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Music streaming programs offer freedom. The option of being able to listen to your favorite songs, in addition to discovering news, at any time, with quality, is quite attractive.

YouTube Music Premium APK is one of the options available. Based on the website with videos, the app allows you to access a vast library of titles with high-quality music.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium (formerly known as Youtube Red) is launched on a service platform originally launched in November 2014 as Music Key, offering only ad-free music and music videos from YouTube and Google Play Music.

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Unlike Spotify or Apple Music, YouTube Premium is not a dedicated music streaming platform. Instead, it improves the YouTube viewer experience without being bothered by ads.

How YouTube Music Premium works

To start using it, you need to download the apk file. To complete the process, you must authorize applications from other sources in the Android menu.

After installation, YouTube Music Premium is available in the phone menu. In the first access, it will be necessary to login into the account. It is possible to use the email already registered on YouTube and Android.

Right after the connection, the app asks that the preferred artists be chosen. The list includes several different gender names. When you click on a name, YouTube Music Premium opens up some matching suggestions.

As it is a version with Premium released, it is unnecessary to pay the plan’s subscription to have access to all the features offered by YouTube Music. The app menu is located in the bottom corner, following the YouTube app’s model.

To start in the app, you need to indicate your favorite artists. In addition to the user being able to search for the songs he would like to hear, the app also assembles personalized lists based on tastes, taking into account the time of day and the location to make the directions.

Another feature available is background playback and music downloading, which allows you to use YouTube Music even without an internet connection.

The Premium version has as its main differential the offer of streaming without interruption of ads. It also features higher audio quality, allowing for a more expressive experience.

Our Opinion on Version Premium

For anyone passionate about music, having a reliable streaming service with sound quality is essential. YouTube Music offers just that for the user.

The proposal to follow the video app model makes it easily identifiable and facilitates navigation. The suggestions are appropriate, as they take into account the choices made.

YouTube Music Premium also allows you to choose between clips and music, which becomes the main differentiator compared to other music streams.

As for audio quality, some options offer higher quality, but it is not a problem. The audio is quite satisfactory and pleases most users.

The background operation is also entirely satisfactory, especially for those who want to watch videos and keep moving on their cell phones.

What do you get when using YTB Premium?

1. YouTube Originals

If a user is on a Premium plan, they will have access to the YouTube Originals channel’s full content.

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Many of them are the work of famous YouTubers such as Poppy, PewDiePie, and Paul brothers. Arguably, by far the most famous series Cobra Kai, the Karate Kid’s sequel was also released on this channel.

2. Remove ads from videos.

Subscribing to YouTube Premium, YouTube will remove all ads from videos. This includes both banner ads and video ads (on either desktop or mobile) and extensions to the YouTube Music app.

3. Watch videos and listen to music offline.

Users can download videos (and entire playlists) for offline viewing with YouTube Premium. A handy feature for airplane flights (or in places with weak network connectivity).

Users also need free space on their devices, but downloading songs via YouTube Music instead of the default YouTube app will minimize the file size to some extent.

4. Shared Play Music and YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Premium includes YouTube Music Premium and Play Music (recently converted to Youtube Music this year).

Therefore, a Premium subscription will also help users access a supported YouTube Music Premium that offers music playback in the background on mobile devices, offline viewing, and ad-free playback.

5. Conclusion

From the features and fees mentioned above, should users subscribe to the YouTube Premium service plan? This depends on the needs of each person.

For those already satisfied with the Spotify or Apple Music streaming apps, there may be no need to subscribe to YouTube Premium anymore.

But for those who love the exclusive quality of content that this service pack offers and want to eliminate annoying ads when using YouTube, YouTube Premium is worth the use.

YouTube Music Premium APK - Download MOD v4.11.50 VIP free
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