

With this, the layout can be easily configured to be as comfortable as possible.

Our Opinion on Version Premium MOD

The application manages to be excellent in everything it proposes. Initially, the main objective is to ban constant ads from YouTube, which is done successfully, but by exploring the platform, it is possible to see that the advantages go beyond.

The YouTube Vanced interface is practically the same as the original application, making the user more comfortable when making this transition, as changes from one platform to another are minimal.

Besides, there are incredible new features that make using it even better, like automating subtitles and video quality.

However, what can make YouTube Vanced Pro a little negative is the installation process itself. In our tests, getting the android app to work correctly took some time, which means that other people can also go through the same block.

If you manage to get past this stage of the installation, you will see that they are only advantages! Chaos, the constant advertisements, hinder YouTube’s use, both for study and entertainment; we strongly recommend YouTube Vanced!

Good features of the MOD version

  1. After downloading YouTube Vanceds for Android, you can use YouTube in a new way, with modern modifications, and without a hitch.
  2. There are no annoying ads inside, which are in the official version, which hinders viewing any clip.
  3. You can download any video that is on it directly without the presence of the helper applications by downloading YouTube Vanside for Android.
  4. It allows you to control or automate the quality and viewing modes with zoom in and out.
  5. It owns YouTube Vanced APK list of themes and backgrounds and those that make you maintain the appearance of the application.

1. Block all Ads

You will get the modified version of YouTube after downloading YouTube Vanced, as some new features have been added to make it easier for users to view all the clips they want and entirely free. 

Since it doesn’t contain annoying ads in the clip, it gives you control over all factors like resolution and clarity by zooming in and out of the video. It is also available for you free of charge with the feature of themes through which you can change the external appearance.

2. Many other options

You will find after download YouTube Vanced Manager. Some of the diverse and unique themes that can be modified, selected, and customized to change the application’s background or its external appearance to suit your taste provide you with all the tools available to edit on it as you like.

It is also characterized by accuracy, speed, and accuracy in carrying out all the operations you want And the speed in opening the pages and switching between the videos not to consume many resources. So it is better to delete the original version and download that modified version because it provides you with many solutions and features. You will have a control panel for the settings menu that you can access and control to turn on and off the existing features.

3. Better than Youtube Premium

It is also possible to search at any time and operate as you want and in your spare time. It works very efficiently on various devices that use Android operating systems not to face difficulties or problems in downloading or installing.

You also have the opportunity to register to be able to follow the pages, put comments on all the clips you prefer, or can be used without registration, and you have the freedom to choose.

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