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Now you can have a better experience on your computer that can view all of your smartphone’s content on your computer with the Your Phone Companion APK application.

It has many features that will amaze you, as it will save you a lot of time and effort, such as manual control or communication and quick setup Fast.

What is Your Phone Companion?

Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows is an application developed by Microsoft; it provides a quick connection between your computer and Android phone; when in use, you can run all your Android apps, see all. Everything in the app from pictures, answering messages, making calls, and receiving notifications, all of this you’ll see on the big screen of your computer.

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And to use all of that, you need to download this app to your Android phone, sign in to your account on the Microsoft website, and follow the instructions. Install, and you’ll find the feature to work immediately, and then you’ll be able to take advantage of it for your work and life.

If you do not know how to link between Windows computers and Android phones, please see the following steps:

  1. First, download and install the Your Phone Companion application on your phone and your computer, then it will mirror your phone’s screen so you can connect both devices over the network WIFI.
  2. Next, you can use the copy and paste feature through your phone’s app settings to share content on your phone on your computer.
  3. Using your computer’s peripherals, you’ll be able to use your computer’s mouse and keyboard to run Android apps on your computer.
  4. You can make calls as if you were making calls from your mobile phone.
  5. Browse your photos and videos and easily copy them right on your Windows PC.
  6. You can use Wi-Fi to copy or Bluetooth via your phone.
  7. Choose Android apps on your computer.
  8. You can copy all your files from your phone to your computer by selecting Open Phone Screen, then dragging the files directly to the computer.
  9. You will find the library in the My Files app; then, you can easily transfer them to your computer.
  10. You have the option of using the photo browsing feature on the computer screen and viewing the pictures on your phone from the computer.
  11. You can temporarily copy any file or image quickly to your computer without affecting your original photo.
  12. Copy pictures by pressing the right mouse button used for the computer.
  13. You will be able to automatically save all files that you have copied and saved from your computer’s mobile screen to your device’s internal storage.

Features of your phone companion – link to Windows

Many people highly appreciate this application because it is very convenient at work. Among the most important features from Microsoft Phone Companion, which will help you to download all Microsoft applications on the mobile phone, here are its special features:

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  • A simple mobile and desktop linkage application that allows you to use your smartphone on Windows PC.
  • Using the official Microsoft Android app will make it possible to quickly transfer all your smartphone’s files, photos, and apps to your computer.
  • You can easily install this app on your Android phone and connect it to a computer running Windows 10.
  • You’ll have super-fast access to everything you love on your phone from your computer.
  • Through the application, all Android applications are run on the computer.
  • With this app, you can also copy all your files on your phone and transfer them to your computer.
  • This app also can compile all the Android apps created by Microsoft to run on your computer.
  • It features an easy setup, saves battery life, protects from annoying calls, and won’t worry about your stolen mobile data.
  • This is the best application you can use on your computer because it is completely safe and free, and you may not know it; it encrypts your information through a piece of encryption that encrypts everything you do. Will copy, whether from phone to computer or vice versa.
  • This is a powerful connectivity app that improves your experience.

What are you waiting for without downloading and using Your Phone Companion APK on Android right away!

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