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Soundcloud APK is a famous and widespread site among music lovers, as it works to facilitate the dissemination of songs and music clips via the Internet.

It had 40 million visitors in 2013 and more than 175 visitors in 2014. It is worth noting that you, the user, can record an audio clip for you and then upload it to the SoundCloud website, where other people on the program can share this audio clip or song, or they can also like to like it. They can put it in the favorites, and also from the features of the sound program.

What is Soundcloud?

SoundCloud APK is a free music streaming service where you can discover new bands, find different sounds, and even upload your tracks.

Unlike Spotify, on SoundCloud, anyone can create an account and upload authorial content. The Android app works as a player for listening to and discovering this type of music.

Because it is aimed at independent bands and artists, as it is a free and affordable way to share audio content. SoundCloud is a platform for discovering new sounds – and not precisely for finding and playing the songs of famous artists, as it happens on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music HD, and other streaming services.

SoundCloud MOD pro apk for android

It is possible to create an account very quickly, as it connects directly with Facebook, and you can log in with just one click. After that, you need to follow musicians, bands, and friends who have a consistent musical style to see what they share. SoundCloud is not just about music; it’s also an easy way to discover programs and podcasts and subscribe to the feed for that type of content.

The program has many features unique

  1. Upload up to 180 minutes of audio clips
  2. You can access previously downloaded files via a URL link
  3. It supports many types of audio files and songs such as MP2, WAV, MP3, and many others
  4. You can also convert audio and music clips to other styles and formats
  5. You can also share audio clips and songs on social networks and share them with people and friends
  6. There are no limits to the songs and audio clips you want to listen to
  7. It enables you to create playlists and return to tracks when you need to
  8. It allows you to attach the SoundCloud tool to users’ private websites so that what has been downloaded can be sent automatically.

Playlists and radios

The latest versions of SoundCloud APK for Android brought exciting news, such as the possibility to create playlists and listen to any online content in this way. To do this, click on the button with three dots on the side of a song’s post and then select the option “Add to playlist”. 

It shows you the option to put in an existing list or create a new one.

The radios work as an automatic indication system. If you liked a song and want to hear more content of that style, click on the same button with the three dots and then select the option “Start track station” to listen to a selection of other similar songs with the same type of beat or category.

Our Opinion on SoundCloud

The SoundCloud Pro MOD APK for Android has evolved considerably since its launch and is currently one of the best ways to listen to music for free on Android. It has content focused on more authoritative works, being a perfect platform for new artists and independent bands, but it is also possible to meet several famous singers and groups.

how to use SoundCloud

The exciting thing about this app is that you can create, edit, and manage your account virtually without opening your browser. SoundCloud for Android brings the option to create playlists, open radios, follow people, listen to music in the background (that is, play to let the songs play while you use your phone) and even discover new sounds.

Service limitations

Two points in this app leave a little to be desired, being that they are limitations of SoundCloud itself, and not precisely problems only of the application. The first negative point is that there is no native type of option to scrobble for, using another app exclusively for this. The can be the right solution for this.

The second problem is a limitation of SoundCloud in Brazil: it is not possible to upgrade to the paid version of the service, which includes advantages such as not having to listen to ads between tracks and being able to save your playlists to listen offline. Everything else, however, can be done in the app, just having an internet connection.

Player to discover music

SoundCloud is a tool that plays the role of bringing new music to its users very well. It has unique content every day and brings bands and artists you may not find and other places. If you like to discover new sounds, the idea is to use this platform a lot since the suggestions get better when interacting with the app.

Even several famous artists use SoundCloud (Google Play) to release new tracks, remixes, and demo versions of their songs, but that is not exactly the tool’s focus. That is, if you want a kind of free Spotify, you may be disappointed, but it is very worthwhile to give a chance to new sounds and discover bands and singers that you only find in this service.

The method of registering on the website is straightforward

  1. First, you need to make sure that you are connected to the Internet and then log on to the site to register.
  2. Type in into the search field, then click Search.
  3. We choose the word to create an account, and it is worth noting that you can also register via your Facebook account or Gmail account.
  4. You will be asked for several details. It would help if you filled them in, then click on the Register button.
  5. You will also be asked to write the name you want to appear on the site and birth date.
  6. You will see the phrase get started with SoundCloud; click on it.
  7. Open the e-mail that you registered with. SoundCloud will send you a confirmation message, confirm and activate your account.
  8. You have completed all the steps required to register, and you are now on the site. You can now listen to your favorite audio and music clips, and once you listen to them, you can then listen to them again without the need to connect to the Internet.
SoundCloud APK - Download v2020.10 Music Remix on Android

SoundCloud APK for Android is a free music streaming service where you can discover new bands, find different sounds, and even upload your tracks

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