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TextNow APK on Gameloop – The call application that helps you to communicate in a very distinctive way to get the best contacts. Once you enter a number, you can access your communication through the number entered through this application.

It will help you make all your calls through it with all speed in making This high-quality communication through your phone number that you give to your friends to make good contact through which you can call many of your friends all over the world everywhere.

What is TextNow?

TextNow APK is an application for Android devices that allows its users to create in a fast and straightforward way a virtual phone number for countries like the United States of America or Canada. In just a few steps, you can create a unique mobile number that can be linked to messengers like WhatsApp GB, Telegram, and others and be used to communicate and fill data on websites and services that require an international number.

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When you download TextNow APK, you have several new possibilities to communicate through calls made directly over the internet, and for the USA and Canada, calls are free—thus making the app a more economical way to make international calls.

Text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) are also unlimited for numbers in the USA and Canada, which can be an exciting way to keep in touch with friends and family members living in North America. But if you want to call or send messages to numbers in other countries, you can add credit to your TextNow APK account, thus allowing you to access more friendly rates.

As additional resources for those who download TexNow APK, we can also highlight the function of transcribing voicemail, caller ID, blocking access to messages with a password, in addition to more emojis and personalized ringtones, as well as more customization tools for your messages. And in times of social distance, it is possible to create chat rooms for up to 25 contacts, which can help both for work and keep in touch with friends.

Feature on Free Text & Call App

TextNow APK is a communication application that allows users to create virtual phone numbers quickly and free of charge, which in turn can be used to be linked to other messenger services. If you need more than one account on apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, or even if you want to create an account on a service, don’t want to enter your mobile number, downloading TextNow APK can help you to have more privacy.

The app is straightforward to use, bringing its main feature to create mobile numbers almost instantly when accessing the service. To register in the app, all you will need is an email to contact, or if you prefer, connect by linking your Google or Facebook account.

Who still uses phone calls?

Despite promising free calls to North American numbers, it is worth noting that nowadays, phone calls have practically fallen out of use, even more international calls, which have come to be mostly made by services like WhatsApp or even Skype APK. Therefore, we can imagine that unless it is a particular user profile, the web calling feature of TextNow APK will be practically useless.

Anyone who downloads TextNow Premium APK will undoubtedly be able to create a virtual phone bill easily, so anyone who decides to download the app specifically for this function should not be disappointed. The other features added to the application are not so useful, but anyway, if one day it is essential to call someone, at least TextNow APK users can have more savings and convenience and international calls.

Many interesting features

The application is full of many essential features that every user searches for when he calls, and it is distinguished in the communications that we make through the application that these calls have complete clarity and high quality that you find in making these calls that you make and get them to call any number in the world through it With all speed and ease. 

All of these international calls that you make are very cheap. Here you find on the application easy and simple handling that helps you be one of the best users in making all the calls you prefer.

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Through it at any time available to you, you can add a lot of your free money, through which you can use it to make all these calls quickly and very distinctly in obtaining the best service provided by the distinction that you find in calling any friend to you. 

During the application, be sure to be one of the first users to it and be able to download and install the application on your phone through the direct link TextNow Free Texting MOD APK That this link helps you download the application quickly and is distinguished in the quick download through it, you can use emoji and many different stickers in its various forms when sending text messages. 

You can send many different pictures and receive them in a special message to send these pictures and receive them in any You can use the TextNow application easily and quickly to make all your calls through it, through which you can know the identity of your caller, and you can also copy a backup copy of all your voicemail files. 

All messages will be preserved and available from Full security and locking, and you can divert calls, add many of your signatures to every text you send, and set a lot of different contacts for each contact and its tone.

TextNow APK: Texting & Calling
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TextNow APK on Gameloop - The call application that helps you to communicate in a very distinctive way to get the best contacts. Once you enter a number, you can access your communication through the number entered through this application.

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