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 Viber APK

“Viber” is a program that is considered the most famous and best of its kind in social networking programs because it allows you to communicate with your friends and staff who work with you through free calling anywhere in the world. It is affiliated and under the management of Viber Media Company and was launched in the world of programs in 2010, And no one can do without it because it provides you with high-quality voice calls and text messages.

The free Viber application has become the ideal and best alternative after the Skype APK program because you can use it on your mobile device, laptop, and computer.

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With very little speed from the Internet and for this reason, the Viber program has acquired more than 200 countries around the world in more than 30 different languages ​​to become the number of its users More than 500 million users, for this reason, have ranked first in the world of social networking programs.

The program also features that you can share images and audio files quickly and conveniently by selecting the file to be sent and transferring it to your friends with one click on the Send button and also sending voice messages with your voice is very high quality without the need to use a strong internet because the program supports all weak and robust Internet networks.

It also supports all mobile and computer systems and devices quickly and entirely to be compatible with mobile, computer, or desktop users.

Finally, the Viber application is a treasure for all users of social networks and applications around the world, so I advise everyone who wants to communicate with family members and friends around the world to download this application because it saves you money and time in making voice calls. 

It is fun to use

If you are looking for a free call program, whether audio or video, then you will find at the forefront of this field the “Viber” program, which is one of the first programs that provided a distinctive user experience through which you can make video calls with very high quality through your phone with minimal internet speeds.

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This is in addition to making HD-quality voice calls, and the Viber mobile program provides you with chat or chat service via the app for those whom you have in the phone list and has a Viber application, And here is what makes it an integrated communication application.

The program also enables you to send and receive pictures and videos and send notes and files of various kinds. It also provides groups that talk about specific topics that you can join, and you can charge the Viber application with some money to make calls through it instead of using your local network in case You want to call a number that does not have the program, and you will get a very cheap call compared to your everyday needs.

Some of the advantages of Viber 2020, the latest update

1. Make voice calls for free

Many people were suffering from wasting time and money by communicating with their friends and family members around the world, so they developed a program that supports voice calls for free and with high quality.

2. Make video calls for free

The new application supports HD video calls for free to communicate with everyone you want around the world with ease.

3. Sharing pictures, audio files, and text messages

From this standpoint, and by making some new updates to the program, it has supported many features, including sending and receiving pictures, audio files, text messages, and multimedia for free without the need for a strong Internet.

4. Total compatibility with all mobile and computer systems

 Viber Messenger v13.3.0.5 Patched APK LatestThis application is perfectly compatible with all mobile and computer systems without facing any problems. Examples of these systems are (Android, Mac, Windows, 8, 7, XP, IOS, Android KitKat and other systems) and from Examples of supported devices for the application (Galaxy, Nokia, Sony, iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft and also all laptops.

5. The possibility of creating chat groups:

This feature has made the  Viber into a separate global application and has increased its spread in the world where you can create a select group between you and your friends so that you can share voice and text.

6. Technical support and permanent update

 Such large and famous applications must have a large team working to receive all complaints from users and work on them immediately, and they encounter the problem and fix it. Also, the program’s automatic and permanent update is done continuously when there are new versions available to save time and effort for users.

7. Providing most of the world’s languages

The famous program allows you to use the appropriate language to enjoy the benefits of the application only in use.

8. Ease, safety, and simplicity

The developers of the program made the work of the face simple and streamlined so that the users of the application could use it more accessible to gain and create a broad popular base in the world and also provides users with all means of protection, safety and privacy for them.

Viber Messenger APK - Download v13.2.0.8 for Android

Viber APK on Android, is a program that is considered the most famous and best of its kind in social networking programs because it allows you to communicate with your friends

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