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Subway Surfers APK is the first game to have 1 billion downloads on Google Play, a dream number of developers. But what did the game attract players too, making the game so successful?

What is the game Subway Surfers Mobile

Subway Surfers (Fun Skateboarding App): For this game, it is called  Subway Surfers. This is a game from Denmark. It was launched in 2012 as a running game in skateboarding games,  wading, which Subway Surfers game is suitable for people who like to challenge or adventure by Subway Surfers game is a top skateboard game.

Hit this skateboard game app, and you have to jump, dodge obstacles such as trains, overpasses and have to collect coins or items as you run. To sustain life for longer life.

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Gameplay: You will play the role of a boy and will run away from the guard; your task is to collect coins along the way and dodge obstacles by swiping up and down, left and right. Obstacles are trams that force you to dodge barriers and jump onto trains.

The game supports players with items such as: Magnets: Help the character to get the coins two while running (use time 10s, the 30s).

Imagine if you were someone who drew graffiti on a train carriage, and you ended up being chased by security officers for your actions. Yep, this is the basic story that started the making of the game “Subway Surfers”. An arcade genre game that you can download on Play Afternoon and the App Store. With the concept of “endless runner”, such as “Aby Escape” and “Temple Run”, this game has a different storyline and theme.

The fun of escape game

This game has a goal (goal) to help Jake (the main character – the other characters are still locked) in escaping from being chased by security guards and a dog! They are not running without reason. This is because “the character” makes a kind of graffiti on the train car, so “Jake” has to run with the train track as the setting.

With a concept like an endless runner, such as the translation that this game will never end. However, this does not mean that this game will be boring; in fact, the longer the game will be increasingly difficult with the faster “The Character” who runs while having to go through various obstacles. (such as a speeding train and other barriers) while collecting as many coins as possible.

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In this game, you will face 3 train tracks. It would be best if you avoided obstacles by moving to your left and right by swiping your finger left and right. You can also jump (swipe your finger up) or rolling (swipe your finger down). The longer you survive, the faster the character will run, so you must always concentrate fully during the game.

The thing to remember is that our goal is not just coins. You will also try to find complementary objects during the game because this can help you increase your strength and, of course, make you survive longer in the game.

For example, like a coin suction magnet near you, a shoe that makes your jump higher, a multiplication that will double your coins, a jetpack that will make you fly over the train tracks, and a mystery box that you can open after the game is over (surprise ). However, get it during the game, but you can also get it for free by sacrificing the coins you have.

Games with genres and themes like this are not new in the world of games. However, it can be seen that visually this game is very colorful with an exciting color combination (HD graphics & virtual 3D) and very impressive! It has also succeeded in making a “fun” impression through the “fun” graphics and sound.

Also, the developer frequently (intensely) provides updates regarding new features and new characters, tools, and recent locations. Call it Subway Surfers MOD: World Tour in Rio; Subway Surfers: World Tour in Seoul; Subway Surfers: World Tour in New York, and many more. High scores also feature very well, where you can compete with other opponents and race to be the best. ‘Daily Challenge’ and ‘Missions’ also make players more eager to play them more often.

In terms of the business concept, this non-paid game ( free download ) is also promising. Imagine, you can get additional coins by inviting other people to play them via Facebook or buying coins with your money directly!

This game is also flexible for all groups/ages, even though it is based on a story about illegal violations (due to scribbling on train cars). However, it could be said that this game didn’t look like any excessive violence, only one of them; there is a moment where ‘maybe’ the character is hit by an oncoming train.

On the other hand, games like this do require quite a bit of patience. Yep, a concept like this endless runner will make you want to unlock every character and helper tool out of curiosity. Therefore, to achieve it requires a more protracted struggle than usual (by getting lots of coins).

This is what sometimes makes you bored (if you play a lot). This concept can also make players’ seem’ to lose goals in playing. Is it just running from the police? Or simply collecting coins?

Another annoyance from this game is the frequent notification asking for an internet connection to connect to Facebook or merely asking for an update. For non-network game lovers (without reference to the internet), of course, this is a pain.

In terms of platforms, the problem I find with Android after playing for a long time is that there are moments when there is a “freeze” and “lag” (time delay/response) during the game. Meanwhile, the PC platform problem has one drawback, namely the lack of a share score feature, which is a feature that we can use to compete with other players via Facebook, and so on.

Of these shortcomings, it would be better if this game was able to have clear objectives. For example, you have to open all the characters and tools available. So it will be more ‘felt’ that this is a game.

Also, limiting the names and other devices because the number for each update can be said to be quite a lot, causing a feeling of boredom/laziness to play again. Another solution could be to reduce the cost of coins to be more enthusiastic about playing.

For connection problems to other social media (eg, Facebook), we can make settings regarding connection permissions so that they don’t appear repeatedly. Meanwhile, in the Android platform’s problem, it does require a little minimization of the processor so that players can play more comfortably without the issue of “responsiveness”.

However, in general, this game is exciting, although there are still weaknesses, so far, the game “Subway Surfers APK” is a game with the concept of the best endless runner I have ever played.

Subway Surfers APK - MOD Coins/Keys v2.5.1 for Android

Subway Surfers MOD APK for Android, is the first game to have 1 billion downloads on Google Play, a dream number of developers. But what did the game attract players too

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