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Swim through the universe by downloading the Super StarFish APK game for Android,  where you will have to control the fish and walk through space, and you must beware of obstacles, meteors, and many of the difficulties that exist. 

The game includes a new system of modern graphics and advanced playing systems where all you have to do is scroll through the screen and use all the available aids to climb and progress between the various stages and various technologies that make you feel fun and adventurous with challenges.

What’s Super StarFish so interesting?

There is much more beauty in the universe than you think, like fantastic creatures never seen before. In Super Starfish, you control small aquatic animals searching for bringing life to their habitat. Still, they must avoid a direct collision with meteors, black holes, and other objects that threaten the journey.


To play Super Starfish, you must slide your finger over the screen of the phone, moving the Starfish from side to side to collect blue stars, crystals, and shells that appear through the stage, being careful not to touch the rocks and attacks that come on your direction, as this causes the game to end.

how to play Super Starfish

Super Starfish has a wide variety of marine species and exotic flora, such as fish, octopuses, among others; they are all based on animals that exist. To collect them all, you can take advantage of the promotions available in the store or wake up the sleeping volcano that, from a mini-game, releases other creatures at random.

Features of the game catching fish

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Within the game Super Starfish APK, you can take on exciting and entertaining challenges. You can obtain beautiful rewards that allow you to do development and purchase operations from within the store. 

As many types of fish can be chosen and purchased through the money you will get and their speed and development Completely in proportion to each current stage. There are various levels with different graphics. As you level a set of objectives and obstacles that you have to destroy to obtain high points and open new levels and progress in them, it is within the beautiful action games full of unique and different colors.

It can be played with suitable adults, children, and all age groups when Super StarFish (Google Play). You will find excellent and new control systems that allow you to move in all directions while obtaining aids and massive rewards. It would help if you avoided obstacles and difficulties in order not to eliminate your fish.

Preserve your fish and the trials available to you by Super StarFish. It includes many challenges full of suspense, excitement, and great adventures that allow you to create unique stories by playing for long hours. It includes many modern graphics and effects that have been developed to attract attention, and you will not feel bored after today. 

And you have to collect many stars while walking in space and Beware of asteroids and meteors and the energy that comes from them not to destroy you. 

You will have to go through the stage from the beginning, which you do not wish. You must use all your skills, mental abilities, and intense concentration to get money and various prizes and pieces of multiple plants. More than 30 types of fish can be included within your group, developing them constantly and playing with them. 

After completing some of the goals required of you, ultimately, you will find development tools opened for you. You can use them with ease, compete with friends within the Super Starfish game, Share your achievements with them on social media, and share your discoveries.

1. The game has excellent gameplay

Super Starfish is an arcade game in which you control space creatures in the form of fish, octopuses, among others, in search of stars and shells to resume life inside your aquarium, avoiding on your journey the collision with giant planets and meteors.

download Super Starfish mod money on android

Super Starfish is one of the most beautiful games we’ve ever seen. Its graphics are very detailed. Each creature has a unique design. The environment has vibrant colors that create a psychedelic, harmonic, and creative atmosphere, making the work perfect, like a beautiful painting.

2. The game has many new styles

The variety of species to discover and the areas to be explored makes Super Starfish addictive. Its gameplay is intuitive, and the controls have an excellent response without overloading your device. Here, the only negative point is that no matter what species you are, the phases are always the same, so you have to work harder to see new areas.

It is very worthwhile to add Super Starfish to your list of games, as everything about it is different. For players who like new experiences and appreciate the way to play and the effort, the graphic quality, creativity, and the affection that a developer can put in his creation.

3. Other features you will like

  1. It includes the game Super Starfish APK stunning graphics for each stage and the effects of Alsotar professional.
  2. It contains much fish that you can choose between, play with, and buy more of them with cash from the store.
  3. The possibility of carrying out development operations and increasing the fish’s strength and speed within the Super Starfish.
  4. It contains multiple stages and levels, and you can unlock more of them as you win.
  5. When Super StarFish, you have to choose the fish you prefer and control its color.
  6. The possibility to win prizes, coins, and various plant pieces that allow you to destroy meteorites.
  7. You can collect stars while walking by Super StarFish.
  8. You have to be wary of many obstacles and difficulties, and they require you to focus heavily.
Super Starfish APK - Download v2.10.0 Aquarium on Android

Downloading the Super StarFish MOD APK game for Android,  where you will have to control the fish and walk through space, and you must beware of obstacles, meteors

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