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  • Play online with friends: With this online feature, you can play with your friends over the internet without meeting people and playing whenever you want.
  • Participation in international rooms: This is a global game so that you will join and interact with many players around the world through the game.
  • Freedom to customize your avatar: With this game, you can create or customize your avatar with available outfits or objects.
  • Ranking mode with players: Instead of playing for entertainment, you can now play wits with other players, the difficulty will be higher than usual, but in return, you will get more rewards.
  • There are many items, outfits waiting for players to unlock: If you are a collector and a beauty lover, this is a feature not to be missed.
  • There is a Discord community for players.

What is the game Werewolf Online?

Werewolf APK (WWO) is a board game with enjoyable community gameplay, especially when playing with your friends. However, with the busyness in the current life, it is also challenging to gather friends to play together, so Werewolf Online was born. With the design, Werewolf online is a very attractive game.

There is a maximum of 16 players. Each turn will have different teams, such as villagers or werewolves, to fight to become the last team to survive.

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Use special abilities to figure out the roles of others and convince them to join your side.

How to play Werewolf. Each turn will have 16 people divided into 3 factions: Villagers, Wolves, or Monsters. You will be in one of these three teams, using your judgment and logical thinking to figure out the team’s roles.

Gameplay WWO: There is so much to explore

When the game starts, each player will be assigned a different role. Werewolf Online will have all 49 roles, including 17 classic roles and 6 factions. These roles include:

Doctor, Guard, Gunner, Prisoner, Prophet, Fortune-teller, Mayor, Enemy – of the villagers

Werewolf – belonging to Villagers or Werewolf; Wolf, Sorcerer Wolf, Wolf Head, Prophetic Wolf – belong to the Werewolf side

Human Hunter – Solo or Villager faction (Mainly Solo side); Idiot,

And there are three more factions that are the Couple faction – The Role of the Love God, the Cult – The Role of the Patriarch and the Zombie – The Role of the Zombie,…

With each role, there will be different abilities. In the game, there are prominent roles and factions such as:

Villagers: Guard – Choose a player to shield each night, the protected player cannot be killed that night, you will be the one being attacked, but you won’t die with the attack the first work however the second time you will die; Prison Guard – You will choose a target per day to imprison in prison the next night, you will block that player’s role, if you find your prisoner suspicious, you can kill him; Mage – You have once revived another player.

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Werewolf: Ghost Wolf – You will choose a player to kill at night; Werewolf – Each night you can select a player to see his role, however, if you are the last Werewolf or give up your abilities you will be a normal werewolf; Wolf Wolf – You are just an ordinary Werewolf, however, you will get twice as many votes as a normal werewolf.

Solos: Human Hunters: During the day you will choose a target, and you aim to have the villagers hang that target before you die; idiot – You will have to do whatever it takes to get the villagers to hang you if they turn you, you win;

Assassin – Every night, you can choose a player to “infiltrate,” that player will not be able to speak or vote the next day and die at the end of the day. The werewolf will not kill you, and you will win if you are the last.

  • Ranking system of the game

Werewolf Online will have two game modes to choose from regular and ranked. In usual, players will get a chest and a little experience to level up when they win the game, inside the reward chest will have three random items (costumes, roses, coins,…). Besides, the ranking mode was also released.

In this mode, the player will be more severe than in other ways. And because of that, the conditions to enter the league will also be higher; you will have to have at least 35 wins in normal mode and spend 5 cents per tournament, which will make the victory become. More important to the player.

  • Graphics – Sound very attractive 

With 2D graphic design, and has nice colors. Character pictures in the game are cute, and you can combine them with outfits, accessories.

Costumes, accessories, and items, including wedding dresses, prom dresses, men’s suits, witch hats, …

Werewolf Online APK - v0.46.11 for Android

Werewolf APK (WWO) is a board game with enjoyable community gameplay, especially when playing with your friends. However, with the busyness in the current life

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Operating System: Android

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