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What is TubeMate MOD APK? It is an application for smartphones running the Android system. Users can download videos from the YouTube website, save them, and play them without the Internet on their devices later. This is done by doing some simple steps to download videos through the program. 

The YouTube dead program for the original Android mobile provides many features to the user that help download videos from YouTube and any website on the Internet quickly and securely.

Android original YouTube apps is top-rated among YouTube users because it is one of the few programs that properly do this task to download videos from YouTube Vanced

Many applications claim to be able to download videos from YouTube to Android devices, but most of the time, they do not work correctly, but by using Tubemate, you will have a lot of features and benefits.

Application to download videos MP4, MP3, playlist for Youtube

The original TubeMate 3 does not impose restrictions on you with the download feature only, but you can search, browse, and watch the videos you love through it without leaving it.

Download TubeMate 3 APK v3.3.5 (MOD, AD-Free/Lite)

There is a button marked in green that allows the user, with one click, to get the desired video and the quality he wants. Well, downloading the videos we love from YouTube is easy and simple with the original excellent program, YouTube Mate, which comes to us with a simple interface but full of features.

TubeMate APK, the original 3 Android app, saves a lot of data and battery drain. How is that? Well … when you want to watch the videos on YouTube, you will use the phone data, and it will be consumed quickly.

As well as the phone battery will run out faster, but when you download the video, you will be able to watch it at any time you want without consuming the data, and also this helps to preserve the battery It takes out quickly.

The original TubeMate 2020 apps come with a vast and vital settings list and many features as well. Like fast download mode. 

The Apps will download much quicker by enabling this mode than usual by opening multiple connections to the source. The number of connections is controlled for Wi-Fi and mobile data.

TubeMate 2 MOD APK also provides control over the download speed and allows the selection of the number of downloads at one time, up to 4 downloads simultaneously. If you do not want to download through the phone data, you can choose the download through Wi-Fi only.

Suppose you want to download an educational video or a movie with subtitles. In that case, you have to choose whether you wish to download the subtitle file and display it when playing the video or not. 

If a translation file does not accompany it, you can activate the automatic mode to fetch the translation and choose the language you want. You have to discover more features inside Dead Tube, The original for Android.

The following image shows more options for the apps download settings, which you should modify or leave as-is:

  • Fast video download.
  • The number of connections per file over Wi-Fi and mobile network.
  • The number of simultaneous downloads.
  • Alert when the download is complete.
  • Choose to download it to the Wi-Fi network only.
  • Speed ​​Limit.
  • Upload captions or subtitles for the videos.
  • Automatic translation from the program itself.
  • Apps language.

How to use and download video

tubemate mod apk latest version

The first method

After downloading the TubeMate MOD for Android, click on the app’s icon and open it, and after installation, head to the search box and write the name of the video to be downloaded. 

After that, click the red download button above the video to open a pop-up menu with many options that we will talk about in detail.

You will find the video available for download in the raw format MP4 and other formats are also available, but Mp4 is the best because it supports playback on any smartphone. 

If you want to save the audio only, there is another additional option available to download only the audio from the video in MP3 format. Still, there is no option here to choose the sound quality because the sound depends on the quality of the video itself available for download and downloading the audio-only. 

The original YouTube apps will ask you to install the video converter into audio, and this is done speedily and.

After choosing the quality and starting to download the video here, another great feature comes to us: the ability to pause the download and restore the download. 

And for people who use phone data, this option is very comfortable in the poor network or low Internet speed. When the download is stopped and restored, no original YouTube apps download from the beginning but it stopped. 

During the download process, you can exit the program and do other things on the phone because the download process continues to work in the background without affecting it when leaving or browsing another video.

The second method

The second way to download videos from YouTube via the YouTube dead program is from within the YouTube program itself, via the share button. Follow the following steps.

  1. Open Youtube and find the video you want to download.
  2. You will find the share button at the bottom of each video. Click on it.
  3. You will see a list of apps from which you can choose
  4. The program will directly download the video.
  5. Choose the quality you want and press the red button to download.

Features of Tube Mate

  • 1) The way to download the videos is effortless.

After entering the Tubemate program, its interface will be similar to that of the YouTube program for Android, and the user can use the search box to search for the desired video to be download.

And after selecting the desired video, the user will find a button in the form of a green arrow, which is a sign of the download location, press it. The program will display the quality For the user to choose from what he wants. 

