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For you, Potterhead, aka a big fan of Harry Potter films, indeed you are no stranger to the character Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter films and the Order of the Phoenix (2007).

His figure is very annoying, and he likes to give cruel punishments to students makes him not worthy of being considered a teacher. Not to mention the strict rules he enforced, making Hogwarts uncomfortable as a place to study.

So, you can meet a similar figure in the game Scary Teacher 3D APK. As the name implies, the story in this game centers on a terrible teacher like Umbridge. However, the teacher in this game is named Miss T, a gang.

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Even though there is an official version, it’s even more exciting to download the Scary Teacher 3D because you can get various advantages that are not in the original game. The following is a complete explanation of this game.

What is Scary Teacher 3D?

Scary Teacher 3D MOD is a game inspired by the famous movie Matilda; your in-game task is to do. How to teach old “cruel” high school characters in the game in many different ways without being caught again, Scary Teacher 3D (Google Play) promises to give players moments of experience both thrill and enjoyment.

The game’s plot has content about a female high school teacher who regularly violates school with students with corporal punishment. Now, the teacher has moved to another place and is “lucky” to be the old girl student’s neighbor. 

Your game’s task will have to help the little girl “teach” her a lesson by completing the quests to challenge the pranks. Remember, each challenge will have a time limit, and don’t let the “evil teacher” catch her.

How to play Scary Teacher 3D

  1. There will be one introduction and instructions displayed at the game Scary Teacher 3D’s main interface when you first visit. Click Next
  2. Next, click Continue.
  3. The first challenge in the game is finding a mousetrap and placing it on the table to prank the teacher. Click the circle icon with the triangle inside to start playing.
  4. Follow the game’s instructions to get to the mousetrap place and then place it on the table.
  5. After each game screen, you will receive a reward of Stars and gold coins in the game.
  6. Gold coins in the game you will use to buy items and accessories to support each Store function level.
  7. Every day you log in, you will receive random rewards: gold coins, items, accessories, and the Daily Reward function.
  8. You can also get more rewards in the game by participating in the Instant Win function’s lucky spin.
  9. To get more gold (Coins) or Stars (Stars), or energy (Energy), you can watch ads or top-up to buy.

Version MOD features

In the Scary Teacher 3D, you will be asked to solve puzzles in each room in Miss T’s house. This means that there will be 15 puzzles that you need to arrange the layout, gang.

With the various types of missions that you must complete throughout the game, the Scary Teacher gameplay becomes more challenging. You can also perform multiple movements with a controller that is easy to operate.

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You don’t need to run out of ideas to tease your creepy teacher because you can do various pranks in this game, such as giving gifts that can explode, launching fireworks at them, and putting much salt into the food.

However, some features are not available in the official version of Scary Teacher 3D, and you can only get it if you download the Scary Teacher 3D. Intrigued by the features? Come on, check the explanation below.

  • Video: Gameplay

1. Unlimited Money and Stars

For those of you who like to use Android game cheats to get a rich quick, and easy win, now you don’t need to do it to get unlimited amounts of money.

Only by downloading Scary Teacher 3D, you get money in the form of coins that will not run out even though you have used it to buy various items in this game.

Apart from money, you can also get an Unlimited number of stars. This way, you don’t have to bother collecting stars throughout the game. You can use stars to buy the items you need.

2. Unlimited Energy

Already have various nosy and naughty plans for Miss T, but you don’t have the energy to do it? Don’t let this happen, gang.

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With the Scary Teacher, you will get an unlimited amount of energy, so you can continue to carry out plans that are no less evil than Miss T’s personality.

3. No Ads

One more premium feature that you can get for free just by downloading the Scary Teacher 3D is that there are no ads as long as you play the game.

For those who don’t know how to remove advertisements on cellphones, indeed, advertisements’ sudden appearance can interfere with your concentration and enjoyment in playing games.

Therefore, with Scary Teacher 3D, you don’t need to worry anymore about advertisements that have the potential to interfere with your screen display while playing the Scary Teacher 3D game.

The final word ST3D

That’s Jaka’s explanation about the Scary Teacher 3D game and the download link for Scary Teacher 3D MOD money APK. What are you waiting for? Just download this game so you can give Miss T a lesson not to act arbitrarily towards students and pets.

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