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Do you like controlling airplanes? And like to use aircraft to fight in the sky, get ready to take off and fly into the sky with Sky Fighters 3D game.

You can choose to fly alone or fly with a team to apply tactics and destroy all enemies.

What is Sky Fighters 3D?

Sky Fighters 3D is a game launched by “Doodle Mobile Ltd”. The official release date of the game is September 15, 2017. It was designed for almost every operating system including Android, iOS, PS, etc.

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The game is based on air combats. As the name suggests, planes are involved in the game. The game is truly an entertaining, powerful, and role-playing 3D action game. It is a role-playing game. You imagine yourself as the real character that you are playing in the game.

You aim to become the king of the sky by defeating your enemies. It is a journey between the powerful and the valent as you will be fighting in an awesome journey as you embark on a beautiful adventurous adventure through different worlds and game times, as you will have a lot of levels and challenges to explore. You need to be agile, concentrated and dedicated to ace the game.


The size of the game is 19MB on the Google play store. The minimum requirement of the android version is 4.0. On the Apple app store, the size of the is a bit heavier than the Google play store. The size of the game on the app store is 101MB. The minimum requirement of iOS is 8.0.

The game has amazingly designed 3D graphics with intuitive controls and impressive gameplay. Moreover, the developers provide the users with updates at regular intervals. With each update, the game is becoming better and better. The game has excellent 3D visuals that get the game running.

Features of the game Sky Fighters 3D!

1. Gameplay of the SF3

The game can be played multiplayer or solo depends on player choice. The game offers extremely exciting gameplay. Every element of the game is well detailed and designed.

Almost 48 different missions must be completed by the player to progress in the game. 10 different types of planes are there for use. The names of the planes are:

  • Fa-04
  • Gryphon
  • Flanker-X
  • Phantom-2000
  • LXA
  • Fighter 15
  • JC-20
  • Tr-50
  • Fa-22
  • Light-35

These planes can be obtained by using the collected coins and diamonds from the rewards. Precision is very important in the game as you have to aim at the enemy to destroy them. Continue to destroy the enemies and make progress in the game. Enter the enemy’s hiding spaces in popular and local cities and destroy them.

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In multiplayer mode, you have to fight with the opponent on his battlefield. You will experience a real-time adventure in this mode. You have to think and implement at run time. To cancel the powers and attacks of the enemy, gems are used.

You can lead a team or play as a member of a team. You have to work both ways to help your team fight against the enemy. Either way, you need to be fast and match the speed of others as this is a fast-paced game.

The story of the game is also very well organized. A good channel is maintained throughout the game, helping to keep playing conditions alive.

The game controls are also very simple. The game allows the player to move, jump and hit the opponent easily with the well-designed controls.

There are a large number of weapons in the game. Some of them are ready to use and others you have to unlock them by completing the missions and buying them. Along with weapons, you can also unlock some other attributes by completing missions and destroying the enemy.

Chat with the friends option is also available in the game. You can discuss the strategies by sitting remotely. Plan such strategies that will help you to top the world chart. Smart play and well-planned strategies are the requirements to ace the game.

Fight through your enemy by implementing those well-planned strategies. Besides the teammates, you can also chat with the top players to acquire help and learn different skills to become good at the game.

Another impressive thing about the game is that it is not only restricted to the English language. There are various language options available in the game.

The main character can also be customized. Different skins are present. You can choose and set your character up according to your desire.

2. Reward:

You can cash awesome rewards in this game by participating in daily and weekly quests. It will surely make you superior against enemies. You will have an edge over the opponents because of the weapons and rewards you will claim as a result of quests.

3. Game Modes:

Apart from missions, there are four modes available in the game. Those are:

  • Team Deathmatch Mode
  • Base Defense Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Free for all Mode

sky fighters 3d mod money apk 4The playing requirements of each mode are different from the other one. For example, in one mode you have to play as a team and in another mode, you are playing against each other.

4. Upgrades:

The plane or the character can be upgraded to get the best performance out of them. Upgrade it to an extent where your every move will be damaging, iconic, and quick. You can build a collection of grenades and guns through the upgrades and choose according to your requirement from them.

5. Popularity:

The popularity of the game has been increasing with time. Till the present date, there are over 50 million downloads of the game have been completed only from the google play store. The number of players has been increasing immensely day-by-day.

# Verdict:

The graphics, sound, plot, gameplay, storyline, etc, everything has been incredibly presented and delivered incredibly. Both, online and offline versions of the game are excellent.

I will personally think that this action, adventure, 3D role-play game is worth playing. It is indeed such a beautiful game. If you like real-time strategy games, then Sky Fighters 3D MOD Money APK is your go-to game.

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