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Xender APK is an application that helps you share and connect data without the internet. The application will help you transfer all data such as images, videos to the application quickly. Simultaneously, the app is compatible with most platforms, so you can send and receive fast.

What is the Xender file?

Xender is an excellent application for sharing between different devices or transfers between the device and a computer; that is, it is unnecessary to carry USB cables when you want to transfer files between these two devices. The application is light, simple to use, and fast in transfers.


Xender allows you to use any connection, such as WiFi and 3G. The application excels in simplicity of use, however, maintaining security in data transmission. The application promises to transfer data at speeds up to 4 Mb / s, making it possible even to play videos while being transmitted to other equipment.

How this app works for file transfers

The way the application works is quite simple: it creates a connection between two devices, similar to what happens in a Bluetooth connection. However, it uses the WiFi of the device connected to the local network or via WiFi-Direct. Authorized persons are accessible through a list and, even it is possible to create groups of friends for mass transfers for all members.

How to Xender Android to iPhone

The application has no limit on the number of files you want to share. Besides, it allows the transfer of audio files, video, photos, documents, and more. The program interface is straightforward and organized. There are icons that separate applications according to type at the bottom, making it much easier to find what you want to share.

With it, you can share any file using various methods, such as shaking the device, “dragging” the files to the edge (which appears on the other device instantly) or even accessing the file list on different devices. Each method depends on the type of file you want to share.

Another exciting feature that the application has is the possibility of transfers between the smartphone or tablet and a desktop computer. Just activate Xender on the device and select the PC previously registered. After that, just open a web browser on the computer and enter the IP number informed by the address bar’s application.

Features of to transfer files and documents

Video: How to use Xender on smartphone

1. Supports current file types

Application download Xender APK for Android helps you share many files that you prefer to move to any of the applications and other devices. 

You will quickly transfer files for all users at any time and share between different files.

Suppose these files and documents are pictures, videos, audio clips, and written texts through which the application helps you move them to any other place and easily share them through it at any time you have. In that case, the application also provides many users.

download Xender apk for android

You can enjoy many tools that you find continuously to share and share your videos and photos. And your documents and files at any time you have, and the application is free to download and work on downloading it and works on all Android devices provided by the application. 

2. You are free and easy to use

The Xender Share application works on the continuous development and provision of specific services that help each person.

In using the application with ease free of difficulty from the effective participation of transferring any of the files and documents, the application also provides many tools that all people need to use to share documents continuously through the application to work on the transfer and easy sharing.

3. It supports multiple OS: iOS / Windows / Android

Through Xender Share Music & Video APK, you can also use the application to enjoy many important features that you use at any time. You need to transfer and share files from the application. 

With all features, the app also allows all users to freely connect and share with Android and iPhone or Windows PC.

You can maintain permanent contact through the application between these devices of all iPhone and Android versions. You can share a lot of files And documents from pictures and videos. 

Through Xender (Google Play), you the continuous transfer between these devices at any time available to you. 

Because the app helps you share any documents file types and share easily with other apps or devices.

4. The speed is fast, and there are few errors.

Through it, you can forget many of the old transmission systems from Bluetooth and other slow ones as soon as you use the application. Because the application provides you with very high speed in sending, sharing, and transferring these files and documents at any time, you have a free speed in transferring, effective participation, sending, and receiving between it and any other device.

Because the application is one of the most important priorities characterized by speed because every user searches for an application to share and transfer files, he is looking for a quick application. 

Xender Share application offers you the speed you are looking for in transferring and sharing your files at any time available to you and on All devices.

Xender Pro APK - Download v6.0.1 Share file fast on Android

Xender APK for Android is an application that helps you share and connect data without the internet. The application will help you transfer all data such as images, videos to the application quickly

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