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One of the most widely used startups by users of smart devices is editing tools that can be used to make any changes to a group of files.

 These programs are created and published separately for each type of file. Videos are among the files that are edited by users, and therefore various software has been published.

What is VivaCut Pro?

Vivacut PRO is a video editing application, a unique and professional Android developed by VivaCut professional professional video editor and published on Google Play

Create your own video stories using a multi-layered timeline and a set of high-level editing options. To have unique videos, you can cut them and change them in a particular way by adding a few different items.

how to VivaCut Pro on Android

As can be deduced from the developer’s description, one of the most important features used in this startup is adding text with different styles and different labels, which gives you a new experience. Multiply the appeal of your videos with transfer effects and make everyone attractive with your videos. 

If you are not satisfied with the videos’ default sound, the existing power system allows you to put any soundtrack on your clips.

The application and program Viva Cut Professional for Android is among the applications in the video tools section, where the application is designed and has been placed in the selection of video tools. 

And through the application, you can edit any videos that exist on your smartphone and through many features that you can use very easily and exploit all the features that exist in the application.

You can use it and efficiently, but you must first download the application through the Google Play Store, or the App Store if your phone does run on the Android system, where all you have to do is open the store and then write the name of the application in the search list of the store in English. 

And you can also search through the sections in the store. Through the video tools section, you can enter the application siteThe original and then enter the application download and install menu to the smartphone and click on it to download and download the application to your mobile phone. 

Feature of the Apps Pro Video Editor

1. Edit video easily

Viva Cut Pro APK is one of the applications that have been classified on the App Store and Google Play Store, also as among the applications through which you can edit the videos you want to the editor.

And through the application, you can make any additions to the video and edit it easily. It is simple, and one of the advantages of the application is that it is very easy to use. Through the application, you can use all the features of the application quickly and easily.

VivaCut Pro MOD APK by

There are in the application. Through the application, you can make all the adjustments you want to make to your video, as, for example, and not limited to, and there are many Tools.

2. There are many unique effects

And the features that are characterized by the application and you can use it merely and through these advantages can use the application to edit the videos you want to edit immediately. You can also make a video only through pictures and add songs or music to it, and through the application, you can change the video on your smartphone.

Altogether, there are more than 40 visual effects, more than 20 optical filters, and more than 30 free songs available to enhance your projects. The service also allows you to create multimedia presentations using photos from your tablet or smartphone – in this case, transforming the images into video clips.

VivaCut has its photographic sensor that includes a selfie mode and a GIF recorder with support for common videos or clips made through the Boomerang app.

VivaCut PRO APK is free to use, and your creations can be shared via Facebook, Instagram Plus, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp GB, Vine, Snapchat, and other social networks. There are also additional paid features that can be purchased via a credit card.

3. The interface is well-designed

The app separates the functions into four main categories: My Videos, Edit, Record, and Explore. The latter is for when you want to use existing videos – it works as a database of public clips that can be used by any user.

Once you’ve selected a video, you can start making the changes you want. The interface is the basic one for most video publishers, with parts of the content separated in frames based on a specific time. The app displays options to add filters, text, and visual or sound effects from a cut.

We noticed during our tests that, depending on the size of the video, it takes longer than usual to load on VivaCut PRO MOD APK on Android. In some attempts, the app did not respond to commands on the screen, and we had to close it and only then try to upload the video again.

This does not always happen, and it seems to be a problem related to the device itself since the platform is optimized mainly for more current phones. However, this detail can be a nuisance for those who edit longer clips.


VivaCut Pro APK - MOD Premium v1.7.5 effect Video on Android

Vivacut PRO Premium MOD for Android is a video editing application, a unique and professional Android developed by VivaCut professional professional video editor and published on Google Play.