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As you all know, phones, in general, have become an essential thing in our daily life as they saved a lot of time and effort that was spent on communication between people.

But of course, any new technology being launched have many advantages as well as many defects. Among defects, phones are intermixing numbers. The difficulty restricts you will find yourself daily reach a large number of figures do not know the source or who are these numbers so sought the many companies to work numbers guide huge combines all These numbers are in one place. The user can get what he wants from them quickly. Accordingly, the famous Number Book program appeared to know the identity of the numbers and remained in everyday use for a long time until the giant TrueCaller appeared.

 Truecaller apk - Caller ID & Block Premium


The Truecaller program is one of the best programs that enable you to know the caller’s name and some information about him without any dispute, as this program connects to a vast database with more than 2 billion phone numbers. 

All these numbers have been arranged and classified by high-quality algorithms so that you can know the name of the correct number. Truecaller has become used by more than 200 million people worldwide until it has become one of the basic programs that are indispensable on your phone.

Supported operating systems

After the great success of the TrueCaller program on the Android platform, the program’s leading platform was launched for the first time several years ago.

The company has expanded its scope of support to include a larger segment of other systems such as iPhones and phones that work with various other devices; here are the versions available From the Truecaller program for different phones.

  • TrueCaller MOD for Android, TrueCaller for Android APK: It is the basic version of the program and has excellent support from the company developing it, as it is the most popular version, and the TrueCaller program for Android phones supports various versions of the system and thus works on Samsung Galaxy devices, Sony Xperia phones, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, and many more Other telephones, and this version is considered the most widespread because the Android system works on more than 2 billion devices around the world, which makes the spread of such applications not tricky.
  • TrueCaller for PC: If you want to use the TrueCaller program from the computer, there is no need to download any programs that incurred this trouble, you can do so by merely entering the official Truecaller website, which contains all the features that the program provides on the mobile, and there is also a way Another is to run Truecaller on the computer by downloading the Gameloop Emulator program that simulates the Android system on the computer and then you can run whatever applications you want, including Truecaller.

How does it work?

Suppose you are wondering about how the TrueCaller program works on Android and iPhone. In that case, the answer is as follows, at first the TrueCaller program, like any other program, requires some permissions to access certain things in your phone, including the phone history or numbers, and then the program updates its database with the numbers that exist. You have so that the rest of the users can identify the numbers from your phone history and other users’ phone records.

Imagine with me that there are more than 200 million phones worldwide and more are using the same program, and the program updates its database through them. 

By raising this data from numbers and names on the server to arrange and classify it according to some criteria to be organized and easy to display to users through complex algorithms that work permanently to update these numbers with the latest user records.

So we can say that Trucaller is a huge number register that everyone can use whenever they want and without any costs, so what are you waiting for, download Truecaller Gold MOD, it’s free. 

Useful features of Apps for call management

The TrueCaller Gold program provides the latest mobile version to know the caller’s name and identity, many tasks, and functions that you will need significantly if you want to use the apps.

Truecaller Premium Gold/Pro Unlocked

And these features, of course, are difficult to find in one program, and this is what makes the TrueCaller program distinguished among every competition.

Knowing the identity of the caller:

This is the main feature on which the TrueCaller program is based, which is that it provides you with the ability to search for anyone who calls you, and through this search, you can know his name and some other various details, in addition to another feature provided by the program, which is the ability to search for a number You have made a copy or reservation, for example, and this feature much helps in identifying people from all over the world, so now you know which number calls you quickly and effortlessly.

Blocking calls

You can now get rid of all the annoying calls that disturb your day, as we all know that many advertising companies specialize in harassing their customers with pesky messages and calls that may come to you even in the middle of the night and for this reason the company that developed the TrueCaller 2020 Mobile Program added a new feature It is to block calls and this method works smartly as all the numbers that have been reported as annoying are blocked by all people who use the Truecaller program to block calls, and this, of course, makes you at ease away from all this inconvenience.

Call log:

TrueCaller provides you with a completely new interface for the call log and phone record as well, where you can get all this in the TrueCaller program because the program has recently added many features, including the phone record, and you can see this record of the status of the numbers that you recorded and some information about them Like the last time this number was active, the names of unknown numbers and some other things like this, and you can save new words directly from the TrueCaller program without having to type the name, it writes the info automatically, so you are only required to click on Save.

The program interface:

The new interface of the Truecaller mobile program comes with a distinctive design, as the developer was keen to make the interface of the program simple so that it would be easy to deal with by users of various experiences. Therefore, the program’s interface became shorter and focused on the basic elements of the program, which are as follows.

At the top of the program on the right side, you will find alerts, which are notifications that the program sends you from time to time to tell you what is new in the program to know updates and things like this. 

At the bottom, you will find the screen divided into four sections, the first section in which the calls appear You did it and your favorite contacts and the second section, you will find in its search where you can search for any number or name, and the third section you will find the ban, which is a window containing the blocked numbers, and finally, you will find the words.


It is similar to a number record or a phone record that comes integrated with the system, but with some additional features, as when you click on any name from those in the list, the program will show you detailed information about the contact that you pressed so that you can exempt some information About it, such as when it last appeared, how many times you called this person, and some other information.

Block record:

As we explained above, it is a list that contains all the numbers that people in your area reported as disturbing numbers for many people in your area. For example, you will find the people who were reported in addition to the number of people who reported this The annoying number, and you will also find it in red, to distinguish it as a prohibited number, and you can unblock it through the ( – )sign next to the name.


If you have a number that you want to search for to find out more information about it, you must use the search feature in the TrueCaller program, which provides you with the ability to search in more than one way, for example, you can search by name in addition to the ability to specify the area you want to explore, which gives you More quality results, in addition to the ability to search using the number also to obtain the name or information of the number.


It enables you to customize the program interface and some other features by activating what you want from it and turning off the others. For example, you will find privacy settings so that you can choose what appears from your account on TrueCaller for everyone. You can also modify the program’s alerts and the location of the TrueCall window—Kooler and many other features that control the program entirely.

Your account on the program:

Of course, you can register in the TrueCaller program to find out the name and data of the caller by using more than one method, the easiest of which is your Facebook account, which we will explain in detail in the video attached to this topic below and as shown in the pictures, you can modify your data that appears on your page In Truecaller for Android, which includes your email, address, name, and things like that.

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  • Simple interface: a straightforward and easy-to-use interface characterizes Truecaller VIP 2020 with clear elements that enable all users to deal with the program quickly and without complexity.
  • Free: You can download the Truecaller program for free, and you can also use it for free and without the need to activate or purchase this with the availability of a paid version of the program for those who want to buy it.
  • Practical: The TrueCaller program is the brother of a mobile version of the most effective programs in this field, as it is considered the best, with the testimony of millions of users from around the world, through the high ratings on the Google Play Store.
  • Compatible: The TrueCaller program does not need a specific operating system to be able to run it. It is compatible with all existing systems, including computers. We will provide you with links to download the Truecaller program for all devices below.
Truecaller Premium Gold APK
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Downloading the Truecaller MOD APK Apps for Android free with a direct link with the explanation is the day's topic. Welcome to you, dear followers, and visitors to our website Gameloop APK. 

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