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For lovers of excitement, fun, and fighting games, you can now enjoy the Star Wars APK game. This famous game was created in conjunction with the beautiful Star Wars movies that contain many fantastic combat scenes and intergalactic wars in space.

The game was officially launched in 2015, were through the various stages of the game, you form a combat team that includes the most famous characters in the parts of the series of films at all. 

What is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes?

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes APK is an RPG game in which you will fight with the Star Wars saga’s main characters. You can choose which side of the force you will fight and unlock new warriors as you progress through the battle.

To start, you have a complete tutorial in Portuguese and guided by all the game’s different aspects. Each character is inside an electronic card that needs to be conquered with purple stones, and they can receive upgrades and upgrades with the training you do, using the droids you earn in battles.

Features of the game battle ship Galaxy

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mandatory download for fans of the franchise created by George Lucas. The game has many upgrade possibilities, it is available entirely in English, it is easy to understand, and it brings the most beloved characters of the saga. For that combination of reasons, it has everything to please even players who are not very fond of RPG titles.

Efficient tutorial

Looking at the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes menu, anyone who is not used to RPG games can be frightened by the many options, elements, and environments to explore. However, the game tutorial is very efficient.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD apk on android

It is available entirely in Portuguese and guides you to the right point, being neither too tiring nor too simplified, in the right measure for you to understand each step of the dispute.

Very engaging gambling

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes brings the characters from all the saga episodes and makes you always want to get along and earn points to unlock new figures. And those who think that it will take many hours of gambling to reach the most beloved characters are mistaken – Chewbacca, for example, is one of the first to appear.

The field of the dispute is fascinating, as it requires a good strategy to eliminate opponents. When you start to find the battles too easy, the game comes with the challenging mode, demanding even more.

The use of special abilities is fundamental, making battles not only focused on violent attacks. Character upgrades are essential and are not that difficult to achieve – but, of course, you can get things done faster if you are willing to pay for it.

The only point where we feel that Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes could be better is in the order of attacks, since you can only select who will be the enemy hit, but not which of your characters will initiate attacks counter-attacks. Still, it doesn’t take the shine off this high-quality title, as we might expect from an official franchise app.

Visual and sound content right to the originals

The most demanding fans have nothing to complain about: in addition to the characters with an authentic look and sound, you will enter the film scenarios, with high definition content and drawings rich in details. The entire visual and sound set of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is linked to the films so that you can enjoy different parts of the saga divided into six episodes.

In short, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a plateful for those who like RPG games, but it is even more attractive for those who are fans of the Star Wars universe, even if the style of gambling is not their favorite.

Epic characters!

Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vader, and even characters from the newest films, such as Darth Maul, can be used in this dispute, each with their specific abilities.

Fights are turn-based and use all of your characters, even if your opponents are outnumbered. Initially, you start by fighting the dark side of the force, but you can switch sides after reaching level 12.

download game Star Wars

Each combatant has two action buttons: one for attack and one for a unique ability. You can heal your army, increase your defense, or make targeted and more efficient attacks, but the use of outstanding options is limited.

At the end of each battle, it will be divided into three parts. As with many other games, all upgrades and actions are limited by exceptional scores, earned quickly if you buy credits.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a game that will win fans of the franchise, especially for bringing characters from all episodes to the dispute. Besides, you have an original soundtrack and scenarios faithful to those found in the saga films. 

A mandatory download for fans can help you pass the time until the long-awaited premiere of episode 7, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in December 2015.

Features and characteristics

  • The Star Wars game is considered one of the beautiful fighting games available at present, taken from the world of the famous Star Wars movies. The game is regarded as one of the best fighting games in existence. You can download it from platforms for different operating such as Android (Google Play), iOS, Windows Phone, and many more. From computers and laptops, you can also get the game for absolutely free, Star Wars MOD APK.
  • The Star Wars game contains many beautiful characters, which number more than 140 characters in the game, which you can choose between. In the beginning, you only have a few of these characters you can choose from them. Still, with the game’s progress, you can unlock many other characters that you can pick and enjoy playing with it. The Star Wars game also contains many excellent combat weapons and combat equipment that you can use on the battlefield to kill your enemies and immediately battle.
  • The Star Wars game contains many levels, which reached 85, which differ in the degree of difficulty, where you can play in the next level when you win the current level and win each level and achieve the goal required of you. The game gives you many attractive prizes and many points to collect and buy Many characters, weapons, and equipment.
  • Star Wars is not based on fighting only. There are many situations in the battles in which you must make some tactical decisions that will help your team win the war.
  • You must collect your team and train it okay to become one of the strongest teams. It would help if you also reached advanced stages to get many beautiful characters available upon reaching a certain level or collecting a certain number of points.
  • You can share the game with your friends. When you register in the game, you can choose to register by registering on one of the social networking sites so that it is easy to communicate with your friends, play with them, and share your achievements on social networking sites.


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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK for Android is an RPG game in which you will fight with the Star War saga’s main characters. You can choose which side of the force you will fight and unlock new warriors

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