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Golden WhatsApp is an application that has gained great fame in the past months until it has become one of the most sought-after applications despite being not available on the Play Store. 

But the application was able to reach all this popularity thanks to the powerful features it offers compared to the features provided by the official version of WhatsApp Gold APK.

WhatsApp Gold latest for mobile phones

Do you want to know WhatsApp Gold? In this topic, we will do a complete review of the application that includes explaining the method of downloading and updating, in addition to explaining the features of the application completely, presenting problems and practical solutions to them, in addition to excellent alternatives that you can use if you want to.

Warning: Before you start getting acquainted with the WhatsApp Gold application, I regret to inform you that the WhatsApp Gold application has been permanently stopped development by the developer for several reasons. We have detailed it in the WhatsApp Gold end article. 

So the application is no longer available for use anymore. Still, Fortunately, there are excellent alternatives that you can use instead of this application, which we explain in detail in this article.

What is WhatsApp Gold Plus?

WhatsApp Gold Plus is an upgraded version of the official application. Still, with additional features, the developer has added many features such as privacy and masking features that allow you to use the application differently and more privately.

The features added include the ability to customize the interface, change the application icon, hide conversations, and lock. The application has a secret number.

In short, we can say that the WhatsApp Plus Gold application is a better version with better features and tasks than the original version and with all this.

The application is available for free for download and does not display any ads. The application is available in three different versions that you can download.

How to avoid blocking

A while ago, the modified versions of WhatsApp, including WhatsApp Plus Gold APK, have been suffering from a temporary ban problem where a message appears to the user.

And after a while, that account continues to be blocked. And the reason for that is because the app’s official company blocked.

WhatsApp Gold for android

It does not like the existence of applications modified or developed by unknown programmers. 

So the company decided to ban users of these applications, but fortunately, the developers of these applications have come up with solutions to bypass this problem. To avoid the blocking problem, you must follow the following steps.

Step 1: if you are blocked.

Make a backup copy of your conversations as soon as you unblock your temporary ban, by entering the settings, then chat settings. 

Then clicking on a backup copy of the conversations and make sure that the copies are 100%, then delete the application permanently from your phone and install WhatsApp Gold again.

Step 2: if you are not blocked.

Make a backup copy of your conversations in anticipation of any emergency or sudden ban. Always make sure to download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold or the new update as soon as it is available so that you will not encounter any problem.

If you follow these steps correctly, do not worry about the ban again and enjoy the application entirely without any problem.

The most important features verison Golden

Disconnecting the Internet:

If you want to browse some messages on WhatsApp, you may be surprised that someone from your friends sent you and in this case, you disconnect the Internet from your phone completely so that it does not appear online, but now there is no need for all of that as you can disconnect the Internet from within the application itself by A new feature in WhatsApp Gold that the developer has added that allows you to completely stop the application from connecting to the Internet until it is activated again manually.

Hide conversations:

The feature of hiding conversations has been provided that allows you to hide any discussion and protect it with a pattern to ensure that no one can access it even if he uses your phone without your knowledge. If you do this feature, make sure to turn off notifications for a conversation because messages are not hidden.

Privacy options:

It provides a great set of privacy settings that include hiding appearing, hiding two reading plates, hiding two receiving notes, hiding writing in progress, hiding recording in progress, and hiding that you saw the status.

Status Downloader:

This feature has been provided, and you can now download cases through an option built into the application itself, as shown in the picture.

Interface customization:

This application provides you with the ability to customize all the application interfaces and the application icon as well, where you can change the application icon for a group of icons, change the colors and fonts of the entire application interfaces, control the appearance of notifications as well, and you can fully control the sizes of the elements.

Themes and backgrounds:

Gold WhatsApp provides you with ready-made themes that completely change the look of the program with one click, in addition to a large number of themes that will definitely impress you, as you can create your own theme manually.

Scheduled messages:

If you want to send a congratulatory message at a particular time and it will not be available at that time, or for any other reason you wish to schedule a message for someone. 

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This feature will be handy for you as you can specify a specific time and write a particular message and schedule it, and the application will send it automatically On-time for him.

Personalized messages:

 This feature helps you organize messages and conversations in case you receive a large number of messages. Through this option, you can view the discussions that have only activated their privacy or view the conversations that have only activated their notifications or the conversations that have started automatic downloading.

Application lock: 

To get better security for your conversations on WhatsApp Gold, you can activate this feature, which allows you to completely lock the application with a pattern or a secret number that whoever wants to open messages must write it. It is worth noting that the official WhatsApp application now supports fingerprint protection in phones, Which have this feature.

Read deleted messages:

The feature of deleting messages after sending them. But this feature may be annoying if you are a curious person as the message will not appear to you, but rather it will appear to you that it has only been deleted. From the side, the menu to be able to take advantage of this feature.

Without ads:

The WhatsApp Gold application is available completely free of charge, and it is one of the modified and developed applications in the Arab world and does not contain ads, and this will guarantee you distinctive user experience, unlike other applications that show you pop-up ads.


If you use an Android phone with a large percentage, the golden WhatsApp application will work for you because the application, as mentioned, is available in three basic versions that support most phones, from weak phones to robust phones.

Multiple copies:

WhatsApp Gold is available, as we explained previously, in three copies to provide more significant advantages for users of the application, where you can download the three copies. 

In case you want to use three copies on one phone without root, or you can download only two copies for the same reason, and a version that supports weak devices is also available from the three copies Available.

The best:

Many Arab developers have developed modified versions of WhatsApp, but these copies were not at the required level, unlike Golden WhatsApp, which is considered the best developed Arabic version of the official application, so this application is a right choice if you are looking for more features.


With your use of the application, you will get significant advantages in terms of privacy, as the application provides you with the ability to hide your appearance completely.

And you can hide the reading and receiving pages, and you can also hide the writing process or the registration process. You can also activate the status view feature without knowing its owner and many powerful features.


WhatsApp Gold Plus APK - Download WA++ v8.50 on Android

WhatsApp Gold Plus APK on Android, is an upgraded version of the official application. Still, with additional features, the developer has added many features such as privacy

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