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At first, it is likely that anyone who read this game’s description simply thought about how a title with such a crazy concept can work. 

But the fact is that Yandere Simulator APK, contrary to everything that many can imagine, works incredibly well, managing to apply the whole idea of ​​a psychopathic schoolgirl with unique quality.

What is Yandere Simulator?

Yandere Simulator is a game that simulates the day-to-day school life of a young student on her journey to win a classmate’s heart. At the same time, it is your mission to prevent other students from doing this first.

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In the game, you control Yandere-chan (Fandom), a timid girl determined to join forces to declare herself to her Senpai within a month. Unfortunately, however, our protagonist’s soul mate doesn’t even know about her. Her popularity makes him a magnet for girls, who will appear weekly to “compete” with the character.

Since no girl is worthy of having a love of her Senpai (besides the protagonist herself, obviously), her duty in the adventure is to stop them from making him fall in love. And, as we are talking about a game whose name brings the Japanese stereotype to a kind girl, but capable of being a violent and psychotic killer, make sure that there are no limits to what can be done.

Ways to get rid of your rivals abound in Yandere Simulator. Yandere-chan can curse a girl, causing her to be hated by her Senpai (or even drop out of school, she is so humiliated), forge a crime so that she is to blame, create a situation that causes her to be expelled, or even convince another girl mistreating her until her opponent commits suicide. And these cases are just ways in which we can sabotage it socially.

If you don’t mind more drastic (not to say bloody) approaches, the options are even more remarkable. Inviting a girl for a walk in the back of the school to then use that knife you hid by sneaking through the kitchen is quick and straightforward. Another more elaborate option is to steal tranquilizers from the infirmary and kidnap your opponent; dropping it from the top of the building is just as efficient.

According to the developer, the final version of the game will have a total of 15 ways to get rid of its competitors, including electrocution, suicide, and others not yet disclosed.

Features of the game interesting students

1. Stealth above all

Seeing so many options, this may seem like a simple task. But know you’re wrong. The fact is that all your actions in Yandere Simulator have real reactions: if someone sees you doing something wrong. Whether it be killing a person, stealing a syringe from the infirmary, or poisoning a girl’s food – expect to see the student running up to authority (although he can also freeze in fear if you’re lucky enough to be a coward).

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If this happens, be sure that a teacher or even a police officer will not belong in coming, and may expel or arrest Yandere-chan, if the evidence leads to her. And worse: your Senpai will surely not be able to love you like that.

In the same way, committing almost perfect crimes, but leaving a minimal connection to you, damages your character’s reputation in Yandere Simulator. As a result, people will be afraid to approach you and be alone with you; at higher levels, the whole school can enter a state of general panic, and the player will have to lower the level of his crimes so that everything returns to normal.

So, all your plans must be done with utmost care. It is best for a girl who fell off the terrace forge a suicide note; if you killed someone secretly, try to get rid of the body, the murder weapon, and its bloody clothes. And so on.

2. From student to a professional killer

As you may have noticed, succeeding in your Yandere Simulator MOD APK for Android “mission” is not easy. But there is always a way to increase your chances a little; to do so, just improve your character’s skills by regularly attending classes at the indicated time.

Doing this guarantees Yandere-chan experience points, which can be spent to make her better at different actions. It is even possible to release new skills, such as faking your handwriting to look like another girl’s or creating an incredibly potent poison. Check out the five areas available below:

  • Biology: improves your knowledge of the human body, increasing efficiency when applying lethal strokes – which also become less bloody;
  • Chemistry: allows the creation of different chemicals, such as poisons and tranquilizers;
  • Literature: increases the quality of fake love/suicide letters, in addition to allowing you to impersonate other students in the style of writing;
  • Physical Education: improves your efficiency when performing physical actions, such as running, fighting, or carrying a body;
  • Psychology improves your reputation gain, decreases your loss of reputation, and improves the efficiency of your gossip.

However, it is important to note that the amount of experience varies dramatically, according to your punctuality. Arriving early in class guarantees up to 5 points while being late, an hour does not guarantee anything.

3. Panties hunter

Are you failing to make the situation go as you wish? Is your loving rival too close to winning your Senpai? Yandere-chan was caught committing a crime? Don’t worry, as there is almost always a way around this.

The secret, at those times, is to ask Info-chan for a little help through your smartphone. Among the favors that your ally can provide are from spreading rumors to end a girl’s reputation or blackmailing her to delaying the police’s arrival and getting a pair of clean clothes in case your revenge becomes one—little… bloody.

Of course, having access to all of this is not so easy: each Info-chan favor has its cost, not in cash, but panties photos from other girls. These must be purchased by Yandere-chan, with his cell phone camera, which means, in turn, that you will need to continually take chances if you want to get them.