According to the uploaded video, the quality is available, and YouTube dead for Android supports downloading files with quality 240, 360, 480, 780, and 1080.

  • 2) Upload more than one video at a time

The original Tube Mate program allows downloading more than one video file at one time. You can control the number of videos downloaded at one time by entering the settings and choosing the appropriate number for you. 

The number of simultaneous downloads can reach 4 videos, which saves you time if you download a large number of videos. The original Tube Mate app for Android distributes its speed to the videos so that the download is fair and orderly.

  • 3) Support for downloading videos in multiple formats

The most popular video formats known to users are MP4, FLV, and 3GP, and there are many other video extensions, but these are the most famous and most used among people. 

The original Android application comes to us to provide those popular formats when downloading videos so that we do not face the problem of downloading a dedicated player for a custom format. 

Most phones now support these formats’ operation without problems, whether it is an old or modern phone, and the size of the video varies when downloaded according to its quality. 

Note: the higher the video’s quality, the greater the size of the video, and in both cases, the YouTube dead program for Android downloads quickly for all sizes of the video. 

If the user chooses high quality, he can enter the settings, determine the download speed, and specify the data source, through Wi-Fi or regular phone data.

  • 4) Fast download mode

Do you know the download manager program? I think you do it well, exceptional apps for downloading files, so what makes it so unique? Download Manager uses the multi-communication feature and divides the file into parts to facilitate its download quickly. 

This feature you will find in the original YouTube dead application, and for this, the program will create several connections when downloading videos, which leads to speed in downloading them.

  • 5) Support downloading and viewing of subtitle files.

Subtitles or labels files, as some know them, are the files that accompany some of the videos, which are a text file, explanation, or translation that appear at the bottom of the video. 

At the same time, it is being played to facilitate understanding of the intended video and its content. This is important and useful for those who want to learn English and translation.

  • 6) Download and convert videos in Mp3 format

The video can be downloaded as an audio file, but that requires installing another program to convert it, at the end of the download, into an audio file in mp3 format. 

This program is called Video MP3 Converter, and the YouTube dead program for Android automatically converts you to the Google Play Store to download it, and you will not need to do anything else. 

This converter converts the files silently after downloading them from a video to an audio file in Mp3 format in a separate folder that you will find inside your phone’s internal memory.

  • 7) It contains a video and audio player.

It is not a program to download videos from YouTube only through which you can directly play and display the downloaded videos and audio files.

  • 8) Create video and audio playlists 17

If you want to play your downloaded videos or audios in a playlist, all you have to do is press the Tubemate home page’s download button. 

It will take you to the files that the program downloaded, and you will find two boxes for video files and a separate audio file box in an orderly way before them. 

The playlists field through which you can create a new playlist and go to the audio and video box and press for long on what you want, add within this playlist, and then see your playlists. Put the video or audio in the appropriate playlist for you.

  • 9) Play videos as an audio clip

This is an essential and useful feature that enables you to play any video of any size as an audio player only, without displaying the video content itself as an MP3 file. This is done without the need to install any video converters for audio.

  • 10) Support to resume downloads at any time

At any time, you can stop downloading a specific video or all the videos with one click, and return to it to resume downloading without having to go back in and search for it to download it. 

You will find your files that have stopped downloading temporarily by pressing the download button on the program’s main screen. Click on Resume All From the top three dots, or by clicking on the three dots next to the video itself, and only the download will resume.

  • 11) Support download full playlist

Suppose you want to download a complete playlist. In that case, you can do so quickly, and playlists can contain many videos that will be fetched and downloaded simultaneously, without the need to bother downloading as individual files.

All you have to do is search for what you want, filter the results, and choose playlists. The playlists available for your search will be displayed, click on the required list, and the red button will appear. Press on it, and the video data will be fetched and download them in one go.

  • 12) Watching videos on dead YouTube

The apps also feature that the user can watch the videos through it and preview them before starting the download, as if you are using the YouTube program exactly, and the same is done on the rest of the sites.

  • 13) Follow your activity on YouTube from YouTube.

The original YouTube Mate application is not limited to downloading videos only. Still, it allows the user to follow his account on YouTube, and the user can make likes on the videos as well as comment on them or share the videos with others and do all the other activities that users do on YouTube.

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