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 Signal APK (Original)

Now available for smartphones, the Signal APK app has an Android version that needs to be downloaded on Play Store and works as a browser extension created by Search Giant.

The program in question has gained prominence among instant messengers (Edward Snowden, who was responsible for leaking information from the CIA for some time) to bring the possibility of chatting in real-time with privacy. 

Something that happens through the fact that we have an advanced encryption treaty that provides privacy in each message exchanged with a friend or in a group.

What is the Signal?

Signal Private Messenger is an instant communication application created so that you can chat in real-time in complete privacy. Thanks to the program, you will transmit any content with much more security than other programs, such as WhatsApp Plus bring.

The app offers several features, such as creating groups, sharing attachments or media files (such as photos, sounds, and images), and much more. Best of all, no information is sent to the company’s servers, ensuring complete data protection.

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Signal uses an advanced encryption protocol that provides privacy in every message you send. The application is Open Source, meaning anyone can check its security and monitor its code.

Your messages will always be sent from user to user, immediately delivered without any filter. You can also send secure SMS messages and even make calls online with plenty of protection. 

Features of private messaging apps

You can create groups, send SMS text messages, and perform other actions using an interface with few buttons – which is the right choice for those who like it to use programs with a cleaner look. 

A data worth mentioning is that the mobile version works to forward the messages you receive in the mobile program, which means a need to stay connected on the mobile device to interact with the contents sent by your contacts or groups. 

It is also worth mentioning that there is no significant difference between sending and receiving a message in the version of Signal created for Android, making it an excellent alternative to using.

1. You will be safer when texting, chatting.

With all the information security issues that we’ve heard about recently, it’s interesting to know that we can access a program like Signal Private Messenger. In which we have the opportunity to exchange messages without them passing through the company’s server and, way, end up becoming accessible to someone. 

How about sending messages via an instant messaging application used even by none other than Edward Snowden, the person responsible for the CIA information leak and hiding in Russia? Seems pretty safe.

We are talking about Signal Private Messenger, an application that encrypts each of the messages you send to your friends, preventing the content from being intercepted by companies, government agencies, and hackers.

Suppose you are already a user of the mobile version of Signal Private Messenger. In that case, there is no doubt that the desktop edition comes as an excellent addition to expand your options for using the application. 

Perhaps some are surprised that it works as a Chrome extension or even that it has to stay with the app on to sync messages, but rest assured that it will make your communications a lot easier.

2. What can you do?

This happens because the communication is not sent to the server, passed from application to application without any filtering. Also, all content is given a protection key to cover its range.

The program works like FMWhatsApp, with practically all the same functionalities: it sends texts, images, videos, audio files, and attachments or makes online calls. Also, you can send protected SMS messages.

3. You can customize many small functions.

Signal Private Messenger also offers some customization options, such as changing the app’s language, adopting colors by contact, importing messages from the cell phone, using standard SMS messages, and much more.

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The application’s look is lovely and well built, with options and buttons well located, ensuring a more practical use of its features. If you are very fond of privacy and security, then this is your messenger option. 

4. How to use Signal on computer

Before starting to use Signal Private Messenger on the desktop, it is worth mentioning that you need to have the version for mobile devices installed on your phone. When accessing the edition for computers for the first time, a screen with a QR code will be presented, and it is enough to scan it with the smartphone camera to have access to the application data on the machine. 

Once installed and synchronized with your mobile device, you will have access to options such as:

  • Sending messages to your friends registered in the service.
  • Creating groups.
  • The possibility to share attached files and media (photo, video, sound, and image).
  • Others resources. 

As with YOWhatsApp, Signal MOD on GameLoop APK is free to use. The program presented here also offers the user the opportunity to send SMS messages without a member of the development team or anyone else knowing the content present in each contact made – all with an entirely Portuguese interface.

Signal APK

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Operating System: Android

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