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Following the Walking Dead’s success: Season One, the producer of Telltale Games, developed and published The Walking Dead: Season Two APK game, and it is still beautiful, so it has made thousands of gamers love the series. This interactive adventure.

What is The Walking Dead 2?

The Walking Dead: Season Two is the second season of the acclaimed series The Walking Dead, a game produced by Telltale. This time, following the events of the end of the first season, you are in the shoes of little Clementine and must continue her fight for survival in a world destroyed.

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Just like in the first season of the game when a version was released for Android, this time, the first of the five episodes are offered free of charge – to play episodes number 2, 3, 4, and 5; however, you must purchase them directly through the game application.

Located in the same universe as the comic books that triggered this real pop culture phenomenon in recent years, the Walking Dead game takes place in parallel to the TV series world. In the first season, the player was able to cross paths with Glen and Hershel, two characters that appear on television – and who knows more news of this type will come around in the second season of the game.

In search of survival

If you’ve already played the first season of The Walking Dead, there’s nothing new about controls here. You still have to be smart about quick events (or “quick-time events”, as they are usually called in English) to make your decisions.

This means that the heart of gambling, the story shaped by what you decide, remains the same. Suppose you played the first season on the same device you will play the second season in.

In that case, the new game imports the save and, with that, the decisions made previously, creating even more coherence between the current story and the previous one.

Our Opinion on The Walking Dead: Season Two

The Walking Dead: Season Two is the sequel to the first season of The Walking Dead franchise, created by Telltale. It transports to the electronic games the universe of a planet destroyed after the zombie apocalypse. In addition to dealing with the undead, you have to deal with the not always friendly humans encountered along the way.

1. New characters appear

The second season of The Walking Dead: Season Two features a new protagonist – a character who already existed in the first season but is now controlled by the player. The change occurs naturally, and it is possible to notice more depth in the small Clementine, something positive of this new phase.

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The gameplay and control of the characters remain the same, another point that deserves to be praised. That’s because it worked so well on Android because of the touch screen, something that PC and console players don’t have access to. It’s still easy (at least from a mechanical point of view) to make your decisions here.

In this new season, there is an exciting novelty: you can access the game statistics at any time, which compares your decisions with the others.

2. Controls are upgraded

Before, this was displayed on a panel at the end of each episode, but now there is a specific menu for that on the home screen, so access it at any time to find out what percentage of players made the same choices as you.

In technical terms, such as graphics and sound, the same competence presented in the first season is repeated here. Anyone thrilled and amused by Lee and Clementine’s adventures doesn’t miss out on waiting for the new episodes of The Walking Dead: Season Two.

3. Highlights

  • Experience a survival role-playing game in the world of the zombie apocalypse.
  • The gameplay is easy to understand and well designed.
  • Depending on the player’s decision will create different stories.
  • You will be faced with difficult choices, and you will practice problem-solving thinking.
  • Chance to meet new survivors.

4. Graphics – Sounds of Walking Dead: 2

3D graphics are designed to draw in 2D and are a feature of the Telltale publisher games.

The beautiful story, beautiful graphics have attracted players, making you feel like you exist in the world of Walking Dead 2 MOD APK.

Lifelike sound is enhanced from body movements, environmental sounds, or incredibly creepy undead. The developer well does all.

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