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Hair determines our looks. A simple haircut can make or destroy our looks. Toca hair salon 4 APK is a game where you can master the art of makeover. This game is not only restricted to girls only but its a family game.

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No matter what your gender is, you can play this game. In the toca hair salon, you are in charge of a full-fledged hair salon where you can experiment with different tools to master your art. Using your imagination, you can unleash the peak point of your creativity.

What is Toca Hair Salon 4?

Toca Hair Salon 4 is a haircutting game published by Toca Boca where you will learn how to cut, trim, and shave hair for guests in your salon. Try to serve and take care of your customers well, it will help your barbershop grow.

The players have to select from the wide range of characters their customer. Then they have to give them a makeover by cutting, trimming their hair. They can also give them a retouching effect by dying their hair. Players can also wash the hair of their customers and then select an outfit for them. In short, they have to behave like a full-fledged hair salon worker to satisfy their customers.

The best thing about the Toca hair salon is the graphics. While cutting the hair or trimming them, the players can notice even minor changes in the facial expressions of their customers. The minute detailing is kept in such a perfect way that it looks to be in the shoe of a real-time salon worker.

Features of the game Toca Hair Salon 4!

1. Graphics

As mentioned above, the graphics are so dynamic that the players seem to be walking in the shoe of real-time salon worker. A minor strain in hair can change the facial expressions of their customers. The players can notice the joy or distress om the face of their customers which serve as instant feedback. You can notice the live reaction from your every action which made it super satisfying.

2. Separate Stations

Just like a big hair salon you have a different station to do the hair of your customers. The separate stations for each task it super tidy and manageable.

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3. Hair station

In a hair station, you can trim, cut, or colour the hair of your customers. Moreover, you can shave or transplant hair anywhere you want. In the hair station, the players can also colour the hair of their customers to give them a juvenile look. For hairstyling, this station has a number of tools from curling to colour bottles.

4. Face station

Face station is the station that can be expanded using the tools bought from the store. This particular station is loved by female players. You have a number of brushes to put on makeup. Players can make lashes, use different brushes to put eyeliner or apply mascara.

They can also use different paints to draw outlines and highlight different features of the face to make their customers look aesthetic.

5. Style station

Style station allows you to grab any new style out of hundreds to meet the new look. In this station, the players can use different stickers, embroidery etc to enhance the overall look of their customers.

All kind of accessories is available in this station. Players can use any of those complementary accessories to make their clients look marvellous.

6. Photobooth

The photo booth is equipped with backgrounds, you can capture the photos of your customers and save them in the photo gallery. You can save photos of your customers in the photo book for later use. You can return to your customers anytime you want to retouch their looks.

7. Shampoo station

This particular station is a good addition. You can wipe off the previous make-up or hairstyle by simply giving a shampoo to your customers. And then towel dries them or blow dry them to look smarter.

Gameplay of the THS4

Toca hair salon 4 has very interesting gameplay. The educational gameplay is always loved by parents. Many parents are of the belief that their children must olay some educational games that help them in the long run of their life.toca hair salon 4 mod apk mod shopping 2

Such games are very helpful in engaging the children in their future career. Management is an art that can be master over time. Games like toca hair salon 4 can play a crucial factor in teaching management to children.

The player has to select the customer from a book. By taping at the character, the player selects the customer and gets started. From each separate station, players can transform Their customers and notice their attitude towards their change. Toca Boca has won the award because of its effort in bringing digital toys to the market. These digital toys help children to enhance their imagination.

Now that you can play the unlocked version of Toca Hair Salon 4 MOD APK, you can shop for free and use all the features.

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