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VPN offers a program by which you can increase your privacy when using the internet.

This is because you can make your connection through a VPN, hiding your IP and avoiding tracking by data collection sites. Likewise, this feature makes it able to prevent regional blockages when accessing sites that have these restrictions.


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Use of the application requires that you log in using your Google account. You can either choose the one you usually use for other device functions or create a new one and add it. Likewise, you must agree to the requested permissions for it to work correctly.

What is Wang VPN?

Wang VPN is a utility that can divert network traffic from your device with the help of a remote server located in another country. This way, it is easy to access restricted sites in Global and even banned pages on your internal network.

Before using the service, you need to create an account at “REGISTER”. You can try it for free for just three hours. To subscribe to the paid version, your Google account must have the Wallet service adequately configured. The price is $ 4.99 (R $ 16.00) per month.

After going through the registration, which requires only an email and a password, you will find the complete list of remote servers. There are several options in the United States: “Georgia”, “New Jersey”, and “Texas”. You can also find other countries, such as Canada, Singapore, Japan, China, England, Germany, France, Holland, and Australia.

After selecting the desired option, tap on the blue icon in the lower right corner of the interface, and then click on “CONNECT”. If all goes well, the app will show the message “Connection established”. Wang VPN Premium has no traffic restrictions and, therefore, does not count your transfers in any way.

If you need to browse a blocked website on your local network or use an app with some geographic restriction, Wang VPN is the right choice for you to try. The app has servers in several large countries and has no restrictions regarding the amount of data consumed, which is excellent for those who want to access videos and music.

The interface is beautiful and well organized and shows the list of available servers in the main menu. The list is intuitive and touches the desired option to start the connection process, which never takes more than a few seconds. Another advantage of the tool is that it is not necessary to have a rooted device.

Features of Stable Best VPN

This application specifically brings a clean and well-organized interface, making sure that even beginners have no significant operating problems.

This is because it focuses on ease of use, making its function available as a button on the main screen. Also, there are no advanced settings, making everything you need to use literally on display. Likewise, activating the VPN requires only one touch.

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The region in which the connected server is located is displayed on the screen after the procedure’s success so that you have such information in mind if needed.

1. Intuitive and functional

We could browse the internet usually and use all our smartphone features without any limitations during our evaluation. All connections proved to be fast, and response times were excellent, demonstrating that proxies are stable and responsive.

Despite being intuitive and very functional, Wang Premium VPN is not free. The app only works for three hours, and after that, you need to subscribe for $ 4.99 (R $ 16.00) monthly. Anyway, considering the program’s quality, the value is acceptable for those who need a proxy.

2. Difficult connection

However, even if the application offers elementary settings, its activation may not be so easy. At least during our tests, it took a series of attempts before the first connection was made successfully. So, keep in mind that the program may not always work the first time, requiring a little patience and persistence to make the connection.

3. Focused on ease

In general, the program’s operation is effortless, as it is already completely ready for use, dispensing with manual settings. The only task for those going to operate it is to touch the button on the screen. However, as already mentioned in the description, there is no way to choose the connection region.

This feature is done randomly by the application, and, according to the developer, there are servers from around the world included in the application.

4. Additional internet security

Wang VPN MOD AD by GameLoop APK is an elementary VPN program focused on ease of use instead of presenting a series of advanced settings. From the first use of the program, you will notice that it has a spotless screen and showing the main function in the form of a button.

To start the connection, all you have to do is click on the “Connect” button and wait a few moments until it is established. There is no way to choose the server, as it will be established at random when the function is activated. However, the location is shown on the screen after enabling VPN so that you can be aware of such information.

Wang VPN Pro APK - Download v2.2.16 MOD Ad-free on Android

Wang VPN MOD APK on Android is a utility that can divert network traffic from your device with the help of a remote server located in another country. This way, it is easy to access restricted sites in Global and even banned pages on your internal

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