Since we’re talking about panties, it’s also worth noting that Yandere-chan’s underwear is of enormous importance in Yandere Simulator. Accessible through the protagonist’s house, at the beginning of the day, each pant has a different characteristic, which affects her abilities – from improving her reputation gain at school to increasing the skills gained when going to class.

4. Student clubs

Even the unique attributes and panties weren’t enough to finish off the girls efficiently? Don’t worry; there is still another way to get a little help for our protagonist: to do so, just join one of the school’s clubs.

In doing so, Yandere-Chan has a powerful ability in his attributes. Of course, it all depends on the chosen club: joining the martial arts club automatically makes you win any fight, while others help you easily convince people or even infiltrate your opponents.

Don’t think you’re going to get this for free, of course. Firstly, it is only possible to participate in one club at a time and, if you leave the group, there is no way back. You must also attend training at least once a week at the time specified; obviously, killing a member of the club can also result in his expulsion.

5. Still in development

Yandere Simulator may already prove to be an extremely complicated game, but it is good to clarify that it is still only in its first steps, as a trial version. In fact, according to the developer himself, the title is only 13% complete, with many mechanics that have not yet been implemented, temporary objects and textures, a still basic artificial intelligence …

Above all, however, we warn that there is still no plot to be followed, so it is impossible to end the adventure. So, know that you will only be able to explore the school freely, for now, without a final goal.

In compensation, those who follow the original game will certainly notice many improvements. Since the first versions of the title, Yandere Simulator has received many new mechanics and ways to get rid of its opponents; not limited to this, several new areas have been added to the school.

6. With more anime face, impossible

First, only the aesthetic part of the adventure is enough to impress any gamer or otaku. Even with much of the look still incomplete (after all, this is still an alpha test version). The few ready-made locations bring an enormous wealth of details in models and textures – Yandere-chan’s room, for example, brings a perfect balance between realistic and anime graphics.

This is even more impressive, and it is worth noting that those who compare the original game with its current stage since the school have been completely redone. It is simply undeniable that the scenery is much better than before, with textures that are much more reminiscent of the proposed anime look, and most importantly, that it looks much more like a real Japanese school.

The dubbing of the characters is another strength of Yandere Simulator. Just think that we have famous North American voice actors for games and anime participating in the cast of students and teachers to imagine the result; it helps a lot, of course, the audio quality as a whole to be very high.

At this point, the only weakness to be pointed out is, again, due to the title’s “in development” status: Yandere Simulator still has a reduced number of sound effects and lines, available to only a few characters.

7. Too complex

In gameplay, however, we see both the greatest qualities and weaknesses of the adventure. In general, the controls work well, with a little different configuration than what we see in third person titles; thanks to this, you will have no trouble learning the basics of gameplay.

The mechanics of stealth, theft, robbery, and the like, however … Well, let’s say they are many, in an amount that can scare anyone looking for simpler experiences. Luckily, they are incredibly logical, so a dose of common sense helps a lot when learning to play. Also, they allow a vast number of strategies on the player’s part, so it’s a fair trade.

All of this is great if you are a fan of stealth and strategy games. On the other hand, so many mechanics make Yandere Simulator considerably difficult (although never unfair). This will certainly keep away those who don’t want to remember that a biology level is needed to apply a tranquilizer or who simply wants to go around killing girls.

If everything so far looks so good, what is the weakness of the Yandere Simulator? It is for what has not been implemented until now, which leaves the experience empty as a whole. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself not knowing what else to do with what’s available after an hour or two of playing.

8. Incomplete, but full of potential

Of course, after all, Yandere Simulator is still a game in its early stages. Soon, you will still encounter an enormous amount of problems, such as bugs, glitches, loading failures, empty rooms, strangely static characters, and, of course, the lack of an end goal.

Even so, the basis of the whole experience is already there. And what little we have of the game is incredible, given the enormous level of complexity of the mechanics and how a single action of yours can change the entire school environment.

There is no way to leave out, of course, the massive advance of the title since its emergence. Since the beginning, the game has only brought more and more improvements, whether in fun mechanics to get rid of opponents, with new content such as clubs and special missions, or with graphics and scenarios that would leave any otaku speechless.

As a result, Yandere Simulator turns out to be an incredible game. Yes, there is a lot to improve. Yes, everything else in the proposal can go completely wrong when the other 90% of the content is implemented. But this is one of the most fun and full potential adventures that a Hitman-style stealth game fan will find, whether the title is ready or not.

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Yandere Simulator APK for Android is a game that simulates the day-to-day school life of a young student on her journey to win a classmate's heart. At the same time, it is your mission

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