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Are you looking for an easy way to download a video from YouTube or Facebook? You can now download all the visual and audio content you want from more than 30 different websites easily using a unique application, which is SnapTube APK.

SnapTube MOD VIP is an application that provides you with a set of features that inevitably you may have searched for. That eliminates downloading media from the Internet in all its forms so that the application allows you to download WhatsApp cases.

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The application is officially available through the developer’s website. It cannot be downloaded through the official Play Store for Android phones due to its inconsistency with the store’s policies. It is considered a tool for downloading content protected by intellectual property rights.

Available versions of the app

The application is available for Android phones only in two versions, the first version, which is the regular version available to everyone. The second version is SnapTube Beta, which includes experimental features not placed in the latest version.

And it does not support any type of other phones, not even computers, because The restrictions imposed by these systems on the programs and applications that work on them, but there are alternatives that you can use, which we will explain in a future article.

Most important things the apps has to offer to its users

  • The main facade

The program’s main interface contains a set of elements that you will use to use as long as you use the program. For example, you can get quick access through the search that fetches results from the YouTube search to search for the name of a specific video you want to download. You will also find a shortcut by clicking on it. 

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It directs you to the media player that SnapTube recommends you download. You will also find a set of popular elements and icons for quick access to social media sites to download from easily.

  • Subscriptions

This feature requires linking your account on YouTube to the SnapTube application or, in the simplest sense of logging into YouTube through the SnapTube apps. 

To get all the information you keep on your accounts, such as playlists, channels that you subscribe to, and videos that you like, all simplify finding the video that you want to download to your device using SnapTube permanently.

  • Files

In this part of the application, you will find all the downloaded processes or that you have already downloaded. You will also find those downloads divided into a group of sections according to the type of files. For example, you will see a section for audio and a quote for the video.

Also, SnapTube Premium APK provides you with a specific tool that allows you to improve memory And improve the phone’s performance by deleting temporary files and downloaded files that you have finished using.

And Snaptube auto-deleting the application’s temporary memory to provide additional space in your phone memory and improve performance.

  • Personal

From here, you can access all the matters related to synchronizing accounts and linking your YouTube account with the SnapTube application. You can also access the settings that we will explain. 

In detail in the next part and the above, you will find a button to switch between night mode and normal mode, quick access to playlists, watch history, and watch later. You can also browse the video sites that the app supports downloading from, such as Facebook and YouTube.

  • Settings

From here, you can fully control the application, starting from choosing the country and language, based on which the type of content that will appear to you is determined. 

You can also control the location of saving and activate the night mode at specific times only and control notifications. There is an essential feature through which you can specify a particular speed for downloading to download any content without affecting your browsing speed.

Tip: We recommend that you activate the restriction mode through the settings section of the content settings to avoid the emergence of any inappropriate content, whether from videos or others, as this feature stops the videos that users have reported, and this feature is very accurate, according to the developer.

How to use

Below we will explain in a simple way how to download YouTube and Facebook using the SnapTube application.

Download from YouTube: Log in to the application using YouTube and open any video, and you will find at the top of the window the download mark, click on it, select the appropriate quality, and then start the download.

Download from Facebook

Copy the URL of the video that you want to download through the sharing settings in the Facebook application, then go to the SnapTube application and paste it in the search box and wait for the page to load. Then you will find the download button appeared at the top of the page. Click on it and start the download.

Note: Make sure the video is public and not private, to ensure a trouble-free download.

Download from Instagram: To download a video from Instagram using the SnapTube application, copy the URL of the video you want to download and then return to the SnapTube MOD on Gameloop APK. The program will show the download options for you automatically. Please select the appropriate quality and download it.

Download WhatsApp statuses: View the cases that you want to download through the WhatsApp application, then return to the SnapTube application and open the download option from WhatsApp.

Features – Snap Tube Premium main highlight

  • Sync

SnapTube provides you with the ability to create an account in the application, which, of course, allows you to save all your account data. Such as your favorite lists and the applications you have downloaded, all your information is downloaded automatically.

  • Night mode

With the arrival of the program’s latest update, the night mode feature has been supported, enabling you to change all application colors to darken colors. This feature contributes to two essential things: the fading band. 

The most important thing is to protect your eyes from the intense lighting that results from bright colors on the screen, and the second thing is to increase the battery’s life.

  • Support sites and services

One of the best things that the program will offer you is full support for all applications, services, and sites so that you can download media from YouTube, Facebook, or even Instagram. 

snaptube mod apk old version

You can also save the cases you have seen from WhatsApp with ease, so it is considered the best way to download it from the Internet.

  • Compatibility and support

Although the application is not available for other systems such as iPhone phones and iPads, SnapTube still supports all Android devices of various versions, and firmly, we can say that you can run the application on any Android phone regardless of its version without facing any problem.

  • Additional benefits

The matter does not stop at what has been previously explained of the powerful features. The program provides you with a wide range of additional features, such as a file manager that enables you to delete temporary and damaged files to save space on your phone’s memory and improve performance. 

It also provides you with the ability to register with your account on YouTube and watch clips on the apps, and there Many features that you will discover yourself when using SnapTube.

Disadvantages – Shortcomings of the app

  • It is not officially available.

This cannot be considered a defect in the program because even if the program developers try to put it on the Play Store, Google will not agree. After all, it is a tool for downloading from YouTube, and this is what Google strongly rejects, but the application is still unofficial. The application’s safety cannot be guaranteed by 100% of its users.

  • Systems Support

The application only supports Android phones, and it is not possible to download SnapTube VIP for the iPhone from the same developer. Still, some similar applications appear that perform almost the same tasks from time to time and are deleted due to their violation of the store policies. We hope to provide an official version of the apps for the iPhone soon.

SnapTube Pro APK
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Are you looking for an easy way to download a video from YouTube or Facebook? You can now download all the visual and audio content you want from more than 30 different websites easily using a unique application, which is SnapTube APK.

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