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Skype APK needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular messengers globally and now has a version created, especially for those who use the app on Android.

With it, you can sync your messenger friends to your phone contacts, even adding the Skype photo as the person’s image to your calendar.

To make your conversations more personal and lively, the Android version also features traditional messenger emoticons. 

Other than that, in its last update, the app started to count on the possibility of sending short video messages to your friends, even if they are not online. Thus, if you are not in the mood or cannot write at the moment, Skype can break this branch by allowing you to use the device’s camera.

What is Skype?

Skype apps are the essential social networking where you can, through Skype software that communicates with those who want or anyone in the world.

You can send emails or voice messages to the person you want can also That you make a call, listen to him, and talk to him on any topic you want.

how to use skype on mobile phone

How to Uses apps

  1. You can use Skype in personal or public conversations: you can chat with someone who is sleeping or busy about something by sending voice or written messages APK, so the person to whom you sent the message can see it when he finishes his work and respond to you on the topic that you sent it for. This makes chatting with busy or sleeping people much easier to reach and answer your inquiries.
  2. And the most remarkable thing about Skype is that it is available for free without any fees when downloading: this helps everyone to download and enjoy it without any problems or fines.
  3. Send photos and videos and share them with those you love: you can send and receive pictures and videos to whomever you want at any time and anywhere you like. This helps you to communicate and understand more with the people you want to talk with, which makes it easier to communicate with them and get the business done. 
  4. Download Skype on mobile phone: One of the most important features of Skype is the ability to download it to the mobile phone for free, which helps you communicate more easily with those you love or work with because the mobile phone is present with every person in the world now and its owner takes it everywhere, which makes access to it Talking to him is very easy and doing business with him over the phone in the fastest time, and this makes you save time, money and your health as well. 
  5. Skype space: Skype is one of the lightest communication programs, which helps you download it easily and not remove any other programs on your phone and computer, and this is one of the most important features of Skype 
  6. Symbols in the Skype program: Symbols are one of the most important specifications of Skype; this makes the communication between you and the other person more understanding.

Reviews on messaging and video calling apps

Skype is an instant messenger that already has a specific tradition and represents an efficient tool for exchanging written messages and making calls. Following the recent model also adopted for the desktop version, you can connect either with a Skype account or a Microsoft login.

Besides, Messenger allows you to create a new account from the main interface, making it easier to use.

The application interface is elegant and intuitive, perfectly organized to find everything you need from the first screen. With the new update, you get even softer colors and an avatar to change your circle style.

In the chat window, the tools to send a file, initiate a voice call, start a video conference, or invite people are shown in the form of a button. Thus, in addition to facilitating access to these functions, even beginners will quickly find out how to perform one of these tasks smoothly.

1. Talking with friends

Your chats are opened in full screen, but if you prefer, you can keep the Messenger in the background because whenever you receive a new message, there is an indication in the Android notification bar. 

Texting is still efficient: instant and without delays or crashes, even if your contact uses a different version (or on another platform).

The call function is also done without significant complications, maintaining the tradition of the program. Likewise, videoconferences are of high quality, and the sound is clean (no noise or cuts). However, this feature is directly linked to the device used and may vary according to the device’s capabilities.

skype apk for android

As a negative aspect, the program still uses a lot of its Android resources. So, if you have a very modest device, you may experience slowness in viewing contacts, opening chat windows, and receiving messages. 

However, it is already more optimized than previous versions, worth a test even on simpler devices. This improved even more in the last update due to the interface modifications that make the tool lighter.

Skype also has a different interface for tablets – even better and more organized than the smartphone version -, significantly improving usability on these devices with larger screens. If you already use Messenger or like its features, the Android version can be an excellent alternative to take it on your smartphone.

1. Login and home screen

After installing the program, just like in the desktop version, it asks you to log in. You can use an existing account (Skype or Microsoft) or create a new one. To perform any of the actions, choose the button corresponding to it and, in the case of setting up a register, fill in the existing data on the screen.

The apps’ interface has undergone some changes, but you will hardly be lost in the novelty. Everything remains with the same structure, basically, with some differences in this sense only in the top and bottom bars, which now show new icons. The conversation window is also a little different but very similar to what you already know.

Even when you click on it, you can see the account name, type a phrase (which is displayed to your contacts, as in the “normal” version of the program) and see (or change) its status.

3. Exchanging messages

To chat with any contact, select it. The interaction is done in full screen, and the conversations are divided by “balloons”, representing well the speech of each one. You can have multiple chats open or include more than one person in each window. If you want to add emoticons, click on the corresponding button and choose the desired image (however, they do not move as they do in Windows).

Likewise, it is possible to make voice and video calls with Skype contacts and use plans to make phone calls, just as in the desktop version. Another fascinating detail is the possibility of sharing images, videos, music, and any file with your contacts.

Skype APK - Download v8.65.0.76 chat, call on Android

Skype apps APK for Android are the essential social networking where you can, through Skype software that communicates with those who want or anyone in the world

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