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  • The game supports multiple languages, making it easier for players to get acquainted with the game.
  •  There are costumes for all of the characters! Unlock powerful weapons and armor, each with its perks!
  •  Endless Zombie Survival Mode! How many nights can you survive?
  •  A cinematic comic-style introduction to The Endless Zombie!
  •  Tournament Mode! Fight and overcome dozens of opponents Who to win the “Inamorta Crown!”

What is the game Stick War: Legacy?

Stick War: Legacy belongs to the battle genre full of fun with simple graphics suitable for even weak devices. Show off your tactics, build a stick army with powerful soldiers, and kill all your enemies!

During the mission, the player must try to defend his statue and take the enemy object down. In survival missions, the player must try to defend through many different waves of enemy attacks.

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After winning, players will receive 2 skill points, which can be used to upgrade soldiers’ and buildings’ strength.

There are 6 different types of soldiers, including miner, swordsman, archer, spearman, witch, giant. Each class has unique skills. You will have to combine to create powerful troops.

There are many game modes, including campaign, tournament, endless zombie. Campaign mode will help you get used to the game and follow the levels from easy to difficult after each level will get 2 skill points and a small number of diamonds.

Tournament mode will be divided and played in turn; you must overcome opponents to win the championship and receive diamond rewards.

The endless zombie mode will be divided into several nights, with each night being a certain number of soldiers, you need a reasonable array to defend successfully against zombie attacks.

When upgrading skills, soldiers’ costumes also change according to skill levels; the higher the level, the better their outfits.

The store system includes outfits to increase the troop stats, and there are also in-match skills that players can buy with diamonds. Each skill will bring different effects such as bow and arrow, summon troops, increased attack speed, and increased power, … help players quickly sweep the enemy and boost the stats of our army.

Let’s learn about the game

  • 1) Beat all opponents

You can understand like this, that is, you should find a way to knock down the enemy’s Chess statue to win and defend your statue so as not to lose. There are many waves of attacks, and after each wave, the enemy gets stronger and smarter, so find ways to defend and upgrade your troops to fight.

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Each time you pass the screen, you will get 2 skill points so that you can upgrade your soldiers to add power stats or add to buildings to help us build more force.

  • 2) Shop: Helps you to buy items

Game Stick War: Legacy has a shop system to buy equipment and supplies to make the battle more interesting. And there are also shops that sell items that you must buy with diamonds.

  • 3) Graphics – Sound

The game has 2D graphics with a simple design, creating a stick figure moving and fighting very interesting.

During the battle, the free stick players will push the ground to practice, raise their spears to show their strength.

Exceptional skill, “Rain Archers.”

Effects in the game include fighting effects, witch’s magic, summoning, special skills, effects are made quite simple and easy to see.

  • 4) The music in the game is also exciting.

When defending or attacking, there will be sounds such as Attack, Defense. When fighting, there will be sounds such as arrows shooting at people, the sound of swords, the sound of hoes hitting rocks, … to help increase the attractiveness of the battle.

Stick War: Legacy MOD MONEY is a 2D game with simple graphics, lightweight but completely addictive for players. The game is currently free on iOS and Android, download now and experience the exciting things that the game brings.

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