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Did you hear a song and don’t know who the artist is and the title? Shazam APK can find this out in just seconds. This application now has an Android version, available for free – and with its unlimited functions for seven days.

Even in the free version, Shazam can help identify songs and give more information about the singer or band responsible for the work. You can put a song on Android itself or place the device close to another playing device.

What is Shazam?

The application and program Shazam Pro APK is one of the applications through which you can identify any type of songs that are playing around you and through the many advantages that exist in the application, which you can use for free.

Shazam pro mod apk on android

All you have to do is run the application when you hear a song whose name you do not know. You want to know his name or what kind of music is playing on this song.

Through the many lists in the application, you can run the application when connected to the Internet. You can run the application through your Internet connection as the application cannot know the song playing now except without an internet connection.

Find all songs easier.

This means that, if you listen to a cool song on the radio, just bring the device close with the application open and click on “Tag Now!” so that he hears and identifies what it is. Shazam quickly displays a page filled with information.

For this to happen, it is essential that you have an internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G. That way, you can access all the information you need about the song that is playing.

After recognition, you can buy the track on Amazon, see tour dates, watch a selection of YouTube videos, see recommendations by similar artists, and a whole page with the artist’s discography and biography.

Another cool feature is to be able to share your findings on Twitter and Facebook, in addition to texting and emailing your contacts. Through Shazam, discover new bands and artists, and always stay updated with the news from the world of music.

The outstanding feature of song discovery apps, artists

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The application system communicates with the satellite to know the name of the song that is playing. The application knows the song’s name and the melody playing through many songs that are played. 

Still, to enjoy all the advantages of the application, you must, the menus and all the features and advantages that exist in the application; you must first download the application And install it.

You can download the application and install it on your smartphone and through the application’s search menu to your smartphone and through my Google Play store or the App Store

You can press the button Download Shazam Premium APK for Android and then wait for a little while the application is installed on your smartphone. After the download is completed, you can use the application in a free, easy, and straightforward manner and enjoy its advantages.

1. Detect all information of a song

Shazam is an excellent application for those who want to meet new bands and quickly know what music is playing. The search for Brazilian artists is still somewhat limited. Even so, the app identifies many artists and bands, giving as much information as it can find.

In a few seconds, you can know the song’s name and see images of the band, videos, know concert dates, see the album cover, and read the biography and discography – information in English. The application language is Portuguese from Portugal.

2. Free to use to listen to music

Other similar ones, but you can enter the official website of the application through its interface, which is characterized by blue color, and then click on the button to download the application and install it on your smartphone. 

And after the application is downloaded, you can use the application for free without paying any fees, and one of the advantages of the application is that it is free to use and will remain.

how to download Shazam free

It is free that when you are not connected to the Internet, the application enables you to search for the song and then once you connect to the Internet again. When you use the application, it displays the result to you. After you know the name of the song, you can listen to it through the application. This is one of the advantages of the application, and among the features, you can use. 

3. View lyrics, view artist information

The feature of displaying the words in the song and displaying all the lyrics of the song and then know the singer’s name and when the song was released, to which album it belongs. And the genre of music is playing and from the songwriter, if you enjoyed it.

The song and the application features are also easy to use as the application is designed simply so that all users can quickly know the songs they want to know.

Shazam Pro APK - MOD v11.4.0 unlocked music on Android

Shazam Pro APK MOD premium is one of the Android applications through which you can identify any type of songs that are playing around you and through the many advantages

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Operating System: Android

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