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Telegram APK, a chat application similar to WhatsApp, and that has official clients only for iOS and Android.

This service allows free exchange of messages between cell phone contacts and is an alternative for apps like FB Messenger APK , WhatsApp Gold, and Discord APK.

It works using your phone’s phonebook contacts. Therefore, it is necessary to create an account first on the cell phone to then use the program on Android.telegram apk mod english 3

After creating the account using your cell phone, open Telegram Apps, and enter your phone number in the registration field. A new confirmation number is sent by SMS to the mobile device, and you need to use it to log in. After these very simple steps, you can start chatting with your friends who are also registered.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a messenger available for Android devices that has usability similar to the leading apps in the segment but promises to offer more security and privacy to its users. The app, which promises to be a fast and privacy-focused way, already has more than 400 million users, meaning that probably many of your contacts are already part of Telegram users.

Just as you would expect from a modern instant messenger, with Telegram, you can also start a conversation on your smartphone and continue on another tablet or PC, as your data is synchronized in the cloud in real-time. Using the cloud allows you to transfer files without any size limit, which can offer much more versatility to the application.

Telegram uses an improved encryption system that combines security standards to provide more reliability to the network. The app is also completely free and ad-free, which ensures that your data will not be shared.

In its updated version, Telegram allows you to turn any of your groups into an audio conference with thousands of participants so that they can come and go as they please. You can also store your data on the SD card, edit photos already sent without having to send them again, download stickers faster, and much more.

Features of secure messaging application

Telegram is an application for you to share messages, photos, links, stickers, documents, and more. At first glance, it looks a lot like Whatsapp, but in a short time, you can see that this program has much more to offer, such as private chats, automatic sharing of gifs, log in on any device,…

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1. Simple and intuitive look

Speaking of the interface, it is very well organized, and the program immediately recognizes contacts you have on the phone that use the application and lists them on the screen. If you have used YOWhatsApp, you will notice that the screen and the program’s internal organization are very similar, offering familiarity in use.

So, even with all the differences in tools and usage compared to Whatsapp, this app’s learning curve is low, and in a very short time, you can be using it with all its features. What could be more apparent is the use of bots, as there are not many indications of this in the Telegram interface. 

On the chat screen, stickers, emojis, and gifs are all in one place, not leaving the interface polluted. In the other corner, an easily accessible button shows all the extra options for sending photos, documents, location, videos, contacts, etc. It has many resources, but it brings it all in a transparent and organized way.

2. Extra security

Telegram has several exciting security and privacy options, and you usually don’t even notice this type of tool acting. One of the features that may interest average users is that it lets you choose who will see your status and when you last opened the app. That is, it allows more privacy and can even avoid fights!

This messenger has complete options for secret chats, with an indicator that shows whether the other person has taken a screenshot of the screen (valid only for conversations with a padlock). And even a tool that destroys messages everywhere after a few seconds – a great way to send confidential information securely.

3. You can use Stickers, bots, and gifs

One of the biggest advantages of Telegram for Whatsapp is that it allows a much more fun interaction with friends. That is, you can send gifs that are viewed in the conversation itself, in addition to personalized stickers. In this way, chats are much more dynamic than what happens in other messengers, making it easier to express yourself using images.telegram apk mod english 1

Bots are a point that it is challenging for another competitor to overcome: they transform Telegram into much more than a messenger, as they allow you to use the app as an appointment book, weather forecast, tool for earning musical indications, and much more. 

Because it is an open resource for any developer, there are thousands of bot options to discover.

What is missing, both for stickers and bots is a native central that allows you to see all these two resources’ public options. This does not exist, but you can find complete lists in online forums or even using recommendation bots for these resources.

4. You can use it anywhere?

If you don’t like typing on your phone, you can use Telegram on any computer, as it has native clients for the browser, for Windows, and the Mac. The big advantage is that this service is entirely web-based, so all incoming files and conversations are automatically synchronized.

Besides, it does not depend on the cell phone to work, as with FMWhatsapp. After logging in using your number, you can leave the device turned off or even without an internet connection and continue chatting freely on Telegram. 

However, what could improve this application is the accessibility option: Whatsapp is entirely compatible with the most famous screen readers, being an accessible option for blind people – not Telegram, however.

5. How much is it worth?

Despite the limitations and problems, Telegram is the best messenger today for those who want more options than usual. It allows groups of up to 5,000 people, has an audio sending and receiving tool with advanced recording technology, and is constantly updated, so you can always expect new features.

It is very worthwhile to download and create an account on Telegram and call friends who are not yet using the application.

Telegram undoubtedly offers a much more permissive functionality for those who need to transfer files than competitors, without limiting the volume of shared files. You can also create much denser user groups, which can be ideal in times of social isolation.

The number of users is already quite significant, making it not so complicated to find your contacts in the app. Many of the best-known resources in solutions in the segment are also present in Telegram (Google Play). 

If you are looking for a safer alternative, or even if you are a little suspicious of other messengers’ policies, no doubt considering Telegram should offer a lot of convenience for your daily life.

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