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SpeedTest APK – Internet speed test application for Android is one of the applications that you can by knowing the speed of the Internet and your internet network. 

You can take advantage of all the exclusive advantages and features of the application. Through many of the benefits, the application includes that you can exploit and exploit all the features.

how to use Speedtest

Available in the application only and exclusively, you can use all the menus available in the application through the menus available in the application and the tools section. You can search for the name of the application in English. All you have to do is type the name of the application as follows Speedtest by Ookla. After writing the application’s name, it will be available in front of you many search results.

What is Speedtest? APK is an application that measures the download and upload speed of your internet connection.

The program indicates in real-time the values ​​reached on the screen using a speedometer and displaying the results as a number.

For the application to work correctly, it is necessary that you have a stable connection. The test is performed quickly, ensuring that you do not suffer from unnecessary waiting for the result.

Testing the connection

There is no secret about using the program and, once you open it, just wait a few moments for the server to be loaded for testing. That done, just click the Begin Test button and wait a few moments. Once the operation is complete, you can view the ping measured in milliseconds on the screen and the download and upload rates in Mbps.

Optionally, it is possible to choose whether the displayed measurement should be kilobytes per second or megabytes per second in the program settings. In the Results tab, it is possible to see the type of connection tested, the time, and the same results that appear on the main screen but are displayed in the form of a list (ideal for you to follow a history of the analyzes performed).

Features of the network speed test tool

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1. It checks in very accurately and quickly is an application used to measure your internet connection rate, showing download speed, upload speed, and ping time. The program interface is very well organized, separating the information clearly and visually, making it easier to find the desired data.

Besides, the results are quite complete and correctly identified, making even laypeople understand the information obtained. Another interesting point is that, although he finds a server to perform the test automatically if you want, it is possible to change to another option in the settings.

Likewise, it is possible to choose the quantity in which the results are displayed, making it suitable for your taste for the measurement.

2. Elegant and efficient

The program keeps a history of the analyzes performed, which can be very interesting if you have problems with the connection. Thus, it will be possible to monitor all the measurements performed and check the variation in each of the times you performed the test using the device.

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Additionally, each of the entries can view its location data, including presenting a map to illustrate this characteristic better. There is also data from your internal and external IP, which is information that is often difficult to obtain on mobile devices.

If you want to share the results, you can do it quickly through the available button, and you can send them via Bluetooth or text message. 

3. Can be used anywhere

Internet speed test application for Android as the Speedtest by Ookla APK is one of the applications classified on the Google Play Store. You can download the application as we explained in the previous step and after you download the application. 

You can be enjoying all the advantages of the application straightforwardly. Through the application, you can take advantage of all the features and characteristics available in the application. You can also know the Internet’s speed on your network and see if someone is using your network, and through the many lists included in the application, you can see if it is a network. 

You’re Internet if it is discovered or hacked by some hackers and then protect and secure your network and through many other lists. It can be exploited quite merely, unlike many other applications that compete with the same field.

You can use the application quickly and conveniently, and through the application with many features that are only available in this application solely and exclusively. By downloading the application, you can use all the features away.

It is free, and this is one of the application features that cannot be limited or counted because it is easy to use. Smooth to use as the application has been designed with the latest methods to use the application and take advantage of all the available and available functions in the application and through a lot of other advantages that the application includes. 

Simply use the application, and you can go to the Google Play Store. If your phone does not run on the Android system, you can follow the same previous steps with superficial differences, download the application and install it on your mobile phone on a freeway.

Speedtest APK by Ookla
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SpeedTest APK - Internet speed test application for Android is one of the applications that you can by knowing the speed of the Internet and your internet network. 

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