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Card games are one of the most popular mobile games, each of which has unique features, stories, and characters to present to players. WWE SuperCard APK game developed by 2K company is inspired by WWE heroes and professional wrestlers. You need the internet to compete and play with other players, but some parts of the game, such as upgrading cards, can also be done offline.

Your main task in WWE SuperCard, like other card games, is to collect different cards and make them stronger. Using the cards at your disposal, you can create your favorite team and compete with other players.

What is WWE SuperCard – Multiplayer Card Battle

The WWE SuperCard APK is a card combat title that uses famous WWE fighters as protagonists. To access the game, you must use your Google+ or Facebook account to log in the first time the app is run.

Then, you receive an initial batch of cards that you can manage in “My Cards”.

WWE SuperCard mod on android

To start a battle, tap “Exhibition” or “King of the Ring”. During combats, the cards are shown at the bottom of the screen and their attributes for choosing the best option according to the requirement, which can be speed, strength, technique, or charisma.

Each presentation has several rounds, and the player who wins the most matches wins. It is important to note that the cards chosen in one battle cannot be used again in the next. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the deck wisely.

Our Opinion on the WWE

There are many card fighting games, but few use WWE artists as characters, making WWE SuperCard a very creative and fun option for anyone who is a fan of the sport.

There are various game modes between players, including real-time events, player-to-player, and team matches. Your opponents are millions of players from all over the world, each of whom has built their own team with their own strategy and, like you, has entered into tough competition in a CCG game.

SuperCard APK includes legendary heroes such as The Rock, Steve Austin, Brett Hart, Hulk Hogan, and new superstars such as Randy Everton, Becky Lynch, Barry Wyatt, Tomaso Simpa, Adam Cole, Samo Joe, and many more. There are thousands of cards to choose from, challenge, and land on a virtual field.

The WWE Super Card MOD APK game world is getting bigger with each update, and new features are being added. Participating in unique events such as Hero Wars or accepting missions will allow you to add various rewards to your account and progress faster. In addition to the above circumstances, there are monthly activities that offer you notable prizes.

Running the game requires at least Android 4.2 or iOS 10. The WWE SuperCard received a high score of 4.8 in the App Store and a score of 4.3 out of 5 on Google Play, indicating the game’s good performance among card games. The game has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Play Store, which confirms developers’ claims about millions of competitors.

Strategic game

The gameplay appeals to the intuitive mechanics and will not scare anyone who is used to the genre. Each card has four different attributes that, when overlapping those of the opponent, bring victory to your side of the ring.

Each round requires more than one specific feature, and the fighters used in a match cannot fight again, making the WWE SuperCard a title with excellent strategic possibilities.

wwe supercard download apk

The modalities for you to play against the computer or with real people on the internet also add points to the work of 2K Games, Inc., which has the potential to become an excellent hobby.

Not at all stopped

On the visual side, the WWE SuperCard for Android deviates from the simplistic style of most similar games. Here, the interface screens are expressive, and, during the combat, it is possible to see a very well done three-dimensional scenario in which the cards collide violently while fighting. The animations are stunning and short, ensuring that the games keep an agile pace.

The soundtrack is very hectic and makes you feel like you are in a real WWE quad. The sound effects representing the interface’s interactions are also cool, and the whole set consolidates an immersive atmosphere for those using headphones.

The game features are summarized as follows:

  • Game cards include WWE Superstars, NXT Superstars, and WWE Legends.
  • Win various prizes and rare cards of heroes by participating in spin events and winning.
  • To earn money, you can rob the bank or with a good layout and sound strategy, open your way to the King of Tournaments tournaments and play against others.
  • Winning knockout matches and the Royal Rumble will help you beat your opponents and climb to the standings’ top.
  • Receive daily rewards by staying active in the game or accepting significant challenges.
  • If you upgrade your cards offline in the new activity center and get points.

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WWE SuperCard APK - Download WWW v4.5.0.529 on Android

The WWE SuperCard MOD APK on Android is a card combat title that uses famous WWE fighters as protagonists. To access the game, you must use your Google+ or Facebook account to log in the first time the app is run

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