File download VLC Player Pro APK on Android

VLC Media Player APK is one of the essential apps that are indispensable on computers. This program is used to play videos and multimedia. It is a free program that runs all kinds of videos and audio.

It is also easy to use, and light does not take up space on the hard drive and has an interface that is easy to deal with. It supports all Windows 7, Windows 8.1 operating system Windows 10, Windows Vista.

What is the apps VLC Media Player?

VLC APK app is considered the best complete video player with multiple features and reads all media. It also supports DVD, VCD, and various file formats.

It is a multilingual program that works in English, and different world languages. It is also characterized by playing compressed movies and recording screen video through this program that gives you complete control through the Internet browser.

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And enables you to watch YouTube videos directly as it is devoid of Annoying ads, and it does not contain any harmful viruses that infect the device. It allows you to control font size, clarity of sound and image, and play large-sized videos without any problems.

It also does not consume the resources of the used device, through which you can connect radio stations and watch channels, provided you connect to the Internet, and all these things are what made VLC Media Player is spreading over the broadest range and gets the largest number of downloads around the world.

Downloading VLC APK for Android with a direct link for the computer and mobile is distinguished by that it supports shooting video clips through images, and it is an entirely safe program without spyware and enables you to play videos in high quality and Watching channels through an Internet connection.

In addition to that, it is a powerful, completely free, format converter that can be downloaded for free without paying any fees for use.

And some additions make the program control easy, you do not need prior learning, and through which you can listen to the live broadcast, it is a fast, stable program that supports subtitles. Subtitle files for the videos can be obtained and added inside.

What characteristics does it have?

With the great development in the world of cinema and music, each of them is presented on the Internet and then to the computers of users in a large way.

And for this reason, media playback programs have appeared, whose mission is to run all types of media such as audio and video in all formats and extensions, and several giant companies compete in this field for an industry such as QQ Player, Winamp, RealPlayer, GomPlayer, MXPlayer Pro APK, and the development of a powerful and simple media playback program that appeal to users.

VLC Player Pro is one of the most powerful and most famous programs ever, as the VLC program has a lot of The advantages that made it the best among the computer and mobile multimedia programs “Android, and the icon” that the user can download for free through the App Store or Google Play.

The giant media player, VLC Media Player APK, competently solved all users’ problems with different types of video and audio. It can play all formats in addition to many features that made it one of the best media programs. 

It is considered the ideal solution for those who want to play movies, video clips, and audio in different quality because it supports More than 120 different formats. With built-in tools, they can perform many tasks that may need to be loaded with other programs to do them. 

In terms of interface and use, it is a program with a medium-beautiful interface. Still, it is simple and easy to use, as it does not represent any burden on the system components and computer hardware. 

Developing it smartly so that it can work on the least capabilities with high efficiency, and the program has become available for more than one platform to increase its global spread.

A detailed review of VLC Player 2020

The apps VLC Player 2020 did not reach this popularity. They spread among users out of thin air, but because it deserved it as it was developed to address the errors of the old useless media player Windows Media Player

We can say that VLC Media Player, the latest update for the mobile and computer, is an open-source program that works on all operating systems. 

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VLC enables you to watch videos, play audio, enjoy high quality and speed in performance, and play videos with many extensions such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4.

It plays audio, videos, and 3D shows in addition to high quality and a simple interface that has been classically designed to be easy to deal with and makes the program control operations simple soft if you like watching movies and videos on computers and mobile and want to listen to music as well. 

You will be able to do this after downloading and running the VLC APK that supports all video and audio formats and helps you get the best performance. It also supports adding subtitles, screen imaging, and live broadcasting, and some additions can be fully utilized for free.

VLC for Android is the best media player that supports all formats, supports subtitles, multi-track audio, automatic rotations, adjusting heights, gestures, control brightness, and volume, and has tools that can fully control the audio, cover, and headphones.

In addition to the recent update with many features that include the user’s internal screen and the multiple options for collecting video clips, the program also supports large media libraries, and network sharing can be controlled manually and in the main screen channels.

1) Fast and compatible

The program is characterized by its small size, which does not exceed 22 MB, thus ensuring fast and robust performance at the lowest potential, as it works flexibly with all systems, including Windows systems and smart systems for phones and tablets such as Android and IOS.

2) Completely free

One of the great features is that VLC is entirely free, it does not require serial or activation, you can download the program for free easily from the links below, but from the computer and Android, you can use the video explanation if you encounter problems in downloading, installing or operating.

3) Formats support

As I mentioned at the beginning of the topic, the VLC Media Player program supports many formats. For example, it supports (WMV-MP4-MKV-MPEG -FLV-3GP-AVI), and it also supports all audio formats.

The most important of which is MP3, and you will not need to download add-ons for the program to run additional formats because it works on updating itself to get the latest new formats.

4) Converting formats

You may sometimes need to download a program to convert a video or audio file format, so the developer provided a feature within the program, which is the ability to convert between different video formats, but if you do not like this feature, do not worry, you can use the conversion giant, Format Factory.

5) Support for the English language and translation

The program supports many languages ​​around the world, including Arabic and English, where. If you test it at the time of installation, the program will display entirely in English and with a professional translation of the menus and windows. 

The program also supports translation accompanying the video. For example, if you download a movie with a translation file, the program will display them automatically, and you can also control the fonts, shapes, and colors of the subtitles with ease.

6) Excellent additional tools

The program contains, as I mentioned at the beginning, many fantastic tools and features, which are as follows, the ability to shoot the screen with high quality in case you want to shoot a game or make a video on your computer screen.

Through the program, you can play incomplete audio and video files to play a video or audio clip even though its download has not finished yet.

VLC Media Player APK - Download v3.2.12 latest for Android

VLC APK app for Android, is considered the best complete video player with multiple features and reads all media. It also supports DVD, VCD, and various file formats

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