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Talking Tom Gold Run chase game It is part of the Talking Tom Cat games series. As you know, after the launch of the first version of the Talking Cat game, the game developer launched many other performances that differ in characters, for example.

The game of my friend Angela and the Talking Tom Cat 2 and the Talking Cat Ginger and many more were launched in other games. One of the distinctive parts of today’s game is that it simulates the famous Subway game, which is considered one of the most downloaded games in the store Google Play and Appstore.

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But more professionally, as Tom Cat chases the gold that falls from thieves while fleeing in the street and challenges fast cars with the help of some friends and this, of course, in the form of a group, One of the distinct stages that make you live in a beautiful atmosphere is the gold cat tracking game.

Tom game Suitable for all ages; you can entertain your children with it while also enjoying it. This topic will provide you with links to download the Tom Gold Run game for the computer, Android, and iPhone mobiles.

Story of Tom Gold Run game

The events of the game Tom Cat, chasing gold or Tom, who is running after gold, revolves around the most famous character, Tom Cat, who dreams of building a beautiful new house but destroys this dream. The thief steals the Tomcat’s gold, who seeks with all his strength to recover this gold by pursuing this thief and assisted by a group of friends.

Which are well-known characters who appeared in other games such as the cat Angela and the cat Ginger and many other characters; this thief is chased after his car overturns and takes the gold bag and starts to run between cars, and here you begin to control the cat Tom, the hero of the Talking game Tom Gold Run.

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To collect the most massive amount of gold that falls from the fast thief who is chasing him and keep the events in this phase until the end of the game where the more you can collect more gold.

you can get more additional equipment, weapons, and characters that have special abilities that can help you to collect more points, Of course, the game can connect with your Facebook account to publish the highest statistics that have reached it, as well as to find out the highest points that your friends have reached the story of the game is entertaining and fantastic, and it is very similar to the popular game Subway, but with a new character much more beautiful and with better graphics and beloved characters especially for me Young children.

How to play

After downloading the Talking Tom Gold Run game through the famous Google Play application store, you can start playing immediately and without any complication as for how to play. 

With the beginning of playing for the first time, the game teaches you the basics of playing and only through some exercises to move the Talking Tom cat between the barriers and teach how to jump and things like that.

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After you have finished learning all this, you actually start playing on your mobile; for example, to move Tom to the right or left side, you drag your finger on the screen in the area you want, but in the case of jumping up, you swipe up, but in the case of crawling down you pull down completely Like controlling the Subway game without any difference, be careful of cars and obstacles that are on the road while playing because if you do not cross them in the correct way.

You will lose the stage you are playing, and thus you will not be able to accumulate more money to buy equipment and characters such as Talking Dog or Talking Ginger. 

There are many aids that are your way, and you chase the evil thief like an excellent magnet that helps you to collect gold without moving towards it. There is also a distinctive plane that makes you fly above all barriers in the sky for all a large number of gold bars without effort, and you can, of course, choose your favorite character among more than 5 different characters to play Out.

The difference between the Tom Gold Run and Subway

At first, you may notice that the game Tom Gold Run is very similar to the game Subway and you may feel bored because it is not a different and new game.

But do not rush to judge at the first look at the game. Many different things make the game completely different from the well-known Subway, and we will show. 

You have the most prominent differences and similarities between the two games so that you can get to know each game in detail.

  • First – Similarities: We cannot deny that Talking Tom Gold Rungameor running to chase gold is similar in some way to Subway, and this similarity is in the idea of ​​the game itself. It is almost the same as for the main character to run somewhere to chase gold and get many Among the points, and this is in addition to the similarity of the move commands, methods of collecting gold, and some other simple things, such as the utilities that you find while playing.
  • Second – the differences: The game of Tom Gold Trackerdiffersin many things, as the story of the game, is entirely different from the story of the Slayway, in addition to the difference of the characters in the game Talking Cat Tom Gold Pursuit or Gold Pursuit play with the provision of many stages wherein each stage A completely different world is not like the other in any way, in addition to the many differences in graphic.

Game Features of Tom Gold Run Latest Edition:

1. Fun game

Without a doubt, the victim of the cat who stalkers for Gold or the game of Tom the cat who runs and views of Gold is one of the most enjoyable games where the game enjoys many thrill and excitement, especially when chasing the thief, the gold thief who is trying to flee from you while you are trying hard to reach and collect as much as possible Gold in an enjoyable atmosphere, and you can know how fun the game is if a child tried it in front of you, as it is a beautiful game without a doubt.

2. Stages of the game

What distinguishes the game Tom Cat Gold Tracker is the presence of many different locations in which you can play after skipping the current step, where the Talking Cat game contains more than 9 different primary stages for each stage, including a particular world with a unique design, some of which are in the city and the other in Snowy atmosphere and there is also in the forest and this is what makes the game exciting and without getting bored of the usual form like games of the same kind.

3. Graphics and sound

attention has been paid to the sound, video, and pictures in the Talking Tom Cat game, Gold Tracker, clearly like any other games developed by the same company, where you will see for yourself the extent of the graphics quality that has been designed with 3D technology that makes the characters semi-realistic in addition to the beautiful, distinctive sound effects that Unparalleled, you can hear integrated music with background gameplay and gold gathering sounds.

4. Arabic language support

 The new Talking Tom game fully supports the Arabic language, where you can operate the Arabic language in the game efficiently through the settings, which makes it more suitable for Arab users and children who are not fluent in English or any other languages, in addition to the possibility of converting the game into international languages Others, such as English, French, and many other well-known languages.

5. Your favorite character

The game contains, as I mentioned, many characters that you can easily choose between them. For example, you can select the character of Tom Cat, Angela Cat, Ginger Cat, Talking Hank’s Dog, and Talking Ben as well. Each of these characters has a unique shape and a particular way of playing and skills. The other character is different, but you, of course, will not be able to use any of these characters without obtaining the necessary points to purchase them.

6. Compatible

You can download the gold supplements game on all your devices, no exception, for example, you can download the game Tom Cat Gold Collector on iPhone and iPad and all Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Lenovo, Huawei, LG and many phones that work with this system, and you can, of course, run the game on Computer by using an emulation program for the Android system on the with Gameloop.

Talking Tom Gold Run APK
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Talking Tom Gold Run chase game It is part of the Talking Tom Cat games series. As you know, after the launch of the first version of the Talking Cat game, the game developer launched many other performances that differ in characters, for example.

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