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Download SHAREit APK 2020 for computer, Android, and iPhone with a direct link to transfer files at a very high speed is the topic of today; welcome to our dear followers and visitors to our website Gameloop APK.

You all know the hardship of transferring large files from one phone to another or even from a mobile phone to the computer, so this process often needs For a very long time, especially if the videos are large, for example, if you shoot a video in Full HD and want to transfer it to the computer or another phone, whether it is an Android or iPhone.

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It is merely the “Shareit”. It is one of the modern apps that came to play a vital role: to accelerate and improve transfer processes. It has become an effective and excellent alternative to the very slow Bluetooth service.

You can now transfer all you want from games, programs, and applications to and from other phones and even the computer without the need for any wires. 

Got ShareIT data program on very great fame worldwide and became one of the most applications downloaded on Google Play store for Android stores, iTunes for iPhone, and the Windows Store.

Because ShareIT Lite, the new version provided the user a lot of time in the transfer of files and provided a user interface featured and easy.

We will explain many great features in detail in this topic, where we will take you in a detailed tour inside the Shareit MOD apps for both computers and mobile phones, including the method of use and some other information.

The benefits of using file transfers

If you are still wondering about the usefulness of Shareit, these lines will tell you about everything that SHAREit can do and how you can make the most of the program. Here are the most critical operations that SHAREit 2020 performs on mobile phones, laptops, or computers.

File exchange: The primary function of SHAREit is to transfer files or exchange files at a very high speed, where you can send and receive all types of files of various sizes from other phones at a very high speed, sometimes reaching 100 MB per second, and you can send more than A file at the same time.

For example, you can send up to 450 pictures simultaneously, and the other party will receive it automatically and without the need to approve each new image. All of this and software are compatible With various systems.

Connection with the computer: Do you want a quick way to connect your phone to the computer to exchange files between the computer and the mobile easily, then here is the SHAREit program.

Memory optimization: In the recent update of Shareit, the developer provided it with some additional tools that users need, and the most important of these tools is the waste cleaning tool, where many users forget the files that were sent to them, such as applications after installing them, and remain stuck in the memory and consume space without.

Therefore, this tool checks all these files and determines which ones are of no use to your phone, so that you then clean these wastes and get more memory space.

Update games and applications: If you are accessing the Internet through limited-use packages, then it is inevitable that you cannot update applications, software and games because they consume a lot of Internet data, but this is not required that you can update your applications in one go by connecting the share on your device to any other phone on it.

The applications are updated, and the program will inform you that there are new versions of the programs and applications on the other phone. The program will then allow you to update the applications you have on this phone, and thus you get new updates without the need to download them.

Other advantages: From time to time, the SHAREit program for mobile and computer also has some beautiful features. For example, you may find that the program offers you some special applications and games as well in addition to some new programs that SHAREit develops and invites you to use them and many other distinctive things.

How it works

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Supports ShareIT software data on Wi – Fi WiFi technology as explained in the preceding paragraphs, specifically technology WiFi Direct.

A technology has been integrated into modern phones so enables users to transfer files Bastkhaddmha instead of using Bluetooth , which has become slow and inefficient.

ShareIT Pro APK use technology through Integrate it into the program and make it one of the things that it fully controls, and then it gives an ID number for your device and for all the other devices on which the.

How to connect the mobile phone to a computer

We also mentioned to you at the beginning that among the features and tasks of the SHAREit program is the ability to connect the mobile phone to the computer or laptop via Wi-Fi technology. In this paragraph, we will explain to you how you can connect the mobile phone to the computer without using any cables or wires.

In the beginning, you have to download the SHAREit application on the mobile and the SHAREit program on the computer and install them, of course, taking into account the provision of a piece of Wi-Fi broadcast on the computer if your device does not support it.

You open the SHAREit program on the phone and swipe left to right to open a menu. Select Connect To PC, meaning connection with the computer as shown in the pictures; then, you open the computer program.

After applying the previous step, the program will start on the mobile to search for any existing Wi-Fi networks created using SHAREit, and the same thing will happen on the computer.

Let the program search until you find the name of your device appears in front of you. Click on it. After that, the program will ask you for approval through the computer. Okay.

Now your device is connected to the computer using Wi-Fi, and you can start transferring files to and from the phone easily via the computer.

And after completion, press the Disconnect button to turn off the connection between the computer and the mobile and if you want to transfer new files, repeat the same previous steps in order.

Features that you will get after downloading

  • Free program: After downloading Shareit, whether for computer or mobile, you will get a completely free experience without paying anything, but some simple ads may be displayed.
  • High speed: You will be able to send and receive files from other phones very quickly, and you will not find this speed in any other program that competes with the Shareit program.
  • Wire-free connection: SHAREit 2020 will allow you to connect your phone to various other types of phones without cables or any other transmission media, so all you have to do is run the program only.
  • Continuous updates: You will get large and permanent updates from the company that developed the SHAREit program to solve problems and significantly improve its performance over time. 

Solutions – Solve all problems on Windows and Android

I cannot download Shareit: Shareit not loaded, be sure to click on the direct link below and follow the explanation in the video that explains how to download, install, and run.

I cannot connect with the computer: the way to connect the phone with the computer using the latest version Shareit program is straightforward, and if you face any problems with it, indeed you do not have enough experience, we advise you to watch the video.

ShareIT Apps does not work: If you are facing this problem, it is for one of the first, which is that the program that you downloaded is not compatible with your type of phone and the second reason is that you have not downloaded the latest version of the Shareit program, so we recommend that you download the program again from the bottom.

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Download SHAREit APK 2020 for computer, Android, and iPhone with a direct link to transfer files at a very high speed is the topic of today; welcome to our dear followers and visitors to our website Gameloop APK.

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Operating System: Android 4.4

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