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ShareMe APK – If you have a mobile phone of your own, of course, there are many excellent applications that you can use on your phone. These applications are the most important things that you can use because your mobile phone does not work great without them. 

Many excellent applications are launched daily for many users worldwide, and among the ideal applications that you can use on your mobile phone, the ShareMe by Xiaomi application.

And ShareMe is considered one of the significant applications you can use on your mobile phone, which does many services and excellent tasks that can help you with many beautiful things. 

And many people use this excellent application due to the many beautiful features that the application contains. Through this article, we will get to know more about this stunning application.

What is ShareMe?

ShareMe (MI Drop) is an application that serves to facilitate the transfer of files between the most varied devices.

As its name suggests, it supports large items such as videos up to 100GB and even an album containing several photographs.

ShareMe apk for android

The application’s use requires an account with the service, and you can create your own through the button available on the program’s home screen. As an alternative form of use, it is possible to use your Facebook login for the task.

Making shipping easier

Once you have signed in to your account, the program automatically loads the content found on your device, separating it into three sectors: photos, videos, and files. To speed up the sharing, it is interesting that you already invite your friends or add your other devices since this information will be necessary during the sending.

In the menu on the left side, you can also find the function to send a message to your contacts. The sending of an item is done just by selecting it on display, using the “Share” button, and choosing the recipient.

The content is sent without being uploaded to the Cloud, thus ensuring more privacy in its sharing. The application also supports the transmission of content through DLNA technology.

Features for you to use it for large file sharing

ShareMe – brings an easy way for you to share files between your devices and your friends who choose to use the application. The program operates on several platforms, allowing you to work in several ways, including transmitting items to your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Video: How to use ShareMe on Mobile Phone

The first step towards efficient use of the program is to create your account and then register your devices and add your friends. It is already possible to start sending content without any additional configuration, making it a useful tool for beginners, given the simplicity of use.

The program interface deserves to be highlighted for its excellent organization. The files are automatically listed in the application and are separated into tabs according to type to make it easier for you to find the desired item.

1. Intuitive and fast process

The application supports videos, images, documents, and music, making it extremely flexible. Both are sending and receiving are usually relatively quick operations. Still, it is worth mentioning that this is a feature directly linked to your internet connection, so there may be variations in the results.

Also, as an additional feature, the application transmits content to other devices that use DLNA technology. That way, you can send the content directly to your Smart TV and enjoy video on a larger screen – and without any complications for that.

The program is very light, and it should not cause slowdowns or crashes, even on the most modest smartphones. Thus, if you want to facilitate the file transfer process, it is certainly worth testing ShareMe (Google Play), either on another device or to your friends.

2. It has everything you like

ShareMe is a great application that many people worldwide use because it contains many wonderful features that attract many users worldwide. There are many different services and wonderful tasks that you can get; download the Share Me app APK for Android. 

You can send and receive many different wonderful files that your mobile phone contains many other users very easily and quickly through the application. The first was that many people rely on Bluetooth to transfer many different audio and video files and various games.

ShareMe download free app

Still, with this wonderful application, you can send all those different files at a speed that exceeds the speed of Bluetooth 200 times, which is one of the great things as there are many large files, and you need a lot of time to send them.

3. Can be used on Android / IOS / Windows

The ShareMe application is a great application you can use on your mobile phone due to what you can get through this wonderful application. You can send and receive many different files very quickly and easily with many other application users through the application.

You can download the ShareMe application and many other applications through many different electronic game download platforms, which provide many different operating systems such as Android, iOS, and other different systems. After downloading the application, you can start using the application wonderfully.

# Other interesting features

  • The ShareMe application contains many wonderful features that you can enjoy using through the application, and the application can be downloaded completely free of charge. 
  • The application supports many different phone systems and many great versions of mobile phones 
  • Many wonderful files can be received and sent, such as various audio files, video files, images, and many other great games and applications 
  • You can share many files at one time, and it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth 
  • Also, through the application interface, you can use the application and use its features very easily without encountering any problems in the application 
  • You can share many different files through the application and without a phone connection to the Internet, which is one of the great features of the application 
  • All you have to do is download the application through the dedicated platforms and enjoy many of the wonderful features that the application contains.
ShareMe APK - Download v1.28.27 Mi Drop on Android

ShareMe (MI Drop) for Android is an application that serves to facilitate the transfer of files between the most varied devices, file sharing & transfer app free

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