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 Wormate APK APK has a nice interface and nice colors, making it easy to control snakes with other players.

What is the game Wormate? is a free game, compatible with many different device platforms. You will control the snake to eat candies, chocolate biscuits, and other cakes on the screen or fall from other dead snakes. Your snake grows with ease.

You need to skillfully control the snake when running close to the snakes of other players. Your snake will die if it hits the body of the surrounding snakes or hits the border. apk mod skin free

When playing the game APK, you will use many skills to survive and destroy the opponent, pick up the candy that falls from the opponent. From there, your snake will grow faster.

Also, on the game interface, on the right corner of the screen, you will see a list of TOP 10 highest points corresponding to the size of the snakes and your position in the rankings.

On the left will be a map, allowing you to know where you are and the other snakes. And you can share the results of the game with your Facebook friends. has two game modes, Arena, 2 Teams. Inside: Arena: is a battle involving many different players worldwide, and all other snakes are your enemies. It would be best if you controlled the snake to eat many candies and destroy the opponents to collect the booty.

2 Teams: is a battle of two different factions; you will unite with your teammates and many candies, destroy other snakes of the opponent team.

Graphics – Sound of game snake hunting

The game has beautiful colors, with colorful snakes. And with the gold coins, you collect while playing the game, leveling up, or recharge the game, you can buy accessories such as glasses, hats, and beards to decorate your snake. mod money

Snake food is varied and constantly changing according to the game’s theme, such as Christmas candy, Christmas tree, snowmobile … Currently, the game does not support sound.

How to play to become a giant snake

  • 1. Acceleration

The goal of every player in is to be the giant snake.

Acceleration not only helps you avoid other snakes but also enables you to eat cakes, candies in the game, and the corpses of other trash faster.

A good trick used by many players is to run parallel to the snake you want to destroy, then suddenly speed up and switch to the front of the other snake, that you can beat the opponent.

And to speed up the snake, you need to hold down the screen or hold down the left mouse button to accelerate while you play in the web browser.

  • 2. Eat cakes and candies in the game

The second tip for you to become bigger in the game APK is to eat many cakes and candies in the game.

You should also move to the main areas, with lots of players to find sweet candies.

This is a great way to get a giant. But be careful, or you will die.

  • 3. Run in a circle

Running in a circle is a tactic to kill other snakes.

Once you have a large size, you should move in a circle to surround the smaller snakes, and you should narrow the distance to destroy the opponent. APK
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 Wormate APK

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Operating System: Android

Application Category: GAME_ACTION

